When Do You Need A Durham Boiler Repair?

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When Do You Need A Durham Boiler Repair?

You need to have your Durham boiler checked every three to six months to make it functional at all times. It’s a way to prevent the needing of an emergency call and to save more money. By having the boiler serviced regularly, you don’t need to worry for repairs that can come in the middle of the night. If you are interested to maintain properly your boiler, there are few symptoms which you should lookout so that you know your boiler needs repair.

The most important symptom to indicate your boiler is malfunctioning is the smell of gas. Before you proceed on touching your boiler, you must sniff and check the smell of any gas. Natural gas has a foul smell which you can’t afford to miss. If you smell gas, you need everyone in your home out to someplace safer and contact a repair service for repairs.

If there isn’t any sign of gas leak, you need to check the Durham’s pilot light. If the boiler hasn’t been supplying the required heat, it could be the pilot light needs to be lighted. If you feel you can handle this task, just simply follow the owner’s manual for the boiler. If you feel you need a professional to do it, call a boiler repair company to get the job done.

You can also check by turning on your hot water faucets. The goal here is to check and ensure that water is warmed up when you need it the most. If the water doesn’t heat up, then there must be something wrong with the boiler. The problem can be as simple as having a blown pilot light; or it can be a sign of a more serious problem. If unsure of the problem, you need to call a Durham boiler repair company right away.

If you’re still uncertain what could have happened to your boiler, you may need a service call to check on them. They can look at your boiler and see the problem before they start fixing it. Once it’s back and running, you need to get a regular maintenance and repair service to avoid future problems.

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