Improvement Required From The Airline Industry In Thailand

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Improvement Required From The Airline Industry In Thailand

It is no secret that Thailand is currently one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Its attractions are gathering a lot of tourists and accommodations such as hotel near Sukhumvit road are always fully booked. This is why the international airline trade group is concerned about the aviation and tourism sector of the country. The future might not be good for these industries if a number of critical issues are not addressed right away.

According to the International Air Transport Association, there are a number of issues that should be solved in order for the sector to continue growing such as the capacity of the airport, the gateway of the Suvarnabhumi have issues regarding safety and operation, there is not enough measures in terms of coordinated strategy and the costs of flying continues to increase.

The IATA is the representative of about 260 airlines. This number comprises 83 per cent of the entire traffic in international air. They have been adamant that the issues should be solved by the concerned stakeholders as a group.

The IAT has already submitted a report to the authorities of Thailand highlighting the improvement that needs to be done in the aviation industry which is a vital factor in the economic growth of the country. They referred to aviation as the backbone of the rising tourism industry and it is also an important factor in creating business links in the international market.

According to their estimate, the aviation sector and activities related to the industry is responsible for providing about 2 million employment opportunities in Thailand. The industry is also bringing in an income of $29 billion in the GDP.

They are expecting the number of jobs to increase by 2035 to 3.8 million and could contribute as much as $53 billion to the country’s GDP.
Millions of international tourists are arriving every year in staying at various hotels such as the hotel near Sukhumvit road and they are entering the country through the top three airport gateways – Phuket, Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi. These three airports are the busiest and their facilities are servicing more than what it can accommodate. Aside from these three, all Thai airports should also be included in the project for improvement.

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Tips On Where You Can Purchase A Diamond Ring In Thailand

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Tips On Where You Can Purchase A Diamond Ring In Thailand

If you are thinking about buying a diamond ring in Thailand, one of the things that you should check is where you can buy high quality diamonds without breaking the bank. You can buy diamonds in Thailand and in its major cities such as Bangkok.But one thing that you should know is that diamonds are not cheaper in Thailand. The country is not one of the major diamond trading areas like Hong Kong, Antwerp or New York. If you want to find cheaper diamond rings, you have better chances of finding more affordable diamonds in Mumbai or Tel Aviv. Diamonds are subject to 7% Value Added Tax in Thailand. All in all, the price ranges of diamonds in Thailand are similar with the prices in other countries after tax is imposed.

These are factual information and should not keep you from buying a diamond in Thailand if you want to have it cheaper. This article serves as a buying guide for those who are planning to purchase diamonds in Thailand. So if you are in Thailand, you might as well buy your diamond ring in the country since there is not much difference if you buy it somewhere else.

So if you want to buy a diamond ring in Thailand, visit popular jewellery shops around Bangkok. You can find a lot of online suppliers and if you intend to purchase a diamond online, make it a point to verify the supplier to ensure that you will buy from a legitimate supplier. You don’t have to be an expert to buy high quality diamonds but you will certainly need the guidance of an expert or even basic information to buy the right set.

Aside from physicalshops, you can also check from online shops in Bangkok or in Thailand where you can have a diamond ring in Thailand. Read forums and discussions boards for ideas. Look for a GIA certificate before buying a diamond ring. Only buy from a reputable supplierand ensure that diamond is authentic and conflict-free.

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2017 Trending Choices For A Bridal Hair In Bondi

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2017 Trending Choices For A Bridal Hair In Bondi

Let’s face the fact. Every young lady has one specific dream which she has already set her eyes on the very moment she knew about the stupid thing that is called, love: to be able to marry “the one” for her. And let’s also face another fact, ladies. Getting married nowadays is now more expensive compared to the years when our respective parents were getting hitched. So before you say “yes” to that sweet, unique marriage proposal that your boyfriend has prepared for you with all of those festivities, make sure that he is the one for you because whether you still love him 10 or 20 years from now, you’ve made a commitment to stick with him no matter what. Now, let’s say that you’ve finally agreed not to embarrass the poor guy and accepted his sincere marriage proposal, it’s time to get the preparations started. As a bride, you may surely want to look as if you are the most beautiful lady for your wedding day and that’s a normal thing for brides because the wedding day is among the most important occasions in any lady’s life to begin with. Among the first things you will need to take seriously especially if you are residing near Bondi Beach in Sydney is the kind of bridal hair in Bondi that you want for your hair.


Fast forward to 2017. There are now new and trending hairdos which brides can choose from for a fancy bridal hair in Bondi that can be perfect for any given wedding at any given time and below are just some of the popular bridal hairdos for 2017:

  • Flower Clowns- 2017 is the year when majority of the brides are now embracing their inner romantic, bohemian goddess by adding in flowers to their braids. According to hair experts, flowers will be acting as a perfect compliment to the natural look. Brides are expected to become creative in incorporating florals into their hairdos come the big day.
  • Braided-up- This is one of the most popular hairstyles for brides that is expected to trend this year. This specific hairstyle can add a dramatic flair to any bride’s look. Having this hairdo also makes dancing during the reception easier and cooler.
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Tips For A Successful Rental Return Investment

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Tips For A Successful Rental Return Investment

A property investment involves buying a property such as condos, townhouses, lots, buildings and other types of real estate properties and have them rented as part of an investment. To make your property work for you and for you to reap profitable Rental Return Investment, take a look at these tips.

Look for long term renters

One way to get a sure return of investment on your property is to look avoid vacancy by accepting long term renters rather than those who will only stay for a month of two. Getting a steady monthly rent reduces the need for you to advertise the property to attract new tenants including the need to do some repairs or unit clean up after the last short term tenant left the property. The moment you get a long term renter, make the property more comfortable for him to encourage him to stay so for you to get more from your Rental Return Investment. It would also be best to invest in a property that has high demand for occupancy such as along stunning beaches in Thailand or areas that are frequented by those who want long term stay in a seemingly paradise location.

Gradually increase your rent

Before you increase your rent, make sure that your tenants understand the reason behind the increase. In as much as you want to keep them, you also have to increase the rent to keep up with HOA, utilities, taxes and maintenance for the property. Most renters would not really mind the minimal increase so long as it is clear to them why you need to increase the rent and also, moving to a new property would be more costly on their part so most often than not, they will prefer an increase rather than a one-time, high expense for moving.

Handle late fees properly

To get more Rental Return Investment, make sure that your tenants understand that you are bound by contract and this is business. Be stern but be humane in demanding late fees. You can provide extensions but demand for eviction when there is already a need for you to do so.

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Customizing A Moto Guzzi Motorbike

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Customizing A Moto Guzzi Motorbike

Have you ever wondered where MGX – 21 Flying Fortress got its name? Galuzzi and the people from Piaggio who are owners of Moto Guzzi, Aprilia and Vespa created a getaway machine for future motorcyclists and simplified the name. MG means Motto Guzzi while X refers to something that is unique. 21 represents the front rim and tire with the carbon –fibre inner cover. MGX – 21 is based on shaft-driven California 1400.

The MGX – 21 Flying Fortress was displayed at the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the response was overwhelming. Even the riders of Harley-Davidson to Indian to Victory were complimenting the design. The common consensus was positive – the design is bold and unique. In nearly every conversation, you will hear about the blacked-out carbon fibre and red accents and the cylinder heads and Brembo brakes. The Flying Fortress certainly lived up to the Galuzzi name.

A turbo-charged moto guzzi dustbin racer was the recent result of the efforts of US-based Craig Rodsmith, the brand behind the Rodsmith motorcycles. A moto guzzi motorbike was his latest project. The moto guzzi racer was reshaped and decked out in hand-formed aluminum. Its balanced 950cc engine was hooked up to a lightened flywheel to achieve quicker throttle response.

The blow through turbo system by designed and built by Rodsmith himself using two sealed pressurized 36mm delortos. You can also find a small low-pressure fuel pump under the tank that is regulated in order to maintain about one pound over boost pressure.  The stainless steel exhaust was designed by Rodsmith to run smoothly over the top of the engine to feed the turbo.

The only parts that Rodsmith sought help for were the custom-made shocks by super shox and the hand-sewn leather seat. Rodsmith’s 40 years of experience in bike metal work made it easy for him to hand form the tank, seat, dash and statement fairing.

If you are searching for Moto Guzzi California for sale in UK, there are dealers who have gained a good reputation for outstanding service in East Anglia. A huge collection of new and quality used motorcycles are being offered for competitive prices.

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3 Benefits Of Office Relocation With Office Removalists Sydney

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3 Benefits Of Office Relocation With Office Removalists Sydney

Moving to a new office location may sound like an inconvenience but in the long run, you will have more benefits compared to staying in your old office location. To make your transfer faster with less inconvenience, hire a team of office removalists Sydney. These experts are adept at handling office equipment so you can have peace of mind that your things are safe during the transfer. The thought of having expert removalists assist you will give you peace of mind and will make it easier for you to decide to move to a new location. Some of the benefits of moving to a new office location include the following:

Assess facilities and equipment

When you move to a new office location, you inevitably assess the status of your equipment including your facilities. There may be days when just don’t pay attention to your equipment unless they stopped working but when you move to a new location, you unavoidably check your equipment either on the process of packing them or unpacking. Hire a team of office removalists Sydney who are experts in packing, moving, unpacking and reassembly.

New environment and perspective

One of the benefits of moving to a new location is it provides a fresh perspective to your employees. This is particularly true if you have been staying in an office for decades. Moving to a new location means getting a new working environment which can be refreshing, especially for older or senior employees. When you move to a new location, the tendency is for employees to get a newer perspective and a brand new approach in meeting goals and deliverables.

Boost employee morale

Lastly, moving to a new office location provides more confidence among employees which results to better and more effective costumer handling and service delivery. To inspire your employees more, hire a team of office removalists in Sydney that can be trusted in terms of packing, transfer and unpacking of your office equipment and facilities. Send cost estimates to different service providers for better options and to get more value for your money.

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