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Art And Fabric Expo

April 18, 2017

The fabric is an essential part of daily lives. It is currently being used for a lot of things in our lives, things that we use and sometimes we tend to forget that it’s there. Fabric, defined as cloth created by knitting, felting, or waving fibers, have many uses. It is used in clothes, decoration, and even upholstery of furniture. It completes the look and feel of the room. Fabrics can be from natural sources while others are manmade. They can also be a combination of the two to get the desired look, feel, and impact to what one is making. Creating and designing fabrics on their own can be taken as a form of art in some form.

Art is a form of expression, an application of one’s creativity. It can be in the forms of paintings, music, or poetry. It can be seen in one’s daily lives, simple or not. Sometimes, we even forget that the clothes worn are made of art. Its design is one thing to consider and we must not forget that the fabric is also an art in itself. Creating fabrics are a form of art on its own, people are making and designing their own style of fabric based on their preferences. It’s a form of their personalised art shown in their fabrics.

In India, it is not surprising that one can find a wide array of beautiful fabrics. This variety of personalised art in its own form has been one of the things being showcased continuously through exhibits and fairs.

Last April 13, 2017, the BRAND IN STYLE Season 2 exhibit showcasing personalised fabrics and collections, was inaugurated at Satya Sai Nigamagamam, Sri Nagar Colony. This was inaugurated by the founder of Bina Singh Foundation, Bina Singh, and famous model and Mrs. India International 2017, Sharon Fernandes. Sixty-four (64) exhibitors from Indian cities who are famous for their personalised fabric collections presented their unique creations. Social causes are being supported in this expo thus from the 64 stalls, there are designers coming from other countries as well such as Malaysia.

Art can be in any form and it’s a personalised expression of who we are. In this case, fabric is made and created as a personalised art of the designers.