Children Aged Three Traumatized By Private Tutors Hired by Parents

Children Aged Three Traumatized By Private Tutors Hired by Parents

Some parents have been constantly pushing their children to excel in their academic performance that even parents of three year olds hire private tutors to aid their little ones in acing private schools’ entrance exams.

Tutoring agencies have agreed that hiring tutors to do the extra school effort in teaching toddlers could be traumatic for the children. The head of Keystone Tutors stated that parents should not hire private tutors for their children until they reach the age of at least seven.

The Keystone Tutors said that the competition for students to get a slot in private schools is very stiff that is why parents resort to hiring tutors. Parents ask the help of tutors to coach their children on how to interact with children, improve their language and vocabulary skills. They usually take private tutors when their children are aged three or four in order to prepare them for formal school and to pass entrance examinations.

Adverse effects of tutoring toddlers

There have been reports that children lock themselves in the bathroom or in their closet when they hear that their tutor is coming. These children are taking in lessons daily at a very young age that they associate learning or tutoring with misery.

There are a lot of cases wherein tutors have excellent academic credentials but have no ample experience handling little children. Usually most people presume that the little ones are the easiest to be taught, however, this is untrue. They are actually the most difficult to teach.

Why parents should not feel the pressure of hiring tutors for their kids

Private schools head teachers stressed it out that parents should not endorse their children in the care of tutors at a very young age. If parents are afraid that their children would not pass the entrance examinations, the private administrators assured parents that their processes are easy and gentle for the toddlers. There is no need for rigorous preparation on the part of the little ones.

Most schools assess children by singing songs, playing a number of games and reading them stories. Private school administrators pointed out that they do not make the children undergo sorts of examinations or tests.

Statistics shows that one out of four children has a private tutor paid by their parents. Children are provided with tutors so that they will perform well academically.

Anonymous Donors Gives Almost $40,000 To Pay For Reserved Presents At Toys R Us

Anonymous Donors Gives Almost $40,000 To Pay For Reserved Presents At Toys R Us

Massachusetts – December 13, 2014 – It truly is a great time of the year as lucky shoppers receive a Christmas surprise that had definitely warmed their hearts. Two anonymous women had donated at least $20,000 and $19,600 separately to pay for 275 reserved orders at Toys R Us in Bellingham and Auburn. They are now being nicknamed as the “layaway angels” by the local US media.

A layaway can be described as an agreement made by the shop and the customer in which a customer will purchase an item to be paid in installments and they will only receive the item once the payment has been made fully. Toys R Us is only one of the few shops that continue this type of purchase.

Diane Brewer, one of many who made reserved orders, said that she had been struggling with finding extra shifts just to pay for the gifts she will give her children this Christmas. She said she had no words and couldn’t believe that someone would be nice enough to do that.

Many of the shoppers had been reported to have broken down in tears upon hearing the good news.

Bellingham shopper, Jill Levy, said that the act makes the heart feel pretty good even with all the craziness the world has been experiencing.

Father of a 6-month old baby and 5-year old daughter, Jason Wood, travelled 8 hours from Grafton to Bellingham just to pick up the orders he had made and was surprised to learn that his orders were already paid for. He wished that there were more people like the two women. He also said that the money that he was supposed to pay his orders with will be donated to Toys for Tots, an organization that gives toys to less fortunate children all over America.

A spokesperson for Toys R Us said that there were many accounts of layaway angels and Santas that the toy company has experienced.

The happiness that toys bring to children can be worth no amount of money, and the layaway angels who have donated almost $40,000 definitely knows this. The world needs more of these good Samaritans who help other people and refuse to be recognized.

Villa Rentals In Phuket That Would Be Perfect For A Wedding


Villa Rentals in Phuket have always been the rage as many tourists come and go to the island, seeking for indulgence and relaxation with the unique and eye-opening beauty of the beach. Of course, if you’d want to stay for a night or two, you’d have to rent a place to live for short-term only. There are condos, hotels and many more, but having an exclusive Villa to accompany you during your vacation makes it more memorable.

Vacations are not the only reason why people want to Rent a Villa in Phuket. People have also set their eyes on these luxurious buildings to celebrate some of the most important occasions in their lives. Many go here to have their memorable and loving wedding.

Since last year, Phuket has already been an ideal setup for weddings and ‘Phuket Best Rental’ can assist you with everything you need when it comes to choosing what Villa you would rent for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
Destination weddings are a hit, and will surely become more renowned in the future. It involves celebrating your special occasion within a week or lesser. It is said that about 12% to 15% in the United States are giving Destination weddings a shot and is expected that more will do so. Most of the people who engage on destination weddings are also those who would want to renew their vow with their loved one or those who are in their 2nd wedding.

What makes Villa Rentals in Phuket a great pair for weddings is the fact that they are exclusive and luxurious at the same time. It can be a great venue where you could even have your honeymoon as soon as the wedding ends. With a little decoration, flowers and arrangements, the place would become fantasy-like and your dream wedding would flash before your very eyes. Other appeals of this type of venue are the amenities that comes with the villas which are the Jacuzzis, private pool, wireless internet, Television and many more.

All in all, whether you’re up for a normal vacation on the beach or you’re going to celebrate some occasions like weddings and parties, Villa Rentals in Phuket are definitely something you should consider on your list.

iHome Alarm Systems Offer New ADT ‘Pulse’ House Automation


ADT has already etched its name in the industry of home security and almost anyone who wants a guaranteed security within the premises of their own home would have already installed their systems. If you’re the type who puts high regards to the safety of your family or your own, you could get their service from one of their most famous certified dealer, the iHome Alarm Systems.

The iHome Alarm Systems will serve you with any packages that would quench your needs. As they are a distributor of ADT, every alarm systems from the renowned company can be bought from them – may it be for burglars, fire, smoke, temperature, flood, emergency services, even a ‘panic’ button and a whole lot more.
ADT, together with iHome, brings everything you need right at your alley and now, they’ve even set the word ‘innovation’ in a whole new level as they bring yet another product to the customers’ doors. ADT’s Pulse System can now be availed through the iHome Alarm systems, and this will allow residents to protect their home even when they’re not there. How? ADT pulse provides the automation of one’s home. Meaning, you could control the systems installed through any tablets, computers or smartphones you may have.

Any gadget incorporated with the Automation will allow you to change the system’s settings with just a couple of clicks away. Even when you’re away, you could disarm or arm your system as you want. You could even control appliances and lightings in your home and lock or unlock your doors. When intruders invade your premises, the alarm will set off and notify you immediately, giving you an easier and worry-free time during your ventures.

Four packages are handed by the iHome Alarm Systems – this includes expanded package, deluxe package, cellular package and their value package. You can save up to 20% in insurance by having your house equipped with this security system. If you’re worried about your budget, you are still welcomed by the company with their custom services which will allow you to have a system within your budget’s reach. Customers who are also looking for immediate installation can call and have it installed the following day.

£50,000 Compensation Released By Norwich For Accidental Trips Questions Their Paving


Who would argue with the importance of paving maintenance? After the accidents of tripping and falling over the streets within Norwich last year, a lucrative amount of £50,000 was released as payment compensation for 9 people who faced this type of unfortunate accident. This only goes to show how important Paving Norwich is and how it could affect people and its place. However, new numbers show up and a lot more details were given about the mentioned accidents.

The £50,000 released by Norwich from its City hall, definitely put a dent on their budget. This dent, as said by Norwich, only deducts more from their budget that may lead to less pavement maintenance may further end up completely deteriorating their streets.

The nine people who were paid were just a portion of the people who actually tripped on the streets last year. It was revealed that about 49 were involved in the tripping accidents, all of which filed suits against Norwich. However, they have successfully managed to defend their city from the 40 suits but nine, as we all know it, was paid with £52, 427 which they shared with each other.

It was also unveiled that last year was not the only year where this kind of accidents occurred. The recent years, 2013/2012, about 32 was involved with the accident. Only about six were paid with a £26, 887 compensation and the rest were successfully defended by Norwich and resulted to ‘no payment’.

The Council discussed the matter and shared that the accidents were always reported to have been the faults of holes and slabs that were unevenly placed. Although many of them only reported minor injuries that involved only bruises and cuts, while rarely, a fractured bone, it still doesn’t diminish the fact that they were injuries from public properties.

Paving Norwich rightly is definitely the goal of the council. They claimed that the budget for those kinds of project were extremely limited to the point where expectations of the people could surely be disappointed with the limited possible results of delivery. The council also claimed that they will be joining hands with the council of the county in order for them to achieve a better result in maintaining roads and streets wherever it’s most possible within the city.

Experts Reveal Web Design Tips From Google

google tips

Perth, Australia – April 30, 2015 – Just recently, we have met up with the folks at Perth Web Design or PWD and during our brief meeting, they shared with us the knowledge of how one can design killer websites according to the professionals at Google. This is most important because web design plays a great factor in the success of a website.

The professionals of PWD said that according to Google, the secret is to study how people, mainly the consumers, shop then organizing all of the results into shopping funnels. Oftentimes, the behavior of people while they are shopping can be observed through patterns that are simple and easy to follow. In fact, these patterns can only be divided into five segments.

1. Discovering your options and establishing a criteria
Take note that the first time a customer is introduced to your product; it is probably because they have also gone through with the products of your competitors. They would often ask for many other options and they have likely stumbled upon yours during their search. Now if you want to further introduce your product, you must bring in important and convincing details. This is important when you want to distinguish your product from your competitor’s. You can also add in more images, videos and other visuals that would help inform consumers about your product.

2. Make a short list.
Once consumers have finished their search for different options, then it is highly likely that they will create a short list of the best ones so that they could filter out the best from the not-so good ones.

3. Digging into each product.
After making a list, the consumers will evaluate each product and will consider their criteria before they choose. They would first make sure that a product fits their criteria. Your job will be finding what narrows their decision and how you can put that in your product.

4. Testimonials.
Their decisions can be further influenced by the testimonials of other product users. Their statements could greatly help convince a consumer that is why it is best if you would include testimonials in your website.

5. Trying the product.
Consumers would likely want to try the product first to know if it could fit them and their lifestyle. Now your job is to help them get a preview of what it’s like to use your product.

Top Five Home Design Trends In 2015

Top Five Home Design Trends In 2015

The New Year is a promising and at the same time a challenging year for real estate agents, home owners and interior designers. In the field of home designs, there were several trends that were set last year. However, another year means another set of trend. Some home designs that were acclaimed last 2014 have fallen off the chart of new trends this year. Zillow Digs made an announcement of the top five home design trends that will be embraced this year.

First in the list are the gold fixtures. This retro design will have a huge comeback this year with a unique modern twist. The golden fixtures will be accorded with bright gold colors that will have a sleek finish to give it an extra shine. This 2015, home owners can expand their choice to gold and will not be limited by stainless steel furniture and fixture and silver decors. They are free to match and mix up the bright colors or they can go gold all the way.

Second are the cowhides. The ideal design for a sophisticated and aesthetically appealing look for 2015 is the incorporation of cowhides. This year, manufacturers are finding themselves producing cowhides incorporated in rugs, pillows and blankets. Even artworks with cowhides are getting much attention this year.

Another comeback design sitting in the third spot are the wall papers. The wall paper trend will be back this 2015 and has come with a vengeance. It is ready than ever to reclaim its spot in the interior designing world says Jamie Beckwith, a renowned designer of Beckwith Interiors.

Watch out for the blue colors this year. The most popular color this 2015 will be blue. Different hues of blue whether it be deep blue navy or indigo blue, it will be widely used in the world of interior designing.

Clawing up on the fifth spot are the modern or mid century design elements. This year, they will have a big place in every designer’s choice. From the furniture and architecture, the mid century modern elements will surprisingly bring a classy yet sophisticated look on the house. This type of trend is great in inspiring home dwellers. However, designers caution homeowners when using this design. Homeowners should watch out that it does not take over the house.

Universal Preschool

Universal Preschool

Across the globe, countries are already adapting the universal preschool programs. Educators and parents deem it necessary that children at the tender age of three and even below should be given the right to education and must enjoy a fun and learning environment. The United States is one of the countries that adhere to universal preschool programs.

Some countries have offered free access to preschool education for toddlers since the 1980s. France is among these and has a structured educational system and curriculum fitting for young children that some countries including the United States look up to.

The importance of preschool learning

Developed nations have always stressed the importance of universal preschool education through television propagandas or printed materials. However there are some issues that arose concerning providing early education to the young ones. Many question the government as to the motive of launching free public school programs. Who really benefits from such programs? Is it really that crucial for the economic development of a country?

There are several educational studies that have been conducted in order to clear the clouds of doubt with the programs. In some studies particularly in the United Kingdom, there have been conflicting results. One study showed that the impact of daycare centers is just as good as children being with their mother. On the other hand, another study showed that children with mothers working lag behind in the development phase of a child. These children should be sent to preschool or day care institutions in order to learn, enjoy, and advance in knowledge. With these conflicting results, what should parents believe?

Studies in the United States show that the success for preschool programs is only short lived. Children who underwent preschool education before the age of 5 showed improved literacy skills in their early elementary years. However, when they step into the 3rd or 4th grade, no improvement can be seen from the students. To worsen matters, there is a decline among the students. This may be true for some students. But another study also showed the correlation of early childhood education to the academic success of students when they reach nine years old and onwards. So who do you believe?

With the universal preschool program, government leaders are looking to a lowered poverty level. The crime rates are also expected to decrease with the increase of literate and educated people.

The most important thing perhaps to bear in mind is that the young generation will be given access to good education because a child’s mind is sharpened at a very tender age.

Yellow Ribbon UK To Support Ex-Offenders

Yellow Ribbon UK To Support Ex-Offenders

In the United Kingdom, a group of people plan to use a yellow ribbon for a project called the Yellow Ribbon UK. The goal of Yellow Ribbon UK is to help ex-offenders because some are released from prison with only £46 on their pockets as their pay-out from prison service.

At least 3 of 4 of the ex-offenders have no home to return to because they have been evicted while in jail. They also need to deal with several issues that include drug and alcohol problems, issues with mental health, lack of money, absence of support and lack of knowledge to gain a job. Since the project started in Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire in 2013, it has helped more than 50 people who have served short prison sentences.

According to Pauline Mack the project director of Yellow Ribbon UK, their team goes to prison in order to find out those who are scheduled to be released in the coming months. If the ex-offenders require mentoring and support, Yellow Ribbon UK will assess whether they are suitable for the project so that relationships can be build with them.

On the day of release, a team member from Yellow Ribbon UK will meet the ex-offenders at the prison gate and provide them support so that they can get their life back on track. Most prisoners have been behind bars for a long time and they are desperate to move on with their lives. For these people, someone to support them in every hurdle will provide them an opportunity to have a new life. It is unimaginable for an individual not to have a home to go to with no money or family for support. However, the project works only with ex-offenders who do not have high risks for reoffending.

Some volunteers have previously used the service and they are now giving back the favor. Yellow Ribbon UK has partnered with Green Pastures Housing, a registered charity and social enterprise that buys houses for organizations in UK like Yellow Ribbon. A new house in Shrewsbury will work fine for the ex-offenders and the Yellow Ribbon team will be running the home with the help of local charities.

Divorce Rate Rises For Those With Ages Over 60 Years Old

Divorce Rate Rises For Those With Ages Over 60 Years Old

The Office for National Statistics in England and Wales reported that the number of people who are getting divorced with ages over 60 is rising. This trend began in the early 1990s.

The Office for National Statistics explained that one of the contributing factors to the staggering statistics is that the population in this part of the country was mostly in their late adult years. There are more over 60s in the place than those who are not. Other factors that contributed is the lost of shame associated with the word divorce. In the 20th century, people were ridiculed for being abandoned by their partners in life. However, the modern age has learned to accept this practice and has become a practical option for couples who are constantly bickering with their marriage life. Another factor is the financial independence of women in the 21st century. Women are more empowered. They have more freedom today and are given more rights to be on an equal footing with men.

The Statistics

In the year 1991, the records of the Office for National Statistics show that for every 1,000 married men who are aged more than 60 there is a 1.6 divorcee. Twenty years later or by the year 2011, the figure has already risen to 2.3.

For the women, there were 1.2 divorces for every 1,000 married women who are over 60 years old in the year 1991. The figure rose to 1.6 in the year 2011.

The dreaded syndrome

According to researches for people aging 50 years old and above, the most important thing in the adult life is healthy relationships. With the record that the Office for National Statistics show, there are lots of complication faced by adult couples. This results to a shaky relationship ending up in breaks. Many may think that as one matures, the relationships become stronger. The statistics are contrary to this belief though.

Family specialists conclude that couples drift apart because of the so called empty nest syndrome. This is very common for the modern day family. Children go to universities outside the state and parents are left alone. They feel lost and relationship with the better half crumbles.

Ebola Virus: Mutating?

Ebola Virus Mutating

Scientists have not stopped studying the Ebola virus. And recently, scientists and researchers in Guinea have reported that the deadly virus has mutated.

Researchers in France who first told the world of the outbreak last March are now studying the samples from patients in Guinea and other countries to determine if the mutation has made the virus more contagious and deadly.

Ebola death toll and researchers’ role

It can be recalled that the first victim of Ebola was a 2 year old boy from Guinea. From the little helpless boy, the virus has caused widespread agonizing deaths all across West Africa.

At least 22,000 have died contracting the disease. Almost 9,000 of those who died came from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Researchers have a very important role in the fight of the Ebola virus. Researchers and scientists alike have joined forces in analyzing thousands of blood samples from victims. They are risking their lives to protect the future of human beings.

Currently, they are trying to determine how the virus is mutating. Studies have also been conducted if the virus can now be readily transmitted from one person to another and in what manner. One of the worst scenarios would be if this virus will become airborne in which case, the number of victims is predicted to skyrocket.

Viruses can change significantly into more deadly forms in a short amount of time. Ebola, like influenza and HIV, have a very high rate of mutation. With this characteristic, scientists are expecting that the virus can easily adapt and its chances of becoming more contagious are high.

The global problem

This deadly virus faced by the world is real and not just some fancy blockbuster sci-fi movie where avid fans wear movie costumes. This outbreak is serious and is killing thousands of innocent lives in the African region.

The problem of Ebola virus is not just Africa’s problem. It is a contagion that affects all of humanity. If the outbreak of the Ebola virus will not be stopped, it will not only kill people but could cripple every sector vital for human existence.

January 26 Calls For A Celebration With Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

January 26 Calls For A Celebration With Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

For those who don’t know, January 26 is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day or BWAD as it is often called. On this day, people from all walks of life celebrate this transparent plastic material and the convenience it had provided in the past decades since its conception.

The bubble was accidentally discovered by two engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, way back in 1957. It was first made while the two engineers were trying to create textured wallpaper. Its creation has greatly contributed to the innovations in packaging and it is said to have revolutionized the world of industry packaging.

Bubble wrap is technically a clear transparent plastic film or otherwise called polyethylene resin. It is mainly used to provide shock and isolation from vibration for products during transportation and delivery. This is all made possible through the evenly distributed air bubbles that are trapped between two plastic materials that are used to cushion products.

Since it was first released to the public, there are now countless of products and items made of bubble wrap that are made so that products will be able to travel safely and shipped without any abrasions or damages.

Bubble wraps are so inexpensive that is why people, especially suppliers and manufacturers, have taken such a great liking to it. Not only is it able to provide safety to various items and products, it can also reduce the cost for travel since it has less packing material.

It is also a common concept that bubble wraps can relieve stress. It is used by people around the world to relieve them of stress by popping the air inside the bubble. Some had even called the act addicting.

With the convenience of bubble wraps it is only right that people celebrate it. The Oral Roberts University had an amazing way to celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. With over a thousand people, they had attempted to break the record for the most people popping Bubble wraps simultaneously.

The current record is held by Twin Lakes Elementary School in Minnesota. Results for the world record attempt are due for several weeks.

Other people have also invented creative ways to enjoy Bubble wraps. Some had created a Bubble wrap bike that continuously pops the bubbles as you ride on it while others prefer the traditional form of popping.

ISIS Demands Freedom Of Terrorist In Exchange For Japanese Hostage


A photo uploaded through a video file suggested that ISIS has killed one of its Japanese hostages. ISIS is now demanding the release of a terrorist who is in Jordanian jail in exchange for the life of the other Japanese captive.
In the video, Kenji Goto, one of the hostages carries a photo of the corpse of his comrade, Haruna Yukawa. In the video, a voice was speaking in English and blames the Prime Minister of Japan for Yukawa’s death.

Goto, who claimed to be the voice in the file, said that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was given a deadline to meet the demand of the hostages which is $200 million to save their lives but he did not adhere to it.

New demand of the terrorists

After putting the blame on the PM, the voice asked for a new demand. The new ultimatum was to release a convicted terrorist, Sajuda al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman. She currently is detained in Jordan and is waiting for the death penalty. She is said to have participated in the series of bombings in 2005 that left dozens of people lifeless in the streets of Saudi Arabia.

Terrorist acts condemned

Japan called the terrorists’ move to be outrageous and condemned the killing of Haruna Yukawa. He also demanded the immediate release of Kenji Goto. Japan’s position is not sure if it will to give in to demand of the terrorists or not.

A strong stance not to give in to terrorist is shared by other free nations including the United States of America. There is no bargaining with terrorists. Their acts need to be condemned and one should not succumb to what it demands or else it will give the group a sense of pride in that it could demand for anything.

Video file analyzed

The video was said to be uploaded by a supporter of ISIS. The US officials who analyzed and scrutinized the content of the video said that it was authentic.

However, a member of Kenji Goto’s family claimed that it could not have been his stepson’s voice. He stated that he has heard his stepson speak English a couple of times and that it was not his accent.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Sends A Message The Youth Of America And Europe

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the leader of Iran penned a letter to the youth of America and Europe not to judge the followers of Islam based on the attacks in France earlier this year.

Two weeks earlier, France was gripped in what was the worst security breach in France for several years. Hooded men which were later identified terrorists belonging to the Islamic community did the massacre spree of innocent lives.

The Letter

The leader’s post in Twitter and the website of the clerics was entitled to “To the Youth in Europe and North America”. He addresses the youth to gain understanding on what Islam is really all about and not to judge immediately. In his messaged, he condemned the media for putting a bad light of the followers of Allah.

He felt the need to write to the new generation in light of the recent violence in Europe and the Middle East. His letter reads, “I am addressing you, [the youth] not because I overlook your parents, rather it is because the future of your nations and countries will be in your hands; and also I find that the sense of quest for truth is more vigorous and attentive in your hearts.”

He asks the youth to be vigilant, to gain correct information regarding Islam, to take a closer look at the religion.
In his letter, Khamenei emphasized that the young people should ignore the dirty portrayals by the media of Islam.

Timing of the letter

The letter from Iran’s supreme leader came at a time where its relationship with US is in a questionable position. The hatred between nations escalated during the unveiling of Iran’s nuclear programs.

In October, President Obama wrote a letter to Khamenei expressing to the head of state that they both have the same enemy- the ISIS.

Iran’s government however answered in a different tone. It called the US as the “enemy” in one of its tweets a couple of months ago. It was during the negotiations for the nuclear surrender of Iran. The supreme leader from the Middle East also condemned America of its treatment of the African American population.