Important Tips When Hiring A Wedding Marquee

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Important Tips When Hiring A Wedding Marquee

There is nothing more sophisticated than a clear span marquee that does not have internal poles and no guy ropes. There is plenty of space to incorporate features required by the event. It can easily be designed with flowers, candles, lighting and balloons. In fact, there is marquee hire in Sydney with completely clear or with open side sturdy structures that will showcase any event.

Marquees are perfect for outdoor weddings but before you choose the tent, make sure to start with a pre-wedding visit. An incredible setting for a wedding marquee is near a body of water or between a garden and hillside. However, installation of the tent can be challenging. It makes sense to talk with the marquee provider regarding the precise measurements of the space and whether the tent can be installed safely in the chosen venue. It is also important to take into account walking space for guests as well as water and electric lines.

If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, consider the use marquee as Plan B in case of a sudden downpour. The reception tent must adequately accommodate the ceremony regardless of the weather conditions. The event designer must carefully lay out the space so that it can seamlessly transition from a ceremony to cocktail hour, dinner and dancing.

Clear span marquees are ideal for weddings because its size and layout can be customized according to the number of guests and the design you have in mind. Wedding planners must choose the marquee properly so that it will not be too small for comfort or too large for an intimate event. An ethereal atmosphere can be created by using flowers and greenery on the sides along with wooden tables and chairs. A vibrant floral hanging can be installed on the ceiling to add a pop of colour.

If you will choose marquee hire in Sydney, you are guaranteed the experience and know-how of their team. Their team knows their way around tents, terrain and unexpected weather. There is also a team of designers if you need help in decorating the marquee.

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Rules To Follow From Tecrep26 To Be Safe From Computer Viruses

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Rules To Follow From Tecrep26 To Be Safe From Computer Viruses

It is important to take precautions when using your computer. Computer viruses can always appear and destroy your system and files. Many computer users are caught off-guard by viruses because of lack of information about them.

The management of Tecrep24 has some important rules to share to the users to avoid computer virus infections from email and worms. Following these rules can help you be safe from the effects of these destructive viruses.


  1. Subscribe only to a professional email service like Runbox. Subscription services have higher support and security levels.
  2. Ensure to activate the virus filter of your Runbox.
  3. Use the interface to open and read emails. Don’t download your emails to an unseen email client. It is essential to screen your email. Delete all unwanted and suspicious-looking messages before you download legitimate emails.
  4. Ensure having updated software for anti-virus. Automatic updates provide effective virus infection protection.
  5. Disable the image preview on the email client on Windows programs. The malware that are attached to your inbox messages may automatically execute and contaminate your computer.
  6. Delete or ignore messages having attachments that appear coming from Runbox email. Runbox seldom sends messages to the users.
  7. Beware opening media attachments and graphics. Viruses can disguise themselves in such files.
  8. Have several email accounts and maintain backups of important files and emails separately.
  9. File a complaint formally to the server where the message came from for a virus email.


  1. Never open an email attachment immediately unless you expected it to be from a known sender.
  2. Never open unsolicited documents, spreadsheets, executable files, and other suspicious messages.
  3. Do not download files from the web. They are usually used to proliferate viruses.
  4. Avoid opening files with dual file extensions. They are common signs of virus programs.
  5. Always check your files for viruses before sending or forwarding them.

Observe the proper ways of handling email messages to be safe from the infection of the different types of virus. Be proactive and take precautions by installing reliable software for anti-virus protection of your computer system to avoid the inconvenience and threats of losing your programs and files.

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Streamline Your Tradeshow Logistics And Save Money

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Streamline Your Tradeshow Logistics And Save Money

For your tradeshow logistics, you may choose an expert to transport the tradeshow booth display, collateral materials and product samples rather than doing it yourself. By hiring someone experienced in this job, you may realize a significant saving from your transport budget. You also make your own team of experts more focused on the marketing and sales of your event.

If you plan and organize ahead, you stretch out your money and avoid stressful tasks, including the last-minute and pre-show preparations. You don’t have to fret with what happens to the tradeshow logistics; instead, you can partner with an experienced provider to make a difference. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your conventions, tradeshows, and other events you need to exhibit:

  • If you choose to hire a shipping company to transport your exhibit products, choose a provider that specializes in tradeshow logistics.


  • If the host has chosen a shipping company to be their event carrier, they may provide promotions, like extra moving services at reduced prices. You may want to compare these packages with other vendors.


  • Secure an insurance from the freight carrier.


  • You need to have a tracking code to locate your shipment on when they arrive. This will ensure that the tradeshow logistics will deliver your items on time.


  • Consolidate your shipments whenever required, so you find everything you need. If you need to keep them in a warehouse in advance, then ensure your provider has something prepared for you.


  • Have your exhibit assembled on time, especially before the start of the show. Ideally, check out everything if it’s complete before the tradeshow opens.

Furthermore, you need to coordinate with the drayage contractor for a more efficient, cost-effective tradeshow logistics program. If you want to know what drayage means, it’s moving exhibit materials in a short distance towards the exhibitor’s exhibit space.

The drayage contractor must know all details to handle all requirements and specifications of the exhibit products. In this case, they may require additional fees for the drayage service. If you’re a knowledgeable tradeshow logistics provider, you can reduce these fees by coordinating with a shipping facility.

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Housing Prices In London Reach Record Lows

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Housing Prices In London Reach Record Lows

Home decorating can be pricey, as any company like Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating can attest to, and actually getting a house to decorate can be just as pricey, if not more so.  Real estate firm Rightmove decided to look at the market for houses in London, and noted that it’s hit numbers that haven’t been seen in 4 years.

According to data from the firm which they published via the Evening Standard, the average asking price for a property in London sits at £593,972, which is a drop if £9,000 from December 2018.Rightmove notes that this is the largest drop seen by the market for the month of January since 2012.

Only five boroughs in London posted increases in prices, Bromley, Camden, Enfield, Waltham and Westminster, with Camden posting an increase of 10%, attributed to professional families buying up properties in the area.Southwark and Hounslow, meanwhile, posted the largest drops, at -8% and -8.9%, respectively.

The drop is attributed to political and financial uncertainty which came alongside Brexit, with the drop similar to the conditions back in the time before the general elections in 2015, where the average asking price for a house in London also fell below £600K. Following the end of that year’s general election, which saw  the prices go up by 11% following a Conservative victory.

According to the Director of Rightmove, Miles Shipside, buyers could get a lot out of the market’s current conditions in the market, as these months are, traditionally, the busier time of year for the housing market, and related industries, like Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating and home decor.He says that those looking for a property will be in for a bit of  surprise when they see what’s in stock, as the prices are the lowest they ever been in over three years.

Across the country, property sales have gone up, but at the lowest rate it’s been since 2012.

The slow property market isn’t just good for buyers, according to p2p mortgage platform Landbay, who reported that renters in London have had their average savings go up in the past couple of years, at about £1,800, ever since 2016.

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An Amazing Female Head Chef In Bangkok

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An Amazing Female Head Chef In Bangkok

Thailand is famous all over the world because of its delicious food and natural beauty; however, do you know that most of Sukhumvit restaurants are run by women? In Bangkok, there are restaurants that have Michelin stars and are listed as among the best in Asia. They have a notable difference and that is because their head chefs are females.

Having a female chef is normal outside Thailand but in the Kingdom, a female chef is quite unique. Dinners at some Bangkok’s best restaurants are exceptionally good; thanks to their female chefs. RossarinSriprathum or better known as Rin has spent almost 3 decades in honing her craft until she became one of Thailand’s best chefs.

Rin has two grandmothers that taught her the craft; one is a chef and the other is a patisserie. Both of them are experts in traditional Thai cuisine. Rin would always watch them prepare the labour-intensive recipes. Rin used to run several renowned restaurants until she took over fine dining at Celadon. Due to her regular tours all over Thailand, Rin has captured different flavours, heat, techniques and ingredients for her seasonal tasting menus.

According to Rin, Thai food is difficult to learn because it is technical. Rin uses local ingredients and homemade palm sugar and vinegar because they make a big difference in flavour. However, it takes from 6 months to a year to make vinegar from coconut flower. People in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong have experienced Rin’s dishes when she cooked at The Jockey Club and The Mira.

In Thailand, women are usually in charge of cooking the meals because the men had to go to work. Female cooks usually learn cooking from their mothers that is why there are female chefs in Thailand. They work hard and learn from their mothers and elsewhere before they become women head chefs.

Many travellers to Thailand have discovered the authentic cuisine served at Sukhumvit restaurants that are considered as among the best in Bangkok. Guests will be delighted with the exquisite tastes that can satisfy even the most discerning palettes. Aside from Thai cuisine, guests can also expect authentic Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine.

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Danang Competing With Bali And Phuket For Tourism

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Danang Competing With Bali And Phuket For Tourism

Danang is a port city located in the central part of Vietnam. This is made popular by the war that culminated over four decades ago. Now the city is taking up the challenge of competing with tourism against some of the most well-known beach resorts located around Southeast Asia. In order to do this, projects like luxury hotels in Danang can be seen slowly materializing around the city to cater with the growing demand of tourism.

The main difference of Danang from top beach destinations in Southeast Asia – Bali, Indonesia and Phuket, Thailand – is the fact that it is not an island. It is the third biggest city in Vietnam and has recently gained attention from travellers coming from countries like South Korea and China because of the convenience and the number of luxury hotels available.

The main reason why it is easily luring tourists is because of its proximity. The beaches are very close to the airport as well as the city centre which makes it a more attractive vacation spot. Add the fact that the countries with the most number of travellers are only a few hours flight from Vietnam.

Another reason for the recent tourism success of Danang is the perception of the public. The city’s reputation is not marred by bad news like safety concerns and there is also nothing to worry about when it comes to natural disasters.

The previous summer has taken a toll with the tourism in Phuket because of a boat that capsized which took the life of 47 Chinese tourists and a storm that hits the island. For Bali, its most recent concern is Mount Agung which has become active since two years ago which resulted to stranded travellers and grounded flights.

A travel agent from booking tourists with luxury hotels in Danang said that in the past few years it has been evident that Danang has already outpaced Bali and Phuket and this is mainly due to the good public image of the city. Danang has lower chances of natural disasters and its safety record can speak for itself.

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