2017 Trending Choices For A Bridal Hair In Bondi

June 25, 2017

Let’s face the fact. Every young lady has one specific dream which she has already set her eyes on the very moment she knew about the stupid thing that is called, love: to be able to marry “the one” for her. And let’s also face another fact, ladies. Getting married nowadays is now more expensive compared to the years when our respective parents were getting hitched. So before you say “yes” to that sweet, unique marriage proposal that your boyfriend has prepared for you with all of those festivities, make sure that he is the one for you because whether you still love him 10 or 20 years from now, you’ve made a commitment to stick with him no matter what. Now, let’s say that you’ve finally agreed not to embarrass the poor guy and accepted his sincere marriage proposal, it’s time to get the preparations started. As a bride, you may surely want to look as if you are the most beautiful lady for your wedding day and that’s a normal thing for brides because the wedding day is among the most important occasions in any lady’s life to begin with. Among the first things you will need to take seriously especially if you are residing near Bondi Beach in Sydney is the kind of bridal hair in Bondi that you want for your hair.


Fast forward to 2017. There are now new and trending hairdos which brides can choose from for a fancy bridal hair in Bondi that can be perfect for any given wedding at any given time and below are just some of the popular bridal hairdos for 2017:

  • Flower Clowns- 2017 is the year when majority of the brides are now embracing their inner romantic, bohemian goddess by adding in flowers to their braids. According to hair experts, flowers will be acting as a perfect compliment to the natural look. Brides are expected to become creative in incorporating florals into their hairdos come the big day.
  • Braided-up- This is one of the most popular hairstyles for brides that is expected to trend this year. This specific hairstyle can add a dramatic flair to any bride’s look. Having this hairdo also makes dancing during the reception easier and cooler.