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Toronto Subway No Longer Using Word Art Technology

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Toronto Subway No Longer Using Word Art Technology

Despite the innovation brought by the new word art installation invested in the subway system, the Toronto Transit Commission has decided to shut it down. This is due to the rising criticism from the public. The transit provider is the one who approved the artwork and a funding worth $500,000 was invested into it. The installation gives the public the freedom to enter short messages on the display which is seen at the new station. The installation is no longer operational because many worry about the fact that it can be used to display profanity as well as hate speech.

With the decision, many are questioning whether free speech as well as public space was utilized properly. There are also debates regarding how the offensive rhetoric should be handled – is it worth blocking it or should it be challenged when it comes?

The spokesperson of TTC, Brad Ross, said that they have the responsibility as well as the task to make sure the environment inside the subway is not just safe but welcoming as well. The new installation was not used yet and may stay that way until they have found a solution to the issue.

According to an artist who has made many interactive projects in different cities said that there is a very slim chance of misuse and if it happens, the public will be able to counteract without a problem. During the decision making process of the art installation, a consultant was part of the committee and TTC knows about the project they are funding. In fact, the station architect did not expect the decision from the organization.

The Pioneer Village Station where the word art was installed was designed by Will Alsop. He said that the installation aims to give people an animation while they wait for their train and it is an interactive method by which they are using the subway station. Light Spell is the name given to the word art installation and it remains to be dark as of the moment. This can be seen from the new station until the Vaughan station where an extension was constructed.

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What Accountants Should Prepare In 2018

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What Accountants Should Prepare In 2018

Changes are coming to the accounting profession and for some these can be a bit overwhelming. This is why a list has been provided for accountants to make sure their calendar is filled with important tasks, such as purchasing an insurance accountant, they should accomplish for the entire year.

For January, this should be composed of technologies and trends that are gaining attention but you have no knowledge about – it could be bitcoin, new business or complex tax. Make sure to devote time on each of the topics to know more about them until you have crossed out everything.

February is the month to dedicate in learning about the biggest technologies of 2018 – Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. This is important to know the impact on your firm as well as your clients. You should be able to explain things to your colleagues and clients once the month has ended.

March is for checking that the antivirus you have installed in your system is still up-to-date. If you have none, time to get one.

April is quite busy because of tax deadline so make sure you have a fixed schedule so you can go home by five together with your staff.

May is for taking note of the work you do for your clients but does not charge anything. This should be included in the invoice even if it has no fee so the clients know you are doing them.

June is finding out alternative processes that could have been applied to completed projects to make it easier and more efficient.

July is for giving your staff the day off every Friday and you as well by closing the entire office.

August should be invested in getting to know your clients and assess them.

September is for motivating a young person by sharing your love of accounting.

October should be dedicated in making something new in your office by paint or renovations.

November is encouraging your clients to refer you to other people by sending them an email about things you love in your role as an accountant.

For the last month, December, interview your best staff so you know how to retain them longer.

While these things are needed, an insurance accountant is just as important to make sure your firm is protected.

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Call Recording In Healthcare Should Be Cloud Based

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Call Recording In Healthcare Should Be Cloud Based

There is no denying the importance of cloud based technology in healthcare thereby a partner of Microsoft Cloud in the United States, Team Venti, found the answer from partnering with TeleWare which offers a package for Skype for Business. The package includes an voice recording feature together with analysis tools.

Venti provided their clients with a hosted version of Skype for Business that is equipped with unified communications solution that lasts for five years. The main goal is to discourage customers from using legacy systems such as ageing infrastructure and PBX. Instead, they are encouraged to utilize systems that are agile as well as cloud based. For the medium sized businesses working with them, they provide a hosted UC solution with all the necessary features including voice recording, voicemail and Interactive Voice Response. This new service was made possible because of their new partner.

According to the CEO of Tele Ware, Steve Haworth, the major feature of the service is call recording which is essential in regulation compliance like the mandated by the Dodd-Frank bill.

Based on Dodd-Frank’s financial regulation in the United States, all communications that are related to the pre-execution trade information should be recorded in full and in an accurate manner. These communications include mobile voice, telephone, email, voicemail, chats and instant messaging.In the healthcare industry, HIPPA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act recommends that all parties should record their interactions with patients as well as keep track of communications constantly in order to comply with the regulation. For both of these industries, the communication recording system provided by TeleWare will be an effective medium because it has multi-platform recording. Access is easy and fast in case an audit is necessary.

In the United Kingdom, many industries are using the communication technology developed by TeleWare including businesses under healthcare and financial services. The healthcare industry in the country has to follow the CQC guidelines while the financial services industry follow the latest regulatory demand which is the MiFID II.

The partnership with TeleWare and Team Venti makes it possible for cloud based technology in healthcare and they promise that the solution can be expanded as the business grows.

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Pierre Yovanovitch’s New Furniture Collection Features Cuddly Chairs

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Pierre Yovanovitch’s New Furniture Collection Features Cuddly Chairs

You might have heard of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, when you check out the new furniture range released by Pierre Yovanovitch you might be impressed with sheepskin armchairs included in the collection. The French designer had an exhibit held in New York at the beginning of 2017 and many are surprised by the new furniture. People are accustomed to seeing sheepskin slippers, boots and gloves but not furniture.

The chairs are only part of his new collection which features 24 custom designs created by Yovanovitch. The exhibit was entitled OOPS and was held at the Tribeca gallery R & Company. This was the very first time that he was able to have a show within the United States.

The cuddly chairs are popularly called Bear Armchair and it has become a staple in the portfolio of the French designer. The upholstery of the ursine shape chairs featured during the showcase are made of sheepskin and created in three varying sizes – Papa Bear, Mama Bear as well as the Baby Bear. This follows the characters of the famous fairy-tale.

Every chair has a soft rounded shape, the top of the chair’s back has protrusions that look very much like ears and the wooden feet is spherical in shape.

There are also other designs featured in the exhibit such as a bench shaped like a donut, tables that follow the form of giant pebbles and fluffy dining chairs which are called Madame and Monsieur.

There are lamps with black pendant that looks to be made of viscous liquid and the pattern was created with the help of a palette knife. The exhibit also features a set of lights which is named after the famous ET because it looks like the alien during the 1982 movie of Steven Spielberg.

According to Yovanovitch, his collection was made through the help of craftspeople located all over Europe such as textile specialists, cabinetmakers, lacquerers, ceramists, weavers, ironworkers, upholsterers and glassmakers.

The cuddly bear armchairs are perfect for the cold days when you are wearing your sheepskin slippers and sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea before bed.

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4 Advantages Of Booking In A Club Sky Lounge In Bangkok

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4 Advantages Of Booking In A Club Sky Lounge In Bangkok

If you are planning to visit Bangkok for business purposes or to conduct an important corporate meeting, the type of accommodation that you should look for is a club sky lounge in Bangkok or in its surrounding business districts. Instead of booking for an ordinary meeting room, take your business meeting to another level by having it in an exclusive lounge bar instead. Here are some advantages of having your meeting in a sky lounge.

Exclusive lounge use

The good thing about booking in a sky lounge is you get exclusive use of the area. There are hotels with sky lounges that are located at the upper floors such as the 10th and 15th floors. These lounges offer total privacy for users so they can do their business in peace and comfort.

Spectacular view

One thing that a club sky lounge in Bangkok offers is its amazing surrounding view. Because the lounge is located at the upper floors of the hotel, guests can enjoy the magnificent view of Bangkok skyline and its breath taking city lights at night. When you get tired of working on your computer, you can rest your eyes and take in the view of the city from above and take pleasure on its busy streets.

Suitable for business meetings

Sky lounge is designed to offer comfortable and conducive venue for business meetings and corporate dealings. You can also use the lounge for working or for preparing reports and other work-related tasks. You can find an indoor sky lounge that can accommodate 50 persons while its outdoors can accommodate 24 seats. The meeting room can take in eight persons. It offers business centre and two internet-connected computers.

Lots of freebies

When you book in a club sky lounge in Bangkok, you get to enjoy various freebies such as breakfast buffets and complimentary drinks and finger food at night. You can also enjoy 15% discount on ala carte menu at their restaurants and café apart from complimentary two pieces pressing/laundry per day and many others. Check the website of the sky lounge that you are considering to know more about the service.

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