Ao T Profits Grew: Serviced Apartment Near BTS Frequently Filled

August 19, 2017

 The tourism industry around the world is currently enjoying a huge amount of success with various countries especially in countries that have multiple tourist destinations within their respective territories. In fact, many of the countries around the world have record significant increase in the number of international tourists who are visiting their respective countries and one of the countries that is commonly visited by tourists who want to enjoy a memorable vacation is the Kingdom of Thailand.

Aside from the fact that the tourism industry in Thailand has been able to receive a big number of international tourists during the first 6 months of 2017 and that it has been able to generate billions of Baht’s’ worth of tourism-related revenues, a study has concluded that Thailand has been able to offer the best value for money for frequent international visitors who are visiting the many tourist destinations that are scattered all around the kingdom and staying at a serviced apartment near BTS which offers an alternative accommodation option for visitors who are on a limited budget.  You see, we all need a decent place to stay during our vacation regardless if it’s a personal trip or a business-related trip.

Earlier today, the state-controlled airport firm, Airports of Thailand PLC (AoT) has announced that it has been able record an 8% increase in the firm’s net profit from April to June of this year. To be more specific, the company was able to collect 5.39 billion Baht in revenue during the 3-month period. This surge in the firm’s revenue can be associated to the mere fact that AoT has been one of the primary beneficiaries of the continued rise of aircraft traffic within the Kingdom of Thailand and, the continuous outpour of international tourists who are flocking to various Thai cities and some even staying at a serviced apartment near BTS in Sukhumvit District because of the various benefits vacationists are enjoying when staying at this kind of apartment. The said 3-month period has been able to boost the combined net profit for the 9-month period of AoT’s fiscal 2017 which is scheduled to end this coming September with a value of 16.78 billion Baht.