A Unique Experience In Australia’s Tropical North

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A Unique Experience In Australia’s Tropical North

Quality travel can be experienced through Cairns to Port Douglas bus that also provides services from the airport to your hotel. You can book online for transport if you want to travel anywhere in between locations for tours and expeditions. A courteous driver can pick you up from the hotel so that you can travel to the desired destination in comfort and safety.

North of Port Douglas, you will find Cooya Beach where you can experience a crab hunting expedition. There are no crocodiles during low tide which means you can walk barefoot through the gnarled Queensland groves. There are no pythons either because they hide on top of the trees. Anxious visitors may cringe in fright but teenagers will be delighted.

Fifteen-year old Tom and his cousin seventeen-year old Manaaki were excited to meet their aboriginal guide Juan Walker when they started a journey towards Australia’s tropical north. The mischievous and ostensibly intriguing guide led the small tour group on a mud crab hunting adventure while teaching the teenagers practical lessons and regaling them with personal tales about the world’s oldest surviving culture.

The teenage boys were taught how to light a fire using sticks and wallaby poo. They get to experience holding a stone axe that Juan’s grandfather found in the Daintree rainforest. The teenagers feasted on crabs, native hibiscus and periwinkles that were plucked from the twisted roots of mangrove trees.

However, their hearts were saddened by tales of aboriginal children who were unfortunately snatched from their families. The sad story was soon forgotten when they were taught how to prepare KFT Kentucky Fried Turtle. The travel diary was instantly filled with “firsts” from the overseas trip to the first scary flush on the airline’s toilet. The boys have collected a lot of experiences from enjoying the first taste of crocodile meat and sun-ripened pineapple.

Travel through Cairns to Port Douglas bus can be pretty exciting because of the beautiful natural sites of remote locations in Australia. The long trips are definitely worth the experience particularly if you have a courteous driver who is well informed of the far north Queensland area. Sole charters are available for families and groups who prefer a private experience.