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$12mn Super-yacht Now Up For Sale

July 30, 2019

Those watching for yachts sales in Indonesia and in Asia have all taken notice of one of the most recent postings in the market, as the 43m superyacht, the Adastra, recently went p for sale. The world’s first luxury power trimaran of such a scale, it is owned by Anto Marden, the HK-based billionaire and shipping tycoon.

The futuristic vehicle was built by the Australian McConaghyyard, in Hong Kong back in 2012, with an estimated value sitting at $20 million, at minimum. The ship was designed for cruising Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the seven years since its creation, the ship has managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean several times, having travelled around the world several times. The Robb Report states that the vessel’s current estimated price sits at around $12,000,000.

The Adastra was designed by British Shuttleworth Design, with environment impact as the key driving idea. Sporting aerodynamic wings that aid buoyancy, the Adastra has significantly reduced drag, with only 20% of its size in the water. This, combined with its lightweight glass and carbon construction, means that it only consumes 14% of the fuel that more traditional designs with similar specs do. Without fuel and water, the Adastra clocks in at a mere 52 tonnes.

The yacht has a reported range of 10,000 nautical miles, thanks to burning only 4.5 gallons per hour while cruising at 10 knots. The vessel has a top speed of 23 knots.

As for its interior, Hong Kong’s Jepsen Design furbished it for nine guests and six crew, with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, as well as an open-air bar. The yacht managed to win several design awards, including “Most Innovative Design”, which it received at the World Superyacht Awards back in 2013.

Seeing this unique vessel go on sale made waves in yachts sales in Indonesia and across the world, and the Robb Report has an explanation why the Adrasta is up for grabs. According to them, Marden put up the boat for sale due to the fact that it rarely sees use now, as they’ve reportedly managed to cruise to all of the places that they wanted to cruise to.