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Businessman Encourages People To Venture Junk Hauling Business

August 6, 2019

Just like the junk removal Orange County business, Tim Whitworth, owner of the Freedom Junk Removal suggested that everyone could actually make junk hauling a good business opportunity.

According to Whitworth, a lot of people would frown upon the thought of dealing with garbage as a business idea, however, that should not actually be the case.

Started as a Pressure-Washing Business

Whitworth confided that he has been running the said business for almost two years now. And that business has grown out of the pressure-washing business he had before. And then he started out hauling off hot tubs, garbage, old sheds, and basically anything that his customers weren’t able to move and they weren’t willing to touch as well.

Money from Garbage

Subsequently, after he was able to collect all of those from his customers, he then sold them to a plethora of thrift stores which he had connections with. Moreover, if the things he hauled were still in good shape and they have barely been used, he then recycled them into something usable. Nevertheless, if the stuff isn’t that quite in good condition already, then he just threw them to the dump right away.

Dealing with Hoarders

Meanwhile, as he went on with his business, he even had the opportunity to deal with hoarders who usually bring very strange items. At the end of the day, his company, composed of four people, are committed in giving people a junk-free environment.

According to Whitworth, one of the primary challenges that they had to deal with was finding out how to distribute all the items that they had hauled. He said that recycling and donating are two of their top priorities.

On the other hand, he also stated that there isn’t really much of a bad part in the business as they earn while giving back to their community as well.

Thus, if you want to have some of your junks to be removed, then don’t hesitate in contacting the best ones in town such as the junk removal Orange County and the Freedom Junk Removal right away.