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Four Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

Posted by on Jan 20, 2019 in Hotel | Comments Off on Four Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

Four Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

Travelling to a new destination is always stressful. No matter, how eagerly you look forward for the trip, travelling to a new country involves a lot of stress and anxiety. This is a list of travelling mistakes, made by most of the first time visitors to Bangkok. Go through the list and be prepared to avoid them.

  1. Choosing a hotel

Bangkok is a busy city with too much of traffic. It is a popular tourist destination, financial capital of Thailand and is also a famous destination for medical tourism. Owing to a number of people visiting the country throughout the year, the city has a number of accommodation options. However, it is important to choose a 4 star hotel in Bangkok in the right location. Choose the hotel which is close to the areas, which you intend to explore. Staying at a hotel, which is close to the mass transit stations in the city also helps the tourists to save time by escaping the traffic congestion on the roads during the peak hours.

  1. Packing too many clothes

Bangkok is a shopping paradise. There are many shopping malls and street shopping markets that sell good quality clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. Pack light and have room for your shopping items in Bangkok.

  1. Not bargaining at the markets

Bargaining with the vendors of street side shopping markets, allows you to buy your favourite goods and accessories at best prices. Moreover, it is fun to bargain with these vendors. However, be reasonable while bargaining and do not bargain too much. It is advisable to roam around a bit and explore the markets to know the price of a product.

  1. Underestimating the traffic

Travelling through the rush hour traffic in Bangkok is very difficult. Start early and set aside ample time to arrive at your destinations. Account for the traffic, while calculating distances between different attractions. It is advisable to stay at 4 star hotel in Bangkok, which is close to the BTS and MRT stations. This will help you to avoid the traffic and reach the destination on time. Most of the tourist attractions in the city are connected by mass transit systems.

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Wedding Hotel In Bangkok

Posted by on Jan 20, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on Wedding Hotel In Bangkok

Wedding Hotel In Bangkok

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. Most people make extra efforts to prepare for this important event. They save money to spend on the different things needed during the wedding. One of the essential items that needs to be thoroughly thought of and prepared is the hotel venue of the wedding. It might be during the reception only or perhaps during both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Thus, it is truly important to choose the right hotel to hold this special occasion.

Today, there are so many choices for a wedding hotel in Bangkok that you can choose from. The choice varies depending on the requirements of the couple. Some want to have a simple and yet elegant hotel that is affordable to the budget of the couple with good food. Others go for a middle-  class wedding hotel in Bangkok that is also affordable and elegant with beautiful amenities and ambiance as well as good food choices. To some others, they go for the best luxurious wedding hotel in Bangkok with excellent facilities, amenities, a wide selection of food menus, and extraordinary ambiance fit for the rich and famous.

Some couples hire a wedding coordinator to take care of the preparation of the wedding. This will keep them from stress while attending to other things related to the wedding. Choosing the best hotel that fits the requirement of the couple is essential. One must consider the category of the hotel, location, service rating, facilities, amenities, food menu, and a reasonable wedding package. The hotel may be in the city or in beach resorts. A list of choices is essential for comparison purposes as well as a contingency back-up in case the hotel of your choice is not available.

The wide variety of wedding hotel choices in Bangkok makes it easier for the couple to decide the venue of the wedding. What is important to note is that the venue of choice must be able to satisfy the requirements of the couple. A wedding day only comes once in a couple’s life for those who value the sanctity of marriage, therefore, it is, but fitting to make the event a memorable and enjoyable one for the couple and their families to cherish.

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Calls For The Government To Revisit Safety Program Devised For Semi Drivers

Posted by on Jan 19, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on Calls For The Government To Revisit Safety Program Devised For Semi Drivers

Calls For The Government To Revisit Safety Program Devised For Semi Drivers

Every year, Canada sees around 2,000 deaths related to highway incidents in the country and trucking experts believe that these can be avoided yet the federal government is not putting into action the solution that has been devised beforehand. According to Andy Roberts who is a veteran driving instructor, the perfect solution that will benefit Canadian trucking companies has already been developed but it is only gathering dust. He added that the proposal will not cost a fortune for the industry.

The problem stems from the fact that around 300,000 of the semi drivers working in Canada did not receive national training standards. There has been a curriculum put in place many years ago which was funded by the federal government called the Earning Your Wheels program. This is semi-driving course which lasts for three months. Experts in the industry believed that it is of gold standard.

The course is helpful because truck drivers will be prepared for any condition such as snow and ice, multi-lane freeways and even mountain roads. They will know how to secure as well as haul the loads if it is massive such as logs and dangerous chemicals.

Based on the report, a funding has already been provided by the federal government many years ago but no one is able to benefit from it. Furthermore, no one is allowed to make use of it. Roberts who is a master trainer said that the curriculum is just kept somewhere to gather dust where it is dormant.

The program can be traced back to the late 90s when, according to Pro Trucker Magazine and Roberts, there were a lot of concern regarding the lack of program for truckers that will provide national and uniform standard of training. White said that when the program was developed, it has received a lot of support thinking it would be made mandatory but none of it came to be.

Conference Board of Canada is actually all praise for the program which used to be offered by trucking schools for over a decade. The only problem now is that it is not mandatory and the federal government has given each province free reign when it comes to training rules for new truckers under their jurisdiction.

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What You Should Know About Security Doors In Perth

Posted by on Jan 18, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on What You Should Know About Security Doors In Perth

What You Should Know About Security Doors In Perth

There is no home exempted from burglary. According to current police statistics, 18 homes are robbed in Guildford alone. In Perth City, around 85 burglaries happen. If you don’t want your home to be part of the statistics, then you need to install security doors in Perth for protection against intruders. To know more about security screens and how it can help you, read this article for information.

The Price of Security Screens in Perth

Before you invest in the security doors in Perth, certainly you want to know the price. Your choice will have to depend on the type of frame of the door and other factors. For those with aluminum frames, it will cost you around $450; while steel frames have a range between $250 to $1000. If you opt for structural grade aluminum perforated frame is about $650, while stainless steel mesh frames is about $800. Also, there will be additional costs to replace the tracks of your doors to security door tracks.

What to Look for in Security Screen?

You need to consider that shopping for security doors in Perth will include some factors. First, you need to verify if the screen door conforms to Australian standards for security and installation. A steel or aluminum frame is recommendable for a more sturdy and efficient security door. Besides, you will need to consider the infill of the door. Other factors to consider are having locks and hinges on the door. And you need to check if the security doors can be easily opened, especially during emergencies or fire hazards.

What Type of Security Door to Choose?

There are a wide variety of security doors in Perth to choose from. If you check out some reputed home improvement stores, most popular are sliding security doors, fly screen doors and barrier doors.

The most secure option is the sliding security doors, which serve as a second barrier to enter the entryway. Fly screen doors however include a thin mesh, which keep pests from entering the insides of your home, while letting fresh air in. If you want good ventilation, this should be your choice. Barrier doors are alternatives for security doors but are somehow less popular than sliding security doors.

So, choose security doors in Perth that best fit your needs and budget.

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Proper Care Of Cremation Urns For Ashes

Posted by on Jan 17, 2019 in Cremation Urns, Lifestyle, Service, Tips, Travel | Comments Off on Proper Care Of Cremation Urns For Ashes

Proper Care Of Cremation Urns For Ashes

There is an increase in the necessity of cremation urns in the market today with the rising popularity of cremation. Most companies in the memorial industry are coming up with a wide variety of cremation urns to cater to the needs of the clients and making it convenient for the buyers to choose the right type of urn by categorizing the different kinds of cremation urns.

Along with the cremation urns for ashes come sentiments, emotions, and values that relate to the beloved deceased person. Family members honor and respect these cremation urns for ashes of their lost loved ones as they serve as important memorials that are left with the family members to treasure and be reminded of the lost person.

It is truly important to take proper care of the cremation urns for ashes of the deceased. Taking proper care of the urns is simple and easy which does not take much of your time. The different types of urns require different ways of caring as they are made up of different kinds of materials.

  1. A wooden cremation urn is easy to take care. Use a cloth that is soft and dry to wipe the exterior part of the wooden urn to keep it free from dust and dirt. You can use a furniture gloss on the outer part of the wooden urn once every two or three months to maintain its luster. Harsh chemicals, as well as water, are not to be used to clean the exterior part of the wooden urn because they will ruin the material. You must place the wooden urn in a location that is not directly exposed to sunlight as it will cause cracks to the wood.
  2. Urns that are made of marble and glass are also easy to clean just like hardwood urns. You can clean these urns from time to time with a fine glass cleaner that is free from chemicals. Do not use acidic-based fluids in cleaning the exterior surface of the marble or glass urns. Water may be used to clean these urns and make sure to wipe it completely dry to avoid stains. Place the marble urns in a safe place to avoid from falling and breaking.
  3. Ceramic cremation urns need special and gentle attention as they can easily break when knocked over. Place them in a secure and sturdy surface and avoid putting them in low places where pets can hit them. Use a clean dry cloth in cleaning the outer surface. Do not use water.
  4. Metal cremation urns also need special care. Never use a damp cloth to clean the outer surface as it will cause rust to develop. Use a dry cloth to clean the metal urns and do not expose them directly to sunlight to avoid deformation of the urn.

Cremation urns have sentimental significance; therefore, it is essential to take proper care of them to make them last for generations.





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Calgary Council Passes 4-Year Budget, Including A 3.45% Increase In Property Tax In 2019

Posted by on Jan 13, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on Calgary Council Passes 4-Year Budget, Including A 3.45% Increase In Property Tax In 2019

Calgary Council Passes 4-Year Budget, Including A 3.45% Increase In Property Tax In 2019

Calgary’s city council recently passed its four-year budget, with a vote of nine in favor, five in opposition.

Councillor Peter Demong opposed the budget, saying that he couldn’t back it without the council getting a concrete idea on what programs and services they should be focusing on.

Part of the voting was regarding the motion of a 3.45% property tax hike in 2019, which went forward.

According to Mayor Naheed Nenshi, that increase amounts to about $5 every month for the average Calgary household, but the added funds would allow the city to improve and keep the streets safe and clean; hiring new public bus drivers, police officers, and the like.

Nenshi says that the council looked at the services that are being delivered and what the citizens of the city demand, and, for a mere five dollars, which he says is less than what the average house pays on cell phones, Calgary will get a lot.

During the final day to iron out all the details for the four-year budget, Nenshi presented his omnibus motion for capital funding for a variety of projects for the city, including calling on roofing in Calgary for fixes, upgrades to the city’s arenas, and the construction of new bike lanes and train cars, among others.

His proposal was to spend $43 million in capital funding, unallocated, over four years, was voted on, passing with a vote of eight to six.

Nenshi states that the target of the funds are small, but would greatly impact the quality of life in Calgary. Specifically, his funding request included:

  • $17.5m for the purchase of three new train cars for the LRT, bumping up an existing order to 15 for a discount;
  • $7.5m for urban forestry;
  • $6.5m for community association and social recreation group support; calling on roofing in Calgary for work, among others;
  • $6m for parks projects;
  • $5.5m for streets and pathways, like the Barley Belt’s pathway, and;
  • Other funding for the maintenance of recreational facilities in Calgary.

Coun. George Chahal, during the meeting, implored the administration to study their funding and financials in order to streamline itself so that residential and non-residential tax rates can be lowered; he feels that they can’t wait to deal with the issue or kick the can down the road, as business owners and families across Calgary are hurting and they need to streamline or trim the budget.

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International Developers See Thailand As Worth Investing In

Posted by on Jan 5, 2019 in Hotel | Comments Off on International Developers See Thailand As Worth Investing In

International Developers See Thailand As Worth Investing In

Looking back at the entire 2018, it has been a good year for the hospitality industry of Thailand because many investors, both local and global, are investing their money to construct more hotel rooms in the country in order to meet the current demand which continue to grow yearly. There are many hotels near in Pattaya that are being renovated to offer more room accommodations than before.

There is a reason behind the progress of the hotel industry and it all boil downs to the increase in number of domestic and international traveller’s. Based on the prediction made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, foreign travellers will reach 40.3 million while local travellers will go around the country about 177 million times.

Based on the expectations of the Thai Hotels Association, the hospitality industry will remain strong in the country despite any political crisis that might arise in the coming 2019 elections because the global economy has been stable for a while now.

The challenge remains for hotel operators because their room prices are still the lowest compared to other big cities that are within the Southeast Asia. In a survey conducted at the end of quarter three, there are already 143 hotels in the country while there are 33,855rroos available.

Global companies are mostly responsible for the latest developments in the industry. For instance, this month of December saw that Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co which is based in Tokyo has made an announcement regarding their next project which is to launch a hotel in Chonburi which is 60 kilometres to the southeast part of Bangkok. This hotel will be available to the public by 2021.

Ratanakorn Asset, a local real estate company, in partnership with IHG said that they have already made a contract to construct eight additional properties in major destinations in Thailand including Pattaya, KohSamui, Phuket, Khao Lak and Rayong. This will no doubt add to the hotels near in Pattaya which will give locals and tourists more options if they want to visit the province. Unlike Bangkok, Pattaya is more laidback but will all the fun the metropolis has to offer.

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