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Bidding War Among Institutions To Host The Bayeux Tapestry

February 2, 2018

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The 900-year old Bayeux Tapestry will cross the Channel in a historic loan to France. French President Emmanuel Macron will formally announce the proposal to lend the medieval tapestry that was embroidered to depict the Battle of Hastings. Meanwhile, leading museums and heritage sites engage in a bidding war to gain the right to host the embroidered tapestry.

The 68-meter long tapestry is considered as one of the greatest and most powerfully evocative treasures of the medieval times as well as the historically tumultuous relationship between Britain and France. Even if the tapestry is expected to arrive in Britain in 2022, the announcement of the French President has sparked a contest among institutions from the British Museum to Battle Abbey in East Sussex. It is clear that that everybody wants to gain the lucrative right to host the artwork.

The British Museum was immediately forthright with it is willingness to host the historical tapestry. It is expected that the tapestry will generate a large number of visitors in a single exhibition. The last exhibition that was attended by a great number of people was the Tutankhamen exhibition in 1972. According to Director Hartwig Fischer, they are honoured to host the tapestry that is believed to have been created by British embroiderers.

The British Museum also believes that their exhibition gallery is spacious and long enough to host the Bayeux Tapestry in a single length. The museum has still enough time to prepare for the unending arrival of people.

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