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Influencer Marketing As The New Strategy To Enhance Brand Awareness

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Influencer Marketing As The New Strategy To Enhance Brand Awareness

A good portion of hotel customers are frequently generated through organic search. Hotels must always be consistent with content marketing to appear on the first pages of search engine results. However, content marketing requires time and efforts; something that hoteliers do not have an abundance of. The best solution is hospitality marketing agency that will take care of publishing relevant content in the web pages and social media platforms.

Content marketing and social media marketing are guaranteed to produce the best results but influencer marketing is becoming a new strategy to increase brand awareness. With Google showing 3rd party hotel reviews, hoteliers must keep pace and remain competitive through influencer marketing. Hotels today gain the most benefits from influencers in marketing campaigns. Young travellers can be influenced by someone’s social media posts and photos when they plan the holiday vacation.

People use the internet for travel purposes. 78% are influenced by word of mouth recommendations while 63% are influenced by customer opinions that are found online. According to a study made by Rhythm One, for every one dollar spent on influencer marketing, the hotel generates $2.26 in media value.

The research also reveals that influencer marketing drives traffic to the hotel’s websites as well as the landing pages. The benefits of influencer marketing are the same as the creation of authentic content about the hotel that drives customer engagement. One of the key strategies that hotels need to do to discover influencers is to include their social media platform of choice, the number of followers they currently have and their level of engagement with the audience.

Once the influencer has been identified, it is important to use a tool that will check the portion of real followers as some form of influencer metric to determine whether they are not bots. You can reach out to the potential influencer before you start with the collaboration.

Since the strategy of influencer marketing requires a lot of patience, it is best left to hospitality marketing agency that can do a better job of selecting the influencers and whether they match with the hotel’s brand and personality. Like any marketing strategy, the agency will be responsible for measuring ROI.

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