Actress Jennifer Garner Seen Out With Family After Helping Ben Affleck Check Into A Malibu Luxury Rehab

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A few weeks ago, actress Jennifer Garner helped her estranged husband 45-year-old actor Ben Affleck to check into a Malibu luxury rehab in his efforts to stay sober. Now, the actress, and Ben Affleck’s brother Casey has released a statement saying that the actor is doing great and is recovering well at the center.

Out and About

On the same day, the actress showed off the results of her efforts to stay fit and healthy by sporting a tank top in Los Angeles. She was with two of her three children– Seraphina, aged 9, and Samuel, 7– out with Ben. Ben Affleck returned from the Malibu luxury rehab for a quick home visit, and was spotted that same week with his girlfriend 22-year old Shauna Sexton.

All Natural

Out with her family, the actress was seen wearing a tank top, jeans, sneakers, a grey sweater, and a purse. She was not wearing any makeup that day, with her hair pulled in a ponytail, paired with large sunglasses.

About Ben

The actor, on the other hand, was seen on his way to his Pacific Palisades home. He was wearing a T-shirt and a hoodie paired with slacks and blue sneakers. He had shorter hair now with stubbly grey beard.

His brother Casey spoke with Entertainment Tonight. During the Toronto International Film Festival, The Old Man and the Gun actor had great news regarding his brother. He says his brother has been doing great at the center, recovering. This is a stark difference from what sources have explained, saying that prior to his admission at the center, Ben Affleck had been drinking for days, haven’t showered and barely eaten anything. This was before Jennifer Garner convinced him to get into rehab.

The actress explained that talking Ben into rehabilitation wasn’t difficult either. He was very cooperative, and wanted to go as well. Late August, she arrived at Ben’s home with a bible and a lawyer after seeing Ben’s pictures where the actor was seen with delivery bottles in beer boxes. Jennifer seems to be keeping the family intact as well. One Sunday, she was seen taking Ben’s mother Christine to church.