Owner Of Carpet Cleaning Allegedly Scamming Customers

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According to allegations made against the carpet cleaning firm, it is charging customers 22 times than the amount that they are expecting to pay this is after the company has lured them into their special promo of just £19. Adam Vallier is a businessman with two companies that specializes in cleaning carpets. According to their […]


Need For Modern Offices, An Obstacle To Iran’s Growth

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The nuclear deal that Iran offered is the very reason why there are a lot of recent business expansion as well as investment from foreign companies. Despite the growth, the country is facing an obstacle because there is not enough office spaces that are high quality and affordable at the same time. Tehran has no […]


Teaching English To Children In Government-Run Public Schools

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There is a general impression that India is an English-speaking country considering the number of the call centers and its British colonial legacy. The truth is, only 30% of the citizens speak English. Being able to speak English fluently is considered an achievement in India particularly since they get better jobs and higher salaries with […]


HubSpot Promoting Inbound Marketing

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The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company HubSpot which is a provider of sales platform and inbound marketing had unexpected findings from its 8th yearly report regarding the position of inbound marketing.   HubSpot’s yearly report details   It was found that 73% of the marketers make use of inbound marketing as their main strategy.   In HubSpot’s […]


Do Mermaids Exist? Do They Punish Divers?

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Do you believe that there are mermaids living under the waters? The Moskitia people who are living in the Honduran part of the Amazon jungle believe on “Liwa” a natural spirit that dwells on rivers, oceans and lagoons. Liwa Mairin is a water woman being that resembles a mermaid. According to folklore, Liwa punishes men […]


Using The Tub Versus The Shower

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If you are one of those people who enjoy their time in the tub and even looks forward to it then you should know that there is now an attack directed towards tub and the rituals done related to it. Critics use various fear tactics for their attack such as claiming that tub uses too […]


Men Also Believe In The Sacredness Of Marriage

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In the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), some men do not wear their wedding rings, even if they respect the marriage. Men have different reasons why they do not wear a wedding ring even if they understand that it is a symbol of the marriage. Ikenna Ibegbu is a businessman who dislikes wearing any kind of […]