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Additional Amnesty For Illegal Hotel Operators

July 1, 2019

With the rise in tourism in Thailand, there are many accommodations opening up such as Novotel in Kamala Beach but unfortunately there are also illegal ones that are not operating within the set standard and regulations by the government. The good thing is that Prime Minister Chan-o-cha made an announcement regarding illegal operators to heed the nationwide mandate to register their businesses immediately. By doing so, they will not be prosecuted for illegal operations.

This amnesty program is granted to all hotel businesses that have been operating illegally prior to the nationwide order. According to managing director of one of the hotel chains in the country, the Prime Minister made the move clearly because of pressure since the number of illegal accommodations continues to increase.

In accordance with the NCPO released on June 12, regulations will be suspended temporarily regarding hotel business operations. At the same time, amnesty will be given to hotel operators that are not following the regulations and laws set by the government in the past.

The amnesty will remain from June 12 until August 18 only. Keep in mind that the suspension of regulations is only applicable to buildings that were constructed prior to August 19, 2016. The operators of such are functioning as hotels despite the absence of a function or meeting room in their amenities.

According to the same order, some hotel operators will not be held liable and should not fear being prosecuted due to their non-compliance with regards to laws governing hotels, building control and town planning. This is applicable to hotels that have been operating before June 12, 2019 as long as they notify local authorities.

After the notification was made, building owners will have a chance to comply with the requirements to make sure they follow building code. This covers the required fire safety system which is needed for every hotel building. This should be complied within 90 days after the NCPO order was released.

For the meantime, tourists should only book with legal accommodations such as Novotel in Kamala Beach to ensure that they are safe and secure.