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Which Places To Search For Your Coworking Space In Bangkok

Posted by on Jun 9, 2018 in Business | Comments Off on Which Places To Search For Your Coworking Space In Bangkok

Which Places To Search For Your Coworking Space In Bangkok

If you’reinstalling a new office in the vibrant and colourful city of Bangkok, you can have various options to choose from. The city is growing continually with new businesses and homes found in Bangrak to Sukhumvit. You’re definitely searching for some coworking space in Bangkok to use for a budding business or for personal reasons. If you search online, you can find that working spacethat perfectly fitsall the opportunities you’ve got.

You need to identify the services available and the size of the office if you’relooking for an ideal coworking space in Bangkok for your small business. Some of these working spaces provide a comprehensive range of services starting with phone lines, internet connection, other basic necessities and amenities that are fully installed and operational. Sometimes, you may prefer to do it yourself to save on these servicesespecially that these are what you need when you want an office in Bangkok.

Your office location plays an important role to get your business familiarised by potential clients. If you check out Bangrak, there are plenty of huge businesses right atthe central business district. Smaller businesses can be found on the streets of Yaowarat or Bangkok’s Chinatown. There are also cheaper choices of smaller shops and kiosks. There’s also Sukhumvit, Ploenchit and Chidlom where you can find malls, restaurants and some coworking spaces, which can greatly impact your business. Here you are certain that business will flourish especially with the right office space.

To find an office space within Bangkok, you may need to see many listings of offices probably online. Check the listings and see if it fits your requirements. Pay close attention to the services, features and surroundings offered by the office space and check if pictures are available. Then you need to schedule an appointment to view the space after narrowing down your options. With all the information provided in your research, ensure you got the newest and most accurate descriptions of your desired office space.

Just picture how you start your office at this coworking space in Bangkok, and see how you manage it. Also check if you are comfortable and happy in this kind of working space.

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Canadian Dollar Hits Low Levels As Oil Drops

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Canadian Dollar Hits Low Levels As Oil Drops

Bad news has been the word for currency exchange Ottawa and across Canada as the Canadian dollar or the loonie has been weakened to the lowest it’s been in over two months, especially compared to its US cousin on the 28th of May, following a drop in oil prices and investors forecasted that the Bank of Canada will fall behind the Federal Reserve with their interest rate hikes.

US’s oil prices dropped by 2.1% percent to $66.47/barrel as Saudi Arabia and Russia revealed that they might be looking into upping their supplies while the US oil production continues to go up. The resulting decline has left oil, one of Canada’s key exports, nearly 9% below last week’s record setting $72.83/barrel, a 3 and a half year high.

A slowdown in Canada’s real estate market, as well as the increasing gap between it and US’s interest rates have put serious pressure on the loonie, according to the Portfolio Manager at Picton Mahoney Asset Management, Michael White. He says that, from the current perspective, it seems wiser to have a lower-valued loonie.

People in the currency exchange Ottawa industry are waiting for the Bank of Canada to announce their interest rate decision at the 30th of May, Wednesday. A poll from Reuters forecasted that they’ll probably keep the interest rates steady as the current environment, high on indebted consumers and uncertainty, demand caution.

Currently, Canada’s central bank’s benchmark policy rate is at 1.25%, while the Federal Reserves’ target range is from 1.50% to 1.75%, with currency experts already expected the Fed to take their rate up in June.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will be headed to Washington before June to unblock talks regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to a spokesperson. It’s important for the country to make sure NAFTA does not collapse as 75% of Canada’s exports go to the United States.

At 3:41PM (EDT), the Canadian dollar recorded at a trading value of $1.2996 to the greenback or 76.95 US cents, 0.1% lower, which is the weakest value its hit since 21st March, when its trade value sat at $1.3022.

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Benefits Of Hiring An Apartment In Bangkok

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Benefits Of Hiring An Apartment In Bangkok

Frequent travellers to Bangkok are often caught looking for a choice between booking hotel rooms and hiring apartments for their stay. Both the options have their own sets of pros and cons, but most of the travellers to the city prefer to book apartments on rent.

Opting for apartment rentals in Bangkok is a wise choice for a hassle free stay in the city for longer durations. Visitors can search for apartments in the city and book them online. Some of the advantages of opting for apartment rental are

Low cost

The cost of apartment rentals in Bangkok is very less when compared to the high room rates of hotels and serviced apartments. Moreover, hiring apartment is a better option for families as hotels have strict policies on the number of guests per room. The monthly rental of the apartment is very less and reasonable when compared to the services provided at these apartments. The apartments can be leased for any duration starting from a month to a year.


Visitors can search for apartment rentals in Bangkok at their preferred locations. The process of searching for apartments is also very simple with online agents. Tourists can experience the local culture and live like locals when they rent apartments in Bangkok. They can rent apartments at a location close to mass transit stations or their offices. Selecting a good agent for apartment rental is very important as that determines the quality of service you receive.


Most of the apartment rentals in Bangkok provide great amenities to the tenants. The tenants can enjoy amenities like airport transfers, housekeeping on daily, weekly and monthly basis, taxi hire, concierge, free internet and many other facilities. The fully equipped kitchen in the apartments allows you to experiment the local cuisine and also cook your home food.

Apart from the above, there are many benefits of opting for apartment rentals in Bangkok, which help you to make your stay in the city pleasurable. Visitors can search for the apartments and reserve them online. The fully furnished apartment’s at the most convenient locations provide great amenities to the tenants, to make their stay in the city memorable. Most of the authorized rental agents provide flexible lease options and free cancellation of the bookings.

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When Do You Need A California Drug Rehab?

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When Do You Need A California Drug Rehab?

So whendo you realizethat you’re in need of a California drug rehab center? If you have to do it on your own, you may resort to outpatient therapy, and if it still doesn’t work, you actually need to submit yourself to a regular rehab facility.

Surprisingly, there are people that are able to commit themselves for a change and quit using drugs on their own. It may not be easy to doas you need determination to change your habits; the way you spend your leisure time; and possibly even yourfriends; and all these may help you quit drugs on your own and change for the better.

The very few months can be really tough but as the days pass by, you’ll find it easier to achieve. If you find it difficult to attain sobriety and want to start using and abusing again, what you need is a professional help through a California drug rehab center.

Most addicts who start therapies start on an outpatient basis, trying to be least disruptive in the hope that they find assistance to change their behaviors. These options include weekly or more sessions with licensed psychologists, involvement in a local peer support group about substance abuse, and certainly involvement in either NA 12 or AA steps group meetings.

If the outpatient and professional support group doesn’t work for the addicted, you need an inpatient treatment at a California drug rehab center.

You don’t need to be ashamed for seeking help for your addiction. Itcan even strengthen your belief that you need professional help. There are those who cannot defeat addictions on their own, especially if the issue has gone bigger. With this, you need more than monthsof intensive therapies, to enforce sobriety, and spending time on meditation and self-reflection for a better life. You may need to stay in-house in a drug rehab center to avoid relapse and resist temptation.

To spend some time in a California drug rehab center is somehow disturbing and will need substantial money to pay for it. You will be leaving your loved ones and having a long break from work. If you cannot quit on your own, you need help from a professional outpatient therapeutic assistant. This is the only hope you have to improve your addiction and live a life of sobriety.

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Mississauga Vs. Brampton: Which City Serves The Best Thai Food?

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Mississauga Vs. Brampton: Which City Serves The Best Thai Food?

Thai food does not need an introduction because it well known all over the world. Aside from authentic Thai dining in Bangkok, there are many restaurants in different cities that prepare the dishes with the spicy edge. Thais are very passionate with cooking and that is why the popularity of Thai cuisine spread all over the world.

One of the serious and most important battles involving Thai food is happening between Mississauga and Brampton. Both cities are vying for the title as the best source of exceptional Thai food. When it comes to Thai food, every aspect is considered important. There must be a balance between all the five flavours that includes sour, spicy, sweet, bitter and salty. This is the reason why among other foods, Thai cuisine has a supreme taste.

Both Mississauga and Brampton are known for their food scenes. Restaurants serve a wide range of Thai options but there is only one city that can be declared as the absolute hotspot when it comes to Thai food. Some of the best spots in Mississauga include Twin Fish that serves a diverse menu but their staple has the Thai signature. The Bamboo Legend can be the top pick for Thai cuisine because it always offers something unique and delicious.

If you are craving for Thai food but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket to Thailand, your best option is Brampton that has some of the best restaurants that serve both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Saigon House offers fresh Thai food with spicy flavours. Thai Pepper always satisfies the palette and leaves you wanting for more. There is also the family-owned Jing Thai that serves a rich and flavourful Thai menu.

Between the Mississauga and Brampton, which of them do you think is the winner? You need to vote to get the results.

Meanwhile, no other city can beat authentic Thai dining in Bangkok because it is in Thailand, the home of the fresh and unique Thai cuisine made from the freshest products without any preservatives. The ultimate dining experience awaits you with the amazing view of Chao Phraya River and good company.

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