5 Simple Steps To Order Personalized Canvas Prints

July 27, 2017

A traditional photo is printed on specialized photo paper. But these days, there are already different ways to print photos. One of the methods is to digitally print a photo to come up with personalised canvas prints. Canvas printing is proven to be durable and more presentable compared to photos printed on ordinary paper. Converting an ordinary photo into a work of art is easy. You can even do it at home by just uploading your image to a canvas printing website, apply some changes and the service provider will send it to you for. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Pick a style. There are different ways to have your photo printed on canvas. You can choose to have your photo printed on single canvas, a single image in separate canvas or you can also choose among the offered printing packages.
  2. Choose a wrapping style. You can choose among gallery wrap style, solid colour wrap or mirror wrapping for your image.
  3. Upload the picture. To have personalised canvas prints, the next step is to upload your preferred photo. If you do not have a particular photo in mind, check the stock images of the canvas printer’s website. You can also obtain images online and from free images at different websites.
  4. Customize the image. The next step is to apply your preferred changes on the photo. It is at this step where you can place your preferred canvas size including the design. You can opt for the standard size or you may customize it. You can also add more effects to the image such as by applying black and white, sepia, grey, vintage and other choices.
  5. Preview the image

The last step is to preview the image and check if you are already satisfied with your applied changes and customization. If you are already happy with the applied effects on the image, move on to checkout tab and place your payment. For additional changes on your personalised canvas prints, you can simply click the “Back to Customize” tab.