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How To Choose The Best Gaming Motherboard

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How To Choose The Best Gaming Motherboard

Motherboard is an important component of a computer. It is the nervous system of a computer, which helps the CPU interact with the other components in the system. Shopping for an ideal motherboard is important task, when you are building a gaming PC.

The first step in shopping for gaming motherboard in Thailand is to determine the other components of the computer. First determine what parts you already have and the parts you intend to buy. All the parts of the PC should be compatible with each other for the gaming PC to function effectively.

Here are some of the important factors to lookout for while buying a gaming motherboard Thailand to build your PC

  • CPU socket – The CPU socket defines the motherboard. The type of processor, a motherboard is designed to hold is the first important factor, that helps you to pick a right gaming motherboard in Thailand for your PC. Once you buy a motherboard, the choices of your CPU are limited to the type of the socket.
  • Form Factor– The size and shape of the motherboard defines its performance and capabilities. The room for expansion and the different styles of expansion available on the motherboard are known as form factors. The most suitable gaming motherboard for a high-end gaming PC is the full size ATX motherboard.
  • Ram Bays – Random Access Memory is the space where the data is processed in a computer. The more RAM, a computer has, the more efficiently it functions. The motherboard of a computer has special RAM bays to increase the RAM of a computer. The RAM and motherboard should be compatible for optimum efficiency in computing. While investing in a motherboard look for the type and speed of memory supported by it.
  • Integrated graphics – Low-end and mid-range motherboards have basic graphic capabilities that are enough to run the basic windows apps and light games. But for a gaming PC, you will require a discrete gaming motherboard, which does not include integrated video systems and require separate graphic cards.
  • Expansion slots – The expansion slots of a gaming motherboard in Thailand will let the users to add additional capabilities to the motherboard. Gamers can add video cards and sound cards to enhance the gaming experience.
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3 Important Tips On How To Pick The Right Car Battery Charger

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3 Important Tips On How To Pick The Right Car Battery Charger

If you are in need of a car battery charger but do not know how to pick the right car battery charger, all you have to do is conduct some research to find the right equipment and the most suitable supplier. When looking for a battery charger, consider its durability, function and reliability. You should also look for a supplier that offers warranty to its products not just for factory defects but also for accidental damages. To find the right battery charger, here are some tips:

Determine your battery type

One of the important things that you should know is that car batteries come in different types. You can find maintenance-free battery, gel cell or VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid), wet cell or the flooded type, AGM (absorbed glass mat) and other types but it is essential that you buy a battery charger that suits your car battery or you can also choose one that can be used on different types of batteries.

Find out what your battery size is

To determine the type of battery charger that you should buy, find out how many amp hours your battery has and divide it by the charger rating or amps and finally add another 10% to fully juice up the battery. For instance, if your battery size is 50 amp hours, pick a 10 am charger and charge the battery for 6 hours when it is totally empty. Also if you want to know more on how to pick the right car battery charger, you can call your target car battery supplier to give you an idea on how to choose the right charger.

Choose a battery charger based on your needs

If you are going to charge your car battery and have it stocked in your garage for the low season, you can pick a low or slow rate charger. This type of charger is suitable if you are not in a hurry to have your battery fully charged or if it is not an emergency case. Otherwise, a good advice on how to pick the right car battery charger is to choose a fast rate or powerful type of battery charger to immediately have your car working.

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