Calls For The Government To Revisit Safety Program Devised For Semi Drivers

January 19, 2019

Every year, Canada sees around 2,000 deaths related to highway incidents in the country and trucking experts believe that these can be avoided yet the federal government is not putting into action the solution that has been devised beforehand. According to Andy Roberts who is a veteran driving instructor, the perfect solution that will benefit Canadian trucking companies has already been developed but it is only gathering dust. He added that the proposal will not cost a fortune for the industry.

The problem stems from the fact that around 300,000 of the semi drivers working in Canada did not receive national training standards. There has been a curriculum put in place many years ago which was funded by the federal government called the Earning Your Wheels program. This is semi-driving course which lasts for three months. Experts in the industry believed that it is of gold standard.

The course is helpful because truck drivers will be prepared for any condition such as snow and ice, multi-lane freeways and even mountain roads. They will know how to secure as well as haul the loads if it is massive such as logs and dangerous chemicals.

Based on the report, a funding has already been provided by the federal government many years ago but no one is able to benefit from it. Furthermore, no one is allowed to make use of it. Roberts who is a master trainer said that the curriculum is just kept somewhere to gather dust where it is dormant.

The program can be traced back to the late 90s when, according to Pro Trucker Magazine and Roberts, there were a lot of concern regarding the lack of program for truckers that will provide national and uniform standard of training. White said that when the program was developed, it has received a lot of support thinking it would be made mandatory but none of it came to be.

Conference Board of Canada is actually all praise for the program which used to be offered by trucking schools for over a decade. The only problem now is that it is not mandatory and the federal government has given each province free reign when it comes to training rules for new truckers under their jurisdiction.