4 Strategic Areas To Place Signal Amplifier

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4 Strategic Areas To Place Signal Amplifier

Base stations are placed in strategic points to supply better connection among cellphone users. However, even with all the base points around, there are areas that still requires signal amplifier. Areas that are located along mountains or those who are living within complex buildings can get poor reception of signal transmission and may experience patchy communication lines whenever they are using their mobile phones for calling or accessing the internet.

To enhance your poor cellular signal, use a signal amplifier and place it in strategic location around the house or within your building. To get the most out of your signal booster, only buy the right brand from a reputable manufacturer. Always check the specification to ensure that you are buying the right type of signal booster that is suited to your area. Here are some tips on where you should mount your signal booster to enjoy its benefits:

  • Place it near a window. If you cannot go outside to get better cellular signal, you can just place your signal booster such as Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G signal amplifier near a window where it can access better reception.
  • Avoid mounting it on concrete structures. Building and construction materials can interfere with signal. This is the reason why complex buildings can get poor signal and patchy reception. As much as possible, do not place the signal booster along thick walls, metal and concrete materials. Even energy efficient installations, electronic gadgets and magnetic items can also interfere with cell waves.
  • On higher floor. The higher the signal booster is placed in your building or home, the easier it is for the device to access transmission waves. This is also the reason why antennas are placed on the roof for it to obtain better signal.
  • Away from external interference. To get the most out of your Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G signal amplifier, place it away from nearby tall buildings, trees, mountains, strong metal structures that could interrupt signal. Even if you place your signal amplifier beside a window, if the window is located next to a tall, concrete building, the signal would still be obstructed.
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