Call Recording In Healthcare Should Be Cloud Based

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Call Recording In Healthcare Should Be Cloud Based

There is no denying the importance of cloud based technology in healthcare thereby a partner of Microsoft Cloud in the United States, Team Venti, found the answer from partnering with TeleWare which offers a package for Skype for Business. The package includes an voice recording feature together with analysis tools.

Venti provided their clients with a hosted version of Skype for Business that is equipped with unified communications solution that lasts for five years. The main goal is to discourage customers from using legacy systems such as ageing infrastructure and PBX. Instead, they are encouraged to utilize systems that are agile as well as cloud based. For the medium sized businesses working with them, they provide a hosted UC solution with all the necessary features including voice recording, voicemail and Interactive Voice Response. This new service was made possible because of their new partner.

According to the CEO of Tele Ware, Steve Haworth, the major feature of the service is call recording which is essential in regulation compliance like the mandated by the Dodd-Frank bill.

Based on Dodd-Frank’s financial regulation in the United States, all communications that are related to the pre-execution trade information should be recorded in full and in an accurate manner. These communications include mobile voice, telephone, email, voicemail, chats and instant messaging.In the healthcare industry, HIPPA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act recommends that all parties should record their interactions with patients as well as keep track of communications constantly in order to comply with the regulation. For both of these industries, the communication recording system provided by TeleWare will be an effective medium because it has multi-platform recording. Access is easy and fast in case an audit is necessary.

In the United Kingdom, many industries are using the communication technology developed by TeleWare including businesses under healthcare and financial services. The healthcare industry in the country has to follow the CQC guidelines while the financial services industry follow the latest regulatory demand which is the MiFID II.

The partnership with TeleWare and Team Venti makes it possible for cloud based technology in healthcare and they promise that the solution can be expanded as the business grows.