“Miami Vice” Sailboat Available For Private Charters

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“Miami Vice” Sailboat Available For Private Charters

Visitors who want to experience a unique adventure in Thailand can hire a private boat in Phuket to take them to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. The stunning natural beauty of the islands with its white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters and interesting rock formations is like a glimpse into paradise. Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley is the spot where the “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed.

Meanwhile, St. Vitus Dance, a 42-foot Endeavour Sailboat owned by Key West couple is also available for private charters. What makes the sailboat very special? Sonny Crokett, the famous Miami Vice character played by Don Johnson slept in the boat. Miami Vice is an American television crime drama series that is largely remembered by the world due to the pastel suits of the detectives.

The sailboat is now docked at the Key West Historic Seaport as part of the 3-boat charter company, Key West Sailing Adventure owned by Albert Tropea and Ronda Rinald. They bought the Miami Vice boat from an old couple for $39,000. The price was $100,000 before the hurricane Irma ravaged the nearby Stock Island. Thousands of dollars were invested to repair the damages resulting from the hurricane.

Rinald was familiar with the boat because she rented it for a week 4 years ago. The way that the boat is shaped makes it look sexy. Rinald was also a fan of Miami Vice. Tropea is a resident of Key West who used to work in psychiatric hospitals in Boston. A friend suggested sailing for a living and soon enough Tropea was working on a 103-foot schooner. Tropea now sails with his first mate Rinald.

St. Vitus Dance is now in good shape. The generator only has 15 hours on it and the motor with 15,000 hours on it. It was only used as a prop in Miami Vice.

There is so much you can see and do when you hire a private boat in Phuket to explore the islands. There is always a sense of pride and achievement in sailing that cannot be experienced in other activities. There is always a different experience depending on where you will sail.

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Closure Of Maya Beach Extended Until The Marine Resources Recover

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Closure Of Maya Beach Extended Until The Marine Resources Recover

International visitors continue to flock to Thailand to generate more baht for the economy. Everything looks good for the family hotel in Phuket as well as the villas and beach resorts. However, Thailand is also feeling the consequences of the tourism boom. Too much tourism has caused damages to the environment.

According to Thai authorities, the beautiful bay that became famous because of Leonardo Dicaprio movie “The Beach” will be indefinitely closed until it can recover from the environmental damages caused by tourists. An official announcement in the Royal Gazette said that the closure that started in October 1, 2018 will be extended until the aquatic natural resources have returned to their normal condition.

Based on an assessment made by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Maya Bay which was closed from June 1 to September 30, 2018 was not enough for the marine resources to recover.

Maya Bay which was part of Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park was previously open all year round to tourists. Demand increased when a Hollywood crew chose the Bay as a location for the 1999 backpacker film that starred DiCaprio. The beach at Maya Bay used to receive as many as 200 boats and 4,000 visitors every day. Visitor would sunbathe, snorkel, swim or simply take photographs

Many of the marine national parks in Thailand are closed for 4 months every year for ecological recovery. Recent surveys made by a team of marine biologists found out that a large portion of the coral reefs along the area were gone and sea life has virtually disappeared.

In the Philippines, Boracay which is a popular tourist destination was also closed for 6 months because of sustained environmental damages. Boracay has reopened but Maya Beach remains closed to millions of visitors.

Meanwhile, there are activities available for families who visit Phuket. When you do not want to venture outdoors, the family hotel in Phuket offers you satellite/cable TV where you can watch the latest episode of your favourite show. However, do not miss the experience of watching the sunset from the many beachfront restaurants that serve fresh seafood.

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TAT Advices Monsoon Travelers To Check Weather When Visiting

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TAT Advices Monsoon Travelers To Check Weather When Visiting

According to TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand, travellers are advised to be vigilant when traveling during the monsoon season. Those who are planning visit Thailand dive sites should make sure to follow safety guidelines that have been put in place by the country to avoid accidents and unfortunate occurrence.

When visiting the country during the monsoon season, tourists should be updated with the daily weather of the area where they are in. They can find official updates from the Thai Meteorological Department or TMD. The department will be able to forecasts upcoming heavy rains, storms especially rough weathers among other things. Regular alerts are also posted by the TMD with regards to mud slide, regular flood and flash flood. For those going near the Andaman Sea, updated about coastal threats and high waves can also be predicted by the department.

In case of a particularly heavy monsoon rain, it is possible for the tour operators to suspend or delay the tourist activities they have scheduled beforehand because the responsibility rests on their shoulders. It is more likely if there are known risks in terms of the tourists’ safety and health or if there are threats present.

Activities that are most likely to be suspended or delayed include ferry transfers, white-water rafting, diving, mountain trekking, sailing, zip lining, snorkelling and bungee jumping. It is common for tourists to hunt for Thailand dive sites but this activity is suspended especially during the rainy season. Majority of the activities in tourist hots pots, however, are operating as usual.

The monsoon season of the southwestern part of Thailand starts on the month of May until October while the heavy rains are usually experienced on September. Phuket has the highest number of rains all year round because it is close to the Andaman Sea. Monsoon season means that majority of the tiny islands in the country are close to tourists.

For those boarding a ferry from one island to another, the trips are choppier during monsoon and there are weather updates every hour which will determine if the trips will continue or not. It is best to go during the summer months when checking out Thailand dive sites in order to avoid accidents.

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Where Boat Rentals In Phuket Take You?

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Where Boat Rentals In Phuket Take You?

The name Phuket in Thailand bears two distinct realities. One is considered the island itself and the other is the city situated on that island. Both share the same common thing: a perfect reputation among tourists and sailing circles in general for its wonderful weather, magnificent scenery and beautiful beaches. These are what most travellers think about when going on an exotic trip to Phuket.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, and is also known for its richness, especially that you find flourishing boat rentals in Phuket flocking down the seawaters.  The island also sits in the Andaman Sea in the Phang Nga Bay, which is considered the wildest and most spectacular location in the Southeast Asia. It is also known for its rich history and magnificent landscapes.

Phuket is known for its accessibility as travellers can fly to the island through its own airport, situated at the northern part. If you want to go sightseeing, the best place to start is the Chinese district, where you find ancient monuments and temples, that dates back several years.

You may also want to buy souvenirs where you plan to take home. The good news is that in the Chinese District, you find large stores, malls and typical local markets to get all of these things. They are not only authentic but unique if you’re looking for real life Thai experience.

You can also find boat rentals in Phuket to take you to the various surrounding islands. You may choose to hire the entire boat or opt for a crew using your own boat. They also come with a chef where you get to decide the menu so he can prepare your choices. You can go for international or local Thai cuisines, that you’ll ever remember once you taste it. Alternatively, if you dock through Phuket, you can go for world class restaurants to try delectable meals.

During nightfall in the streets and beaches of Phuket, the atmosphere even gets more colourful and lively. However, if you opt for real partying, you should go to Patong Beach where you get to mingle with locals and foreigners. You can also try nice clubs and bars, where you find sailing circles that offer boat rentals in Phuket for touring round the island.

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