Visiting All American States Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters In 7 Days

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The objective of is the uglier the sweater, the better. The sweater looks like a collection of Christmas decorations but when you wear it on yourself, it becomes ugly. People know ugly when they see it but the trend is to look for the ugliest and the most ridiculous-looking. The design must be intricate enough to make you cringe.

A group of four men composed of Brian Mehrens, Chris Watson, Josh Willis and Nate Williams have been on road trips before but this year it was different. Williams started to put a plan in motion; all four of them will visit all the American states in the shortest time possible. He mapped out a route with the road trip starting from Maine. The group of four rented an SUV, packed it with all the necessary gear and set off.

According to Willis they navigated the compass through their hearts and it is always pointing north towards America. The foursome travelled 7000 miles and used approximately 465 gallons of gas. There was actually nothing strange or unusual about the road trip but the group of four intentionally wore ugly Christmas sweater-themed jumpsuits complete with matching stars and stripes. The road trip was sponsored by Tipsy Elves a domestic apparel company that is popular for its ugly Christmas sweaters and campy patriotic themed clothes.

Dressed in their matching ugly clothing, the friends basked in their glory. The terminus of their journey was Seattle where a floored rental agent had to refer them to the management for the return of the vehicle. Normally, the rental car only needs to be turned in so that they can get the receipt but the rental agent said that they had to see the management and can’t just check in. You want to know why? The rental company didn’t believe that the four drove 7000 miles in six days, seventeen hours and thirty one minutes. The group arrived at Honolulu International Airport with a new but unofficial record.

From Seattle the group took a flight up to and back down from Alaska before the final leg to Honolulu. They were too tired to enjoy their success during the flight but they have plenty of time to do so in the coming days.

Giving The Bed A Rest Test

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If you have decided to buy a bed, clear a day in your schedule to test beds. A professor of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service said that you have to ask the sales assistant to try the bed for about 30 minutes. A decent bed shop will grant you this request.

Experts would recommend that you put aside the feeling of getting embarrasses and rest on your side and back on the bed or with whatever preferred lying position you have. You need to do this for as long as you need in assessing the comfort of the bed. Just ensure that you are not tired when taking bed tests or you will sure doze off.

When scouting for a bed, think big. One of the common causes of sleeplessness is disturbance from your partner. You might want to try a king-size bed. Make sure though that you have with you the measurements in your bedroom and have taken into consideration all of the access points before you go to a bed shop. When testing for the right support, lie on your back and then slide your hand towards the hollow of your back. If your hand will easily slide then or when there is a gap, this means that the mattress is too firm for you. On the other hand, if you cannot slide your hand in, it is too soft. The mattress should be able to mould your shape and you need to feel supportive even if you lie on your bed. In contrary to popular myth, you should never sink in your bed.

Here are some additional questions that you will want to be answered when rest-testing.

  • How many pocket springs does the mattress contain?
  • Are the handles strong?
  • What is the gauge of the springs?
  • Are the edges of the mattress strong enough?
  • With what material is the ticking made of?

Those cited above are just few of the things that you will have to consider before you buy beds Perth. You need to ask the advice of those who are considered experts in buying beds so that you will not regret your decision later on.

The Growing Chinese Investment In Australian Soil

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Chinese are looking into making big business out of Australian property. Australia has a stable economy, has good schools and environmentally attractive. It is for these reasons that real estate agents easily sell properties in Australia. Recently, some of the rich government-backed corporations of China are investing in large amounts in the real estate industry in Australia.

An international team of realtors’ research group headed by Nerida Conisbee and said that over the last five years, Chinese money has steadily entered the real estate market of Australia. China now dominates the Australian property market in terms of investment. The records also tell the same story. Five years ago, China was the second biggest investor in Australia when it comes to the real estate industry after the United States. They have committed at least $2.3 billion to implementing domestic projects. Five years later, China now dominates. Today, as much as $12.4 billion was already poured in the property sector of Australia from China. This is more than double of the amount that it invested in mining.

Fears for buyers are unfounded

The influx of Chinese money in Aussie soil stirred up fears that Australian buyers will be priced out of the real estate market. There were different ugly scenes in property auction sites last August. Several protesters held placards saying that ownership by foreigners of Australian property is tantamount to economic genocide. However, the Chinese investment could have the opposite effect.

The Australian law would force foreign nationals to buy newly built properties. The majority of money is now creating a new housing stock and this could indeed dampen the rising prices of properties. Accordingly, Melbourne has already added around one thousand apartments every year since 1990. The market is looking to deliver at least 20,000 apartments in five year time. The question now will be is who will occupy these properties?

Historically speaking, this has never really happened before. It had not been seen happening in other capital cities in Australia. This news of steady foreign investment in the country will also benefit the renovation company sector.

Is It A Wise Decision To Have New Paint During Winter?

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As winter approaches, it means that the holidays are near and homeowners want to spruce up the home with paint to freshen the walls. However, it is important to remember that there are home improvement projects that are best accomplished with the windows open so that proper ventilation will ensure minimal exposure to molds and allergens that will disturbed due the removal of carpets and wallpaper. A project that was planned for winter can be done in spring when the house can be opened.

Painters and decorators Winchester are your best bet when you want to undertake home improvement because they take pride in their work and they possess the dedication to get a job done to the highest standards. On a more serious side, painters and decorators Winchester are well informed on paints that do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that can cause a variety of health problems for both humans and pets.

Most household products release airborne particulates or chemicals that are called VOC’s. The invisible process of emission is called as off-gassing. The potential sources of off-gassing include construction materials used for carpets, cabinetry, furniture, paint and a number of household products. The most common chemicals that are off-gassed are formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and toluene.

There are instances where new paint can trigger headaches, asthma and nausea not just over the course of a weekend. Many states have passed legislations banning the use of toxic chemicals in paint because they have a negative effect on health as well as the environment. A less expensive solution when the home has to be painted is to ensure that fresh air circulates on the room so as to dissipate the fumes.

Basically, many people prefer the VOC-free oil paint because it helps them breathe better than paint with low VOC. Recently; there are options where both the base of liquid paint and the pigment or color has no VOC’s. To make sure you are buying a “green product” look at the label where chemical content is indicated. If you want to be 100% sure, request for the material safety data sheet (MSDS) that details all the ingredients, hazards, precautions and first-aid treatments. However, for an organic solution expect to pay more.

Pope’s Humility Setting A Precedent For Less-Luxurious Transport

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Many brides and grooms go for premium wedding limousine hire so that they can drive to their wedding in style. Traditionally, limousines are regarded as some of the best expensive cars manufactured for the rich and affluent. Years, ago only the wealthy were able to use limousines for transport. In today’s generation, things have changed because limousines can easily be hired for weddings, proms and special events.

Pope Francis has always been the epitome of simplicity and humility. It has been reported that the Pope has eschewed papal limousines and instead, he preferred to be driven in a Ford Focus and live in the Vatican guesthouse instead of the Grand Apostolic Palace. World leaders are known for their preferences towards luxurious and expensive limousines not to be ostentatious but for safety against threats.

Pope Francis will soon be in New York and Bishops Scharffenberger and Hubbard will be among those who will see him. Borrowing a page from the pope’s humility and simplicity, Bishop Edward Scharffenberger of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany will commute by subway and stay at his old parish in Queens instead of booking a luxury Manhattan hotel like other bishops do. Pope Francis has set a new tone of austerity at the Vatican which made him a hugely popular pontiff.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, many car manufacturers have produced specially designed vehicles for the pope. In fact, Ford Motor Company has produced a series of cars that were based on the design of presidential limousines used in the United States. A custom-built 1964 Lehmann-Peterson was produced for Pope Paul VI for his 1965 New York visit and was later used in 1967 in Bogota. Later on, Pope Paul VI started using a Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman-Landaulet. The pope mobile became popular during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.

The pope mobile is a modified form of Mercedes Benz M-Class sports utility vehicle with the special glass-enclosed room with its own oxygen supply on the back part of the vehicle. This vehicle is retained for the pope’s use for security reasons particularly when he travels abroad.

New Perth Terminal By Virgin Australia Could Launch This November

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The demand for more Perth airport transfers is expected before the Christmas season due to Virgin Australia’s upcoming project. John Borghetti, the CEO of Virgin Australia said that a new flexible terminal could start before November ends this year.

Architectures from the renowned Woods Bagot designed the passenger terminal which will be called Virgin Australia Pier. The port is expected to have state-of-the-art facilities blended with classic airport services.

The new terminal will also introduce the airline’s innovative fast-track check-in method. Borghetti said that after the successful debut of the system in Perth, they are expecting to spread the innovation on other terminals over the country.

Virgin Australia Pier will include a couple of spacious contemporary lounges. One of the reception areas will be for travelling workers and frequent fliers. It will model similar elegance like Virgin Australia’s other lounges on the east coast. There will also be a high-class outpost for celebrities. The access is limited only to those who are given invitations.

During an Interview in Sydney, John Borghetti boasts the upcoming project to the media. According to him it will be an exceptional facility. He also added that they are well prepared for the turn-over this November.

When asked if it is like Qantas Airline’s modern check-in procedure, Borghetti believed the answer was both yes and no. He said there should be a balance between old fashion and modern. He supposed Qantas only used the fully automated check-in.

One model does not satisfy everyone because of different preferences. Some travelers want to deal with real people when checking in, while others are satisfied with purely machined controlled check-in. He said that they believe using only a single strategy is wrong. The right way for the Airline is an approach which lies in the middle, an approach which can adapt the needs of a specific port.

He supposed that several airlines have made the fault of forcing passengers to extremes, either going for a full blast modern facility or being left out in the 1980s. The terminal they are opening up in Perth is a blend of both which can accommodate everyone’s needs.

The Celebrities Who Are Also Entrepreneurs

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Often times, being famous and filthy rich is not enough for some renowned celebrities. With the celebrity status that they have achieved and the branding that goes with their name, they still are seeking other avenues to amass more wealth. There are a lot of celebrities who venture into business. Some have put up their own hair salons, restaurants, fashion store and amusement parks. Here are some celebrities who took the time off from acting or singing and pursued a business venture.

Jackie Chan

Surprisingly the Chinese star has never really completed proper education which is why he is having a difficult time reading and writing. This did not deter him though from his accolades of big roles in the movies that he lands in. His success in the world of Hollywood is also balanced with his success in several business ventures. Jackie Chan has his own film and distribution company and he also owns three other production businesses. Throughout China, you will find his very own movie theaters Jackie Chan Theater International. These theaters are dubbed by most people as the biggest cinema theaters in the country. Other ventures that he pursued include clothing line, signature gyms, restaurants and the furniture industries.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is not only a loving husband and a brilliant actor but is also an entrepreneur who has deep interests in internet startups as well as social media. He was the first person to receive a million followers in Twitter. Kutcher founded Katalyst Media with his friend from Punk’d and also produced other TV shows. Today, with his extensive experience and influence, he sits as an advisor for other companies.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is more than just a singer and an actor; he is also a successful entrepreneur. His interests are in the internet startups. He is currently invested in Miso Media which is an application development company. He also owns a significant portion of Stipple which is an online photo labeling product. His endeavors do not just stop there. He is also busy with his own record label, Tennman Records.

The Importance Of Life Saving Knowledge And Skills In Emergency Situations

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Learning life saving first aid in Perth will provide both the knowledge and skills to be able to save a life during an emergency. It can be the life of a family member, a co-worker, a friend or even a stranger. There are first aid training courses with surf life –saving so that you can take action the moment it is necessary to save a life.

The Red Cross has made it part of its mission to provide training in the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to be able to save lives every day. Last February 2, an incident happened at Southport residential community and it confirmed the importance of first aid knowledge to save a life.

Richard Mape is the executive director of Carillon Assisted Living and he was giving a tour to Donald and Gail Stanley. With him was Carillon marketing director Nikki Wilkins. People around heard Nikki Wilkins say that she is going to get a glass of water as she quickly left the room. Suddenly, Mrs. Stanley screamed “Help him” and Richard Mape was shouting to call 911.

Mr. Stanley was lowered to the ground and Richard Mape performed CPR. Mr. Stanley was then very ashen and he was no longer moving or breathing. Richard Mape did about 25 rounds of CPR within 2 minutes. To the surprise of everyone in the room, Mr. Stanley regained consciousness, started to move and opened his eyes. Within minutes he was talking and soon realized what has happened to him.

Without the timely response of Richard Mape, what do you think happened to Mr. Stanley? Richard Mape saved his life and he is a hero. The National Red Cross honored Richard Yape who is now Carillon’s resident care director.

Another hero is the son of a veteran firefighter, 16-year old Garrett Spires who never ever dreamed that someday he would be saving someone else’s life. Spires who is a junior at Concordia High School and his father Dean Spires were recognized as heroes at Harrison College for their immediate action in resuscitating an unresponsive woman who was pulled out of a pond at Metea Country Park during the Fourth of July. The father and son team acknowledged the important of life saving skills for emergency situations.