House Fire That Killed Four Children May Be Due To Faulty Boiler

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House Fire That Killed Four Children May Be Due To Faulty Boiler

Investigation is still ongoing regarding a house fire that took the life of four young children. The property at Stafford’s Highfields estate located in Sycamore Lane burned down but there is no official statement yet as to what caused the blaze in the first place. Police, firefighters and forensic officers are still on the site looking for evidence among the debris. Many are speculating that the fire may have been due to a faulty boiler. Authorities are now warning homeowners to consult boiler experts such as from this recommended site to have their system inspected.

The remains of the four young children will have to undergo post-mortem check. The kids are Riley Holt, Keegan Unitt, Tilly Rose Unitt and Olly Unitt aged eight, six, four and three, respectively. A woman, 24 years old, and a man, 28 years old, were able to escape the blaze with a two-year-old baby boy through a window on the first floor.

The three are currently admitted at the Royal Stoke University Hospital because the man has to be treated from burns while the woman was diagnosed with smoke inhalation. Fortunately, they do not have life-threatening conditions.

A spokesperson from the Staffordshire Police revealed that investigations are still ongoing in the Stafford property. They expect that it will continue for a few more days before results are revealed to the public.

According to the neighbors, there were loud bangs coupled with screams during the blaze which damaged most of the interior and exterior of the property. A large part of the roof came down and the windows exploded. The interior was seen to be entirely black due to smoke.

One of the neighbors, Michael Dixey, said that they have heard the fire was due to the boiler. He recalled how friendly the family is to everyone. The woman was only 24 years old but she already had five babies and losing four of them will surely make them leave the estate altogether.

The house is under Stafford and Rural Homes’ ownership. They have expressed their sympathy to the family and warned others to check their boilers. Those without boiler cover should visit recommended site and ask about available packages.

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Five Tips To Select A Heating Contractor For Your Home

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Five Tips To Select A Heating Contractor For Your Home

Boiler is an essential equipment for any home. A boiler provides hot water and keeps the interior of a home warm and cozy during the winters. However, installation of a boiler is a huge investment and homeowners should select trusted and reliable heating contractors to do the job. Here are some tips to help you choose the right contractor for your home heating requirements.

Assess the heating requirements

The first step before searching for heating contractors is to assess the heating requirements of your home. Make notes regarding your requirements and any problem areas of your home. If you are unable to exactly assess the heating requirements, call a reputed heating company in your city. You can pop over to these guys for any advice on heating and boiler systems.


Speak to your family, friends or neighbors and ask them for referrals. Referrals help you to know about the quality of service offered by these contractors. You also get referrals about heating contractors from local trade organizations, yellow pages and business directories.

Speak to past customers

Most of the heating contractors provide the references of their past clients on their website. Speak to the past clients to know about their experience with the company. You can also look for customer feedback in different forums on the internet. Speak to the past customers about the quality of service, installation procedure and details about completing the work within the schedule and budget. Select a company with the most positive feedback and pop over to these guys for your heating installation.

Look for ratings and accreditations

Look for the energy star ratings of the different heating contractors. The heating contractors should also have the required certifications and accreditations. Choose a heating contractor who is accredited by major agencies in the country. A heating contractors should also get the necessary licenses from the fire safety department and other agencies.

Get estimates and compare prices

Once you select a few heating contractors, get proper estimates. The heating contractors will evaluate the home and provide an itemized estimate. Compare the prices offered by different contractors and choose a contractor who offers the best price for quality work. Once you choose a contractor, pop over to these guys to fulfil all the heating requirements of your home.

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When Should Boiler Maintenance Be Done And Who To Call?

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When Should Boiler Maintenance Be Done And Who To Call?

One of the most important tasks homeowners should always be ahead of is boiler repairs and maintenance because it could poses great risk if left unchecked for a long time. There are already many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning and it is not a chance you should risk especially with your health and life at risk.

Boiler maintenance will help one avoid a situation where it will no longer turn on when needed and it will also save one’s pocket because maintenance is much cheaper than repair or worse, replacement. Your boiler should be covered by your insurance policy or else you will have to spend more than your expected monthly budget if you call a boiler company for emergency situations.

You don’t want your boiler to go crushing down on you when the temperature is starting to drop down. Regular maintenance is recommended to make sure that the boiler system is operating within limits and there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. According to energy companies, boilers should be serviced annually or more to check its overall status.

Insurance should not be a question either because the payment for an annual contract for boilers is almost the same amount as the one-time repair charge. It is worth paying for insurance because you will then have the peace of mind that you will be covered no matter how many times your boiler breaks down.

There are energy companies that provide clients with boiler insurance that will also insure their pipes and radiators. If you have a home insurance, you can also ask about including your boiler which might end you up with a cheaper package than buying separate insurance policies.

In case your boiler breaks down and you don’t have insurance, you can always call your energy provider but be prepared to pay. You can also check the warranty because you might be able to get free boiler repairs if it is still covered. If you are not sure about the warranty, call the manufacturer. If you are renting, it is the responsibility of the landlord to have the boiler serviced.

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Four Methods For Currency Exchange

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Four Methods For Currency Exchange

Travelling to foreign countries for pleasure or work and investing in foreign countries requires foreign exchange. Since the foreign exchange markets are open round the clock and the exchange rates of different currencies keep fluctuating, it is almost impossible to determine the right price of exchange. However, you can get value for your money and get a good deal, if you shop around a bit and pick the right trader or bank to exchange your currency.

Foreign exchange is a highly competitive market. There are a number of players like banks, financial institutions, individual traders and currency exchanges etc. Searching for a reputed Currency Exchange Ottawa, which offers the best exchange rates is a challenging task.

Here are some ways to exchange currency

  • Banks – visit your bank and know about the currency exchange rate offered by the banks. Banks charge spread over the prevailing exchange rate and quote the exchange rate for the day. Some banks also charge transaction fees and service fees on foreign exchange transactions. It is important to know beforehand about the different fees and charges included in the foreign exchange rate of your bank.
  • Currency exchange – Currency exchanges offer a better exchange price than the banks. However, choose a reputed Currency Exchange Ottawa, to convert your dollars to foreign currency. Shop around a bit and obtain quotes from different exchanges. Most of the professional exchanges offer free, no obligation quotes to their clients.
  • Traders – you can exchange currency with the individual traders. But it is a risky proposition. You have to check the licenses and permits of the trader before exchanging your currency. Most of the currency traders use their own formulae for calculating the exchange rate, which is profitable to them.
  • Online currency exchange – You can also use the services of online Currency Exchange Ottawa, if you want to exchange high amounts. Many online currency exchanges offer web based and phone based services. They provide the best rates when compared to banks and traders. These exchanges use their buying power to bargain for best exchange rates. You can open an account with these online exchanges and then carryout your exchange transactions. Some exchanges also offer same day wire transfer and other services.

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When Do You Need A Durham Boiler Repair?

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When Do You Need A Durham Boiler Repair?

You need to have your Durham boiler checked every three to six months to make it functional at all times. It’s a way to prevent the needing of an emergency call and to save more money. By having the boiler serviced regularly, you don’t need to worry for repairs that can come in the middle of the night. If you are interested to maintain properly your boiler, there are few symptoms which you should lookout so that you know your boiler needs repair.

The most important symptom to indicate your boiler is malfunctioning is the smell of gas. Before you proceed on touching your boiler, you must sniff and check the smell of any gas. Natural gas has a foul smell which you can’t afford to miss. If you smell gas, you need everyone in your home out to someplace safer and contact a repair service for repairs.

If there isn’t any sign of gas leak, you need to check the Durham’s pilot light. If the boiler hasn’t been supplying the required heat, it could be the pilot light needs to be lighted. If you feel you can handle this task, just simply follow the owner’s manual for the boiler. If you feel you need a professional to do it, call a boiler repair company to get the job done.

You can also check by turning on your hot water faucets. The goal here is to check and ensure that water is warmed up when you need it the most. If the water doesn’t heat up, then there must be something wrong with the boiler. The problem can be as simple as having a blown pilot light; or it can be a sign of a more serious problem. If unsure of the problem, you need to call a Durham boiler repair company right away.

If you’re still uncertain what could have happened to your boiler, you may need a service call to check on them. They can look at your boiler and see the problem before they start fixing it. Once it’s back and running, you need to get a regular maintenance and repair service to avoid future problems.

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