Tattoo Artists Prefer Unique And Original Art As A Form Of Expression

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Tattoo Artists Prefer Unique And Original Art As A Form Of Expression

Tattoos look awesome that is why almost everyone is having them on their skins. Usually the design has a special meaning or expresses a unique personality. However, when you have a job interview coming up, you may want to use tattoo cover up makeup for a short while. The right make up product will make you feel more confident and comfortable that the tattoo is not showing.

Surprisingly, there are some tattoo designs that tattoo artists would not rather do. Tattoo artists prefer creative and unique art designs for their clients. Originality is very important because it allows the client to express his own personality. According to tattoo expert Lisa Barretta, they do not like flash art because it is stereotype and lacks originality.

Nick Santiago of Black Sparrow Tattoo Studio discourages people from white ink tattoos because they do not heal well. By the time that the ink heals, the design may no longer be visible because white is not in full contrast unlike the standard tattoo ink. Even if the tattoo remains after healing, is can drastically change with age.

One word tattoos are not artistic and will not create a unique way of expressing oneself. It is better to think outside the box is you want a tattoo that is original and unique. Infinity tattoos are too simple and overdone. There are other ways to express something that will last forever.

When you are in love, having the partner’s name tattooed on the skin seems like a good idea. However, you may need to reconsider the use of permanent ink because the ex’s name is the most common tattoo removed through laser surgery.

Finger tattoos do not last as long as you want them to because the hands are washed frequently. The skin on the fingers does not have as much fat as other parts of the body and increases the chances of fading.

It is pretty easy to conceal a tattoo through tattoo cover up makeup that comes in different shades to complement the skin tone. A seamless finish can be achieved by using a makeup blender similar to what is usually used on the face.

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When You Need Waterproof Stickers

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When You Need Waterproof Stickers

If you have a choice, why not utilise waterproof stickers as an option for paper labels. Most labels are made of paper and have several uses, including marking of food and drinks, as well as informing people that something is dangerous and shouldn’t be touched or handled. Other beneficial uses of labels are keeping track of books, keeping files organised, or just simply indicating ownership of certain things. The only drawback of paper labels is having them weakened by sunlight and moisture. If water gets in touch with the label, the ink can run out. The UV rays of the sun can fade the ink and weaken the adhesive binding the sticker. These two environmental elements make the paper labels inefficient and impractical for use at the outdoors.

If you use vinyl waterproof stickers and labels, you avoid fading and weakening of the adhesives. As they are made of vinyl, the waterproof and durable labels make the best material to last longer. If you love to camp, this alternative is surely for you. You can use it to label your sandwich, especially if there are allergy sufferers on the trip and need to know which ones are theirs. You can store the food and drinks into a cooler with the waterproof labels and you’re certain these will go to the concerned individual. If you’re a boat enthusiast, you can label your fishing boat, kayak or canoe to show ownership. You can use some recognition to identify your boat.

You can use waterproof stickers to identify the personal tools or the tools that your company provides. These will help organise your things and minimise losses. You can easily identify which ones are missing. You can use the stickers to label electrical boxes, equipment and parts. Thanks to a very strong, permanent adhesive, the stickers are in place, even on rough or difficult surfaces. The waterproof vinyl stickers can be fade resistant with UV protected inks so they won’t fade from so much exposure to sunlight.

If you’re interested in printing waterproof stickers, you can check some online shops offering these services. You need to contact them and specify your requirements ensuring that the waterproof labels will really fit your needs.

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Toronto Subway No Longer Using Word Art Technology

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Toronto Subway No Longer Using Word Art Technology

Despite the innovation brought by the new word art installation invested in the subway system, the Toronto Transit Commission has decided to shut it down. This is due to the rising criticism from the public. The transit provider is the one who approved the artwork and a funding worth $500,000 was invested into it. The installation gives the public the freedom to enter short messages on the display which is seen at the new station. The installation is no longer operational because many worry about the fact that it can be used to display profanity as well as hate speech.

With the decision, many are questioning whether free speech as well as public space was utilized properly. There are also debates regarding how the offensive rhetoric should be handled – is it worth blocking it or should it be challenged when it comes?

The spokesperson of TTC, Brad Ross, said that they have the responsibility as well as the task to make sure the environment inside the subway is not just safe but welcoming as well. The new installation was not used yet and may stay that way until they have found a solution to the issue.

According to an artist who has made many interactive projects in different cities said that there is a very slim chance of misuse and if it happens, the public will be able to counteract without a problem. During the decision making process of the art installation, a consultant was part of the committee and TTC knows about the project they are funding. In fact, the station architect did not expect the decision from the organization.

The Pioneer Village Station where the word art was installed was designed by Will Alsop. He said that the installation aims to give people an animation while they wait for their train and it is an interactive method by which they are using the subway station. Light Spell is the name given to the word art installation and it remains to be dark as of the moment. This can be seen from the new station until the Vaughan station where an extension was constructed.

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Qualities Of A Reliable Canvas Art Maker

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Qualities Of A Reliable Canvas Art Maker

There are a lot of digital canvas printer that specialize in canvas art that you can find online and also from offline sources. With the long list of printing shops available, you might get confused as to which of them you will order the canvas print from. To start with, choose a company that has been in the industry for a substantial number of years. This means that they are already experienced in the field and they have happy customers that made them survive in an industry with stiff competition. Aside from that, here are other factors that you might want to check from a canvas printer.

Quality of printing materials

Canvas prints are proven and tested to last for centuries given the right treatment compared to ordinary photo copying paper. The durability of canvas is evident among old paintings found in museums. The longevity of canvas art does not only lies on the type of canvas alone. The materials used for printing and processing have something to do with the overall longevity and durability of the product. This is the reason why you should choose a printing shop that uses superior ink to get impressive results. Find a canvas printing shop that uses premium grade canvas that is ordered and made specifically for canvas art production.

Uses professional techniques 

The secret to that impressive and professional appeal to a canvas print is on its matte finishing. A reliable shop would double check the canvas prints before packaging and sending them to their customers. This is to ensure that the canvas was stretched and applied with the right amount of finishing before the artwork is framed. The usual framing options of canvas printers are stretched bars or chunky pine. The options will be given to you including the size, enhancement and designs that you want to apply on the project.

Provides excellent packaging

A reputable canvas printing shop ensures that their products get to their customers in excellent condition. Read customer testimonials to find out if they were satisfied with the canvas art they ordered from the canvas art printer.

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Win An Illustrated Map Of The World’s Top Diving Spots

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Win An Illustrated Map Of The World’s Top Diving Spots

Have yourself win a fabulous world scuba diving map! It’s a featured illustrated map that shows you the best dive spots of the world. There are about six maps to be given away but only if you win the upcoming draw.

Five of the offered maps include a rewritable chalkboard coating. It’s great to write down where you have dived and when, or you can emphasize which of the world-class diving spots you plan to go to next. You can use it as a souvenir for all the diving spots you have been to.

There’s also a museum-quality jumbo canvas print printed in a heavy cotton cloth to win. The measurement is 59x35in or 150x90cm priced at $140. It’s indeed a magnificent artwork to bring to your own home. Surely, it’s memorabilia of you winning the game.

The illustrated map features over 500 of the world’s top places to dive, plus details about the types of diving and what’s beneath the ocean water. From shark diving and the barracuda, to Baja California through Secca della Columbara in Italy, you can be invigorated on your next diving journey.

The illustrated map is done by hand, which was willfully conceptualized to perk your interest in traveling and diving. The drawings have been designed by Lars Seiffert, which is made of old-school style using pen and paper. Company “Awesome Maps” endearingly produced all these maps. So it’s really something worthwhile to have especially that you only get to dive a number of times in a year.

This is a free entry for all e-newsletter subscribers of SCUBA News. You can subscribe using, writing down as subject “World Dive Map Draw”. So hurry before it gets too late to join.

The e-newsletter Scuba news is released monthly with diving news and articles. The newsletter has no intention of sending a spam, but purely valid news. It aims to inform about the fabulous diving spots of the world.

Deadline for entries is on 30th June. Winners will be contacted by July, where you will directly receive an illustrated map. So wishing you all the best for the draw!

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Georgia Father And Daughter Team Creates 3D Pixel Art Toy

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Georgia Father And Daughter Team Creates 3D Pixel Art Toy

A Georgia-based father and daughter team turned their bonding time into the next big thing for fun family bonding and mother daughter activities, with a new product called STiKidotz, which acts akin to the fun combination of LEGOs, stickers and pixel art.

Invented by CK and Yannie Tan, the father-daughter team responsible, is that this new product is a new, fun way for families to get together, and create something that they can use to decorate cars, clothing, or anything they want to.

STiKidotz stickers are comprised of small, individual pixel-shaped mini-stickers, which are bendable and connectable into any shape, which allows their users to create anything they want, be it a team logo, a message, a character or whatever their imaginations can come up with.STiKidotzdoesn’t require adhesives, water or any ironing, as the built-in adhesive on the back handles cohesion. It’s also food-safe and non-toxic, while leaving no residue. The stickers are also made of soft silicone, so they won’t hurt when they’re stepped on when they’re inevitably left lying around the house after mother daughter activities, a problem commonly associated with LEGOs everywhere.

According to the Tans, they set out to invent STikidotz as the combination of different ideas in order to solve a single issue.  CK Tan says that he’s always had a passion for pixel art and 8-bit style, a passion he says started from his first pixel art program back in high school. 30 years later, in the present, he says he decided to follow up on that passion with the help of his daughter, and worked on creating a hands-on pixel art toy.

Yannie, CK’s daughter, said that she found the idea of coming up with personalized, DIY decals as great, as she thought that most decals were simply two-dimensional and not as enjoyable.

The father-daughter duo then worked to combine their ideas and STiKidotz was the end result.

According to the duo’s Kickstarter page, they look at STiKidotz as a new way for family bonding without digital help. They say that products like the hugely popular Minecraft show that there is appeal in working on a pixel art world, and that their product is an attempt of bringing that away from the digital medium and into the personal space while connecting with others.

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