4 Excellent Storage Ideas For Cremation Urns

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4 Excellent Storage Ideas For Cremation Urns

The family of the deceased has a number of options on what they are going to do with the ashes of a cremated loved one. One option is to scatter the ashes on a particular spot such as along the river or mountains. Another option is to keep the cremation urns in the family member’s house or to bury the urn or float it on the river or to the sea. For this occasion, use a biodegradable urn. If you want to keep the urn inside the house, choose a more durable and elegantly designed urn such as those that are made of special metals, brass or bronze.Aside from the mentioned options, here are some ways to keep cremation urns:


A columbarium is generally placed around churches or cemeteries. It is a structure with niches and compartments where urns placed permanentlyby the deceased’s family or loved ones. Some compartments have photos of the deceased while there are those who place mementos on the niche for a more personalized compartment. Columbaria can also be found inside mausoleums especially in Catholics cemeteries.

Memorial grave    

You can also keep cremation urns by burying them in a cremation plot. Most cemeteries offer free burial for urns if they are going tobe buried within the burial plot of a family member. If you are going to bury a cremation urn, pick the biodegradable type so it would just decompose eventually. Put a memorial rock on top of the tomb as a marker.

Convert to diamonds

Another exceptional way to keep a loved one’s ashes is to convert them into a diamond or glass. This method is already becoming popular as it is a novel way of keeping a loved one’s remains. The ashes are converted into glass. The molten glass would be mixed with cremated ashes to create a diamond that family members can convert into jewelries.


Another way to store cremation urns is to have them inside a mausoleum. Mausoleum are also called a crypt where human remains are entombed. A mausoleum is similar to a columbarium but the former is bigger and more expensive to maintain than a columbarium.