An Amazing Female Head Chef In Bangkok

March 26, 2019

Thailand is famous all over the world because of its delicious food and natural beauty; however, do you know that most of Sukhumvit restaurants are run by women? In Bangkok, there are restaurants that have Michelin stars and are listed as among the best in Asia. They have a notable difference and that is because their head chefs are females.

Having a female chef is normal outside Thailand but in the Kingdom, a female chef is quite unique. Dinners at some Bangkok’s best restaurants are exceptionally good; thanks to their female chefs. RossarinSriprathum or better known as Rin has spent almost 3 decades in honing her craft until she became one of Thailand’s best chefs.

Rin has two grandmothers that taught her the craft; one is a chef and the other is a patisserie. Both of them are experts in traditional Thai cuisine. Rin would always watch them prepare the labour-intensive recipes. Rin used to run several renowned restaurants until she took over fine dining at Celadon. Due to her regular tours all over Thailand, Rin has captured different flavours, heat, techniques and ingredients for her seasonal tasting menus.

According to Rin, Thai food is difficult to learn because it is technical. Rin uses local ingredients and homemade palm sugar and vinegar because they make a big difference in flavour. However, it takes from 6 months to a year to make vinegar from coconut flower. People in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong have experienced Rin’s dishes when she cooked at The Jockey Club and The Mira.

In Thailand, women are usually in charge of cooking the meals because the men had to go to work. Female cooks usually learn cooking from their mothers that is why there are female chefs in Thailand. They work hard and learn from their mothers and elsewhere before they become women head chefs.

Many travellers to Thailand have discovered the authentic cuisine served at Sukhumvit restaurants that are considered as among the best in Bangkok. Guests will be delighted with the exquisite tastes that can satisfy even the most discerning palettes. Aside from Thai cuisine, guests can also expect authentic Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine.