How To Rent Sukhumvit Serviced Apartments

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How To Rent Sukhumvit Serviced Apartments

Finally, you’re touring Bangkok and is pretty excited and ready. But somehow, you don’t know how to rent Sukhumvit serviced apartments, but have a specific budget for the accommodation. Here are helpful tips and suggestions if you want to live in the Sukhumvit area for some time.

Apartments in Sukhumvit

If you want to find an apartment in Sukhumvit, they’re usually a single room studio apartment with balcony and bathroom, but no kitchen.

You can find Sukhumvit serviced apartments with furnishings such as a bed, table and a closet to hang your clothes. You’ll be lucky if you can get a desk and chair. If you want more furnishings, it’s up to you to add more.

If you’re opting for one or two-bedroom apartments, they can come with kitchen and may be semi-furnished. No worries though as the serviced apartments are very clean and tidy and is manned with a security guard and secured key-card front doors.

Considering Sukhumvit for Apartments in Bangkok

Sukhumvit is Bangkok’s main central area where you can find the BTS station, businesses, restaurants, homes and more entertainment. Most local and expats choose to live close by for convenience. In here, you’ll find a variety of Sukhumvit serviced apartments that come in a wide range of prices. You’ll just have to choose something that fits your preference and budget. So, if you’re heading from the main street and the BTS station, you’ll still find good options of inexpensive apartments here.

How to Rent a Cheap Apartment in Sukhumvit

It’ll be easy to find cheap serviced apartments in Sukhumvit. You can use website search engines in Bangkok to find these places. The research is more convenient if you browse by price and area of town like Sukhumvit. If you don’t find the search useful, you can walk around Sukhumvit and visit some apartments that looks appropriate for your needs

The Sukhumvit serviced apartments have information offices, which are usually open between 9am till 5pm or even longer. If you’re really interested, they can show the room and give you its requirements for renting them. Just ensure you’re talking to an English-speaking staff or let a Thai friend translate to you what you need to know about the apartment.

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Sydney’s Designer House Might Break Record In Northern Beaches

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Sydney’s Designer House Might Break Record In Northern Beaches

If you have been watching house prices around Spit Brdge in between purchasing building supplies in Sydney, you would know that every year there are a very limited number of properties that are listed for double-digits in the northern part of the area. Majority of these houses used to be situated in either Palm Beach or Manly. Many of the investors wanted to buy the property to be used on weekends while the rest only want to have a trophy home.

There are not many options when it comes to family homes located within suburban areas. One of these houses in called The Point House and located in Collaroy Basin which is on the north of the beaches. There are already talks that the same will smash the record hold by the suburb and the difference might be quite huge.

The family home is permanent and being offered to locals in the area. Sellers are also happy with the idea of foreign investors purchasing the house. The house is quite well-known since the architect who designed it has won many national awards.

According to the real estate agent Brendan Pomponio who is in-charge of the architect-designed home, the property is quite extraordinary that it is rare for these types of home to be listed around northern beaches. He said that the guillotine glass doors are his favorite part of the house.

The house’s location is at the top of the beach therefore the entire property has a 270 degree view of the ocean. The engineer who owned the property is Russell Staley who is from the United Kingdom. He and his wife, Jennifer, hired Peter Stutchbury who is an award-winning architect in order to build what is now called The Point House.

The Point House is perfect for a family looking for a home with swimming pool. It is equipped with innovative features and there is a viewing window located underwater. This is a better deal than building one from scratch where they would need building supplies in Sydney and would take months to be completed. The house was constructed seven years ago and the original owners decided to sell because of their growing family.

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Installing Nice, Modern Floor Tiles In Your Home

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Installing Nice, Modern Floor Tiles In Your Home

This article will show you how modern floor tiles are chosen for homes. Your chosen flooring will serve as the foundation of your entire home. No matter what your budget is, the flooring will play an important role in the house. Even with less budget, you can utilize a great flooring as you get back your money when reselling. You need to check the overall look of the space, especially that you may want various types of flooring for the various rooms of your house.

  • The Living Areas

If opting for modern floor tiles for your main living spaces, choose wood as it’s the most practical option to provide a rustic to elegant look. Think of your living space as a blank canvas where you can add aestheticsto the project. You can utilize various borders, boards and patterns. You will find various types, colours and sizes that you can add to your space. If you had to choose the hardest, most resistant to stain and most versatile, it must be oak or walnut. You can also use porcelain tiles as it provides a contemporary feel for a modern space.

  • The Kitchen

If you were to choose modern floor tiles for the kitchen, hardwood flooring provides a warm, welcoming feel. You can use hardwood as your flooring for other parts of the house toward the kitchen. The whole space will feel less jointed and loft-like. If you’re opting for an industrial feel, polished cement can also be a great and durable option.

As the kitchen is the most used part in the home, ensure your material is durable. You can prefer tile or wood flooring as it is easy to clean and can withstand wear and tear.

  • The Bathroom Floor

For bathrooms with bathtub or shower, the flooring must be resilient, durable and water resistant. You can choose a variety of options to make it look the way that you want. One bathroom choice is wood flooring that gives the richness without sacrificing the function. You can opt for porcelain faux wood tile for this purpose.

While building or renovating your space, ensure that you use inspiring designs that enhance the look of your home. Like classic wood flooring, you can make it an option as modern floor tiles to use in your home.

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Benefits Of Hiring An Apartment In Bangkok

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Benefits Of Hiring An Apartment In Bangkok

Frequent travellers to Bangkok are often caught looking for a choice between booking hotel rooms and hiring apartments for their stay. Both the options have their own sets of pros and cons, but most of the travellers to the city prefer to book apartments on rent.

Opting for apartment rentals in Bangkok is a wise choice for a hassle free stay in the city for longer durations. Visitors can search for apartments in the city and book them online. Some of the advantages of opting for apartment rental are

Low cost

The cost of apartment rentals in Bangkok is very less when compared to the high room rates of hotels and serviced apartments. Moreover, hiring apartment is a better option for families as hotels have strict policies on the number of guests per room. The monthly rental of the apartment is very less and reasonable when compared to the services provided at these apartments. The apartments can be leased for any duration starting from a month to a year.


Visitors can search for apartment rentals in Bangkok at their preferred locations. The process of searching for apartments is also very simple with online agents. Tourists can experience the local culture and live like locals when they rent apartments in Bangkok. They can rent apartments at a location close to mass transit stations or their offices. Selecting a good agent for apartment rental is very important as that determines the quality of service you receive.


Most of the apartment rentals in Bangkok provide great amenities to the tenants. The tenants can enjoy amenities like airport transfers, housekeeping on daily, weekly and monthly basis, taxi hire, concierge, free internet and many other facilities. The fully equipped kitchen in the apartments allows you to experiment the local cuisine and also cook your home food.

Apart from the above, there are many benefits of opting for apartment rentals in Bangkok, which help you to make your stay in the city pleasurable. Visitors can search for the apartments and reserve them online. The fully furnished apartment’s at the most convenient locations provide great amenities to the tenants, to make their stay in the city memorable. Most of the authorized rental agents provide flexible lease options and free cancellation of the bookings.

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Highlighting Gastronomy Tourism In Thailand

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Highlighting Gastronomy Tourism In Thailand

When you just want to relax and forget about everything that causes you stress, the best option is Sathorn Hotel that is located in a quiet and peaceful setting. This may be somewhat surprising because the internationally acclaimed shopping district is within walking distance. Many of Bangkok’s finest hotels can be found in the Sathorn area including world class dining options.

According to Tourism and Sports Minister KobkarnWattanavrangkul the highlights of the new tourism campaign are gastronomy tourism and local food. One third of tourist expenditures go to gastronomy. A large portion of the budget goes to food because restaurants in Thailand offer a wide range of choices from local to international cuisine.

The national tourism marketing campaign called Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018 will be launched this month and will focus on local experiences involving gastronomy and food. This year, Bangkok was awarded by CNN with a top rating for the best street food all over the world. This is the second straight year that Bangkok won the award.

Last year, the total income of Thailand that was generatedfrom gastronomy tourism was 329 billion Baht or 20% of the total tourism income of Thailand. The highest tourism income was generated from accommodations (29%) with shopping and souvenirs as a close second (24%). The top 5 markets for gastronomy tourism include China, Russia, Britain, Malaysia and the United States.

Last year, Chinese tourists spent 83.3 billion Baht on food, a 19% increase from 2015. In 2016, Russians contributed 20.8 billion Baht to food tourism up by 32% from the previous year. British spending on food amounted to 18.4 billion Baht, a 10% increase. Malaysian visitors spent 16.1 billion Baht, up by 7% while American tourists spent 13.9 billion Baht, an 18% increase.

Business and leisure travellers at Sathorn Hotel can start their day at The Hourglass with a hearty breakfast. Light lunch is also served as well as a sumptuous dinner that you can share with your friends and colleagues. You can end the day with a cocktail or two while you enjoy the gorgeous view of Lumpini Park that is right across the hotel.

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Christchurch Central’s All Wood Alpine Hut Is Definitely Turning Heads

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Christchurch Central’s All Wood Alpine Hut Is Definitely Turning Heads

Finally, some variance creeps into the suburban plains of Christchurch. An architectural designer, Mitchell Coll, has worked along with his partner Amy Douglas to build a completely new type of house in the centre of Christchurch, and their house is turning heads left, right and centre. They’ve reportedly been looking for a place to set up their base camp for quite a while, and have finally found a 300 square metre site. Coll was finally able to employ home builders in Christchurch to build his 74 square metre dream home, and he had enough space for another one. He’s looking to lease out this second oneand make a monthly income off of it. All in all, this new home design in Christchurch is a wonderful addition to the much-renowned Madras Street running from the North to the South of Christchurch.

His inspiration for this particular building came from his various trips to the mountains, where he garnered countless memories of huts built for the hunters, skiers and lumberjacks. He recalls some early memories that he had with his family members in South Canterbury where they would go up into the mountains and stay for a few days in huts like these. What he appreciates about these huts and houses is their durability and resistance. Following this trend, Coll here used a special type of steel beam, known as weathering steel, which actually gets stronger over time and gives the house a more rustic feel.

For the living room of the house, he has constructed it under the staircase leading to the upper floors and has furnished a wall with a painting of palm trees to give the room a more homely feel. This homely feeling is actually translated to the rooms upstairs too. Using the help of home builders in Christchurch, he was able to add elements of “brutalism and functionalism” to the various parts of his house, something he learnt as the style of home design in Christchurch that was widely accepted. He has also installed big see through windows on the roof to allow for natural to sunlight into the bedrooms upstairs. One thing to note about the choice of wood in this house is that it imparts a warmth both mentally and physically to the people who are in the house and this makes this house all the more lovable.

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