What Honda Bikes Are Best Fitted For Your Needs

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What Honda Bikes Are Best Fitted For Your Needs

When you’re opting for the best Honda bikes, you need to consider many factors to put into the equation. Your main goal is to be comfortable and safe on the bike, so you need to choose between small to larger bikes to avoid consequences on your decision. So, below are few things to consider before choosing the best bike.

Your Experience Level

Whether you’re getting your first Honda bikes at an older age or is planning to get one for your child, you need to ensure you have the experience to ride one. If the new rider is a child less than five feet tall and about ten years old, you want his bike under the 110-cc range. You can choose options with three-speed transmissions and automatic clutches for the young first-timer, so he gets used to riding before learning the clutch systems.

But if you’re the one opting a motorbike for the very first time, you need to choose something that fits your size, let’s say a 250-cc to get used to. Size plays an important role when riding a bike, so you need to ensure you’ve chosen the right one.

Your Height

For a new bike, you need to know the size of the Honda bikes to ensure comfort and safety when riding one. The best way to fit the bike is to get on it, sit forward and see if your feet touch the ground. If you’re flat-footed while seated on the bike, it may be too small for you. If you’re standing up straight on the bike and find yourself tiptoed for balance, then the motorbike is too large for you. Choose a bike that allows you to balance with your toes, especially when you want to control the bike with your feet down.

Your Weight

The amount of suspension you need is modified dramatically, regardless if you’re weighing a 100 or 200 pounds. First-time riders mustn’t choose a motorbike that is too small for their weight as it can affect the suspension. However, they learn faster with smaller bikes than taller ones. If you’re older, choose something between 250-cc and 450-cc for a great option. However, experience is the best teacher when you’re riding Honda bikes to any place you wish to go.


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Smart Helmet Equipped With Augemented Reality And Alexa

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Smart Helmet Equipped With Augemented Reality And Alexa

Technology has brought us a long way. It is now embedded in our daily lives and we surely can’t live without it. Every day, somewhere in the world, a new tech is being developed to be released to the world. It can be a miss or a hit depending on how the public receives it. When it comes to motorcycle riding, the motorbikes are not the only thing that has been improved with technology, the gears as well which we can see when shopping for motorcycle clothing online but what we did not expect is a motorcycle helmet that is above all others.

Basically, the general rule of thumb when purchasing a motorcycle helmet is that it should be comfortable, it should have a protective visor which means a full-face type and it should have a sturdy exterior that can withstand crash.

With technology, helmets now come with various accessories such as a microphone, a Bluetooth or a camera. When purchasing these accessories, they come separately and have to be fitted with your helmet. This struggle might be easier with the new helmet that was introduced to the market by Jarvish, a company based in Taiwan. According to them, their tech is the smartest motorcycle helmet in the world as of writing.

Jarvish announced that there will be two versions to be launched commercially – the X entry level and the second one is the X-AR. The two variations have exterior casing that is made of carbon fibre material. It also complies with the latest standards in the market – ECE 22.05, CNS and DOT.

The X model comes with a 2k front cam along with a set of speaker and microphone. It also responds to voice commands because it is equipped with Alexa. The helmet has noise cancellation feature and a built-in navigation system.

The second model, X-AR, comes with Augmented Reality projection and a backup camera. There is also a retractable display that shows important information such as speed and speed limit. This will go well with the latest motorcycle clothing online which will make motorcycle riding even better.

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United Kingdom Awards Best Bikes In The Country

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United Kingdom Awards Best Bikes In The Country

Auto Trader Bikes has already revealed the winners of this year’s Best Bike Awards. In total, there are 12 categories but only one will be crowned as the best bike of them all. Motorcycle enthusiasts and Aprilia UK dealers are excited to know the result. The judging was done by testing 36 motorcycle models from 16 different makers. The motorcycles are varied from those that are suitable for beginners and those that are recommended for riders who wanted to get their CBT.

There are many factors that were considered for the judging including technical features, performance, appearance, practicality, running costs and reliability. Rob Morphet, the director, said that this is the fifth year since the first Auto Trader Best Bike Awards was held.

For the best scooter award, the winner is Honda X-ADV while the runners up include Vespa GTS300 and Piaggio MP3. The bike is said to be a hybrid between adventure type and scooter. Many are surprised though because it carries a price tag of £10,000.

Peugeot Speedfight 50 won as the Best AM which targets the teens of today’s age. It comes equipped with digital dash, phone dock as well as USB socket. The runners up for this award are Aprilia SX50 and Yamaha Aerox 50.

The best middleweight bike is the Suzuki SV650X while KTM 790 Duke and Ducati Monster 821 come in second and third place. The Best Naked Award is bagged by Triumph Speed Triple RS with Husqvarna Vitpilen and Honda CB1000R on its heels.

The BMW R1200GS Adventure took home the Best Adventure Award followed by Triumph Tiger 800 and Honda Africa Twin Sports Adventure. According to Auto Trader Bikes, it is the Range Rover of all bikes. Best Cruiser Award recipient is the Harley Davidson Fat Bob with runners up India Springfield and Triumph Bobber Black.

The Best A1 Award goes to Aprilia SX125 which agreed upon by Aprilia UK dealers while the runners up are Lexmoto Titan 125 and Honda CB125R. Judges said that this is the best form of Aprilia as an A1 motorcycle though they think the saddle might be too tall for some beginners.

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