Why You Should Stay In Hotel Rooms In Rayong

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Why You Should Stay In Hotel Rooms In Rayong

Rayong, a small fishing town isn’t very popular, as compared to its neighbours like the Koh Islands, Pattaya and Bangkok. However, it has managed to exude its authentic charm and has been a favourite among young urbanites. It is accessible from Bangkok through a two-hour drive and a 45-minute ferry ride from KohSamet. To explore the unspoiled beach town, you need to stay in a marvellous hotel rooms in Rayong for your accommodation.

With its immaculate beaches, beautiful foliage, hustling markets, local sites, and vibrant nightlife, you can spend a magnificent holiday in Rayong. So below are what you can do in this area:

  • Mae Ramphung Beach

Walk on the soft gold sands of the eastern coast at Mae Ramphung Beach. Here you’ll find a long line of casuarina trees, while the beach offers you several food shacks offering local delights and delectable seafood. The beach is so perfect for swimming, paddling or simply relaxing with an ice-cold drink. The beach is cut in half by a delightful park of palm-fringed gardens, so you have a perfect place to rest. You may want hotel rooms in Rayong near the beach.

  • KhaoChamao-Khao Wong National Park

This national park nurtures tropical forests with plentiful flora and fauna. You can trail down the wilderness and see the wildlife resting in their natural habitat. Aside from the breath-taking scenery it provides, you can provide yourself some tent or lodges for adventurers. Or better, you can ensure your booked in hotel rooms in Rayong for convenience.

  • Rayong Aquarium

It’s a tourist spot most suited for all ages. Here you’ll find diverse marine lives of stingrays, sharks, turtles, and wide range of colourful fishes like the clown fish. In the aquarium, you’ll also find the fossil museum where you see extinct animals and rare species. There are also exhibitions like the lives of fishermen and their fishing tools. So, if you’re coming to Rayong with your kids, this place is a must-see.

Rayong will allow you to see its untouched beauty. It’s an ideal destination for sunseekers. So, ensure that you’re booked in the nearest hotel rooms in Rayong for your accommodation. You will see how convenient it is to move around and see the best of this beautiful, small town.

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How A Business Service Provider In Bangkok Can Help You Start A New Thai Business

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How A Business Service Provider In Bangkok Can Help You Start A New Thai Business

If planning to start your own Thai company in Bangkok and is having trouble with the registration process, you don’t have to worry. You can work with a business service provider in Bangkok that can give you the right solution for your business needs. They are manned with licenced lawyers and consultants that have assisted various foreigners in setting up their own business in Bangkok. They have helped them initiate the new company, get a visa and work permit, and other business needs one may have.

The Thai government has simplified how business can operate and how it can be registered, which will surely help many foreigners. Thailand is found strategically in southeast Asia with abundance of inexpensive labour and proficient professionals along with great lifestyle that can make the country their new home. Bangkok is where many travellers come to visit, and aside from touring, you’ll also want to live and run a business here.

How to Start a New Business

When starting a business in Thailand, seek a business service provider in Bangkok to assist you with your business needs. For those who don’t know the laws of Thailand, it can be really difficult to setup a business. However, with the help of proficient lawyers, the registration process is easy. The representatives can speak both English and Thai and they can help you through the registration process.

You will note that all documents submitted to the designated government agency are written in Thai. If you have worked with a business service provider in Bangkok, they can enlighten you with the ins and outs of installing a business here. They can help you choose the options, so you don’t violate the conditions of the Foreign Business Act, which poses restrictions and ownership for foreigners.

How to Set Up a Thai Company?

If you want to register your company with the Thai government, it can be a lot easier and may only take a day for the registration. You must have a minimum of three shareholders and if the majority shares are owned by a foreigner, then the company needs to secure a Foreign Business Licence. However, if the majority shares are owned by a Thai national, then the licence isn’t needed. This is one reason why foreigners like to partner with Thai nationals.

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Why Stay In A Modern 5 Star Hotel In Sukhumvit?

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Why Stay In A Modern 5 Star Hotel In Sukhumvit?

When you want to come to Southeast Asia, the beautiful country of Thailand will always be chosen as the most sought-after destination for travellers. They come to the city of Bangkok to enjoy the magnificent skyscrapers, breathtaking temples, extravagant shopping, scrumptious food and vibrant nightlife. So, if you’re one who wants to experience the very best of Thailand, ensure you do it first by staying in a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation.

Certainly, there are various reasons why you have to choose a luxurious hotel in Bangkok. Definitely, you’ll want to enjoy your stay in this country from the first till the last day of your vacation. You’ll want to stay in a quiet and serene place to relax and rest, and where you can travel around the city with convenience. Here are reasons why you prefer to stay in a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

  • Incomparable Comfort and Luxury

In a Sukhumvit 5 star hotel, you’ll enjoy a mixture of modern elegance and superb service. And as you’re searching for a luxury hotel in Bangkok, you’ll make it a number one choice for your business or leisure. Here, you’ll enjoy a quiet and peaceful night while being accommodated. There are also friendly and welcoming staff ever ready to serve your needs 24 hours a day.

  • Perfect Location in the Heart of Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit Road is one of the longest boulevards in Thailand where you see landmarks, businesses and leisure companies. If you choose a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit, you are accessible to any place you want to go. You’ll just have to walk towards the Sky Train or MRT station and reach the many historical spots of the city. You can also take short walks to prominent shopping malls like the Terminal 21, Chatuchak Weekend Market and more.

  • Refreshing Spa and Wellness Facilities

Once you’re done exploring the streets of Bangkok, you’ll surely be searching for a more peaceful spots where your body and mind can relax. Thailand is famous for excellent massages, which you must try to be relaxed and rejuvenated. There’s also a fitness club with state-of-the-art fitness facility. You can try one right inside where you’re accommodated in a modern 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

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Choose Your Own Adventure Cheap Games

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Choose Your Own Adventure Cheap Games

Adventure cheap games have been around since and they may have come as picture books or point and click computer games, which have always been with us. They have evolved with video games and in the past few years, they have become more aggressive.

The most recent in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” game is the Detroit: Become Human from the makers of the “Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls”. You’ll be interested in the game with its structural and presentation orientation, letting players move around at their own leisure. Unlike previous games, its writing departs a lot of preferences. You can read reviews about the game if you’re really interested and curious.

Meanwhile, the community question for this week is “What’s your favorite Choose Your Own Adventure-like game? Telltale games, Twine games, dating sims, and visual novels are all fair games!

My first choice is “Until Dawn”. So, I’m going for another choice that many players haven’t considered. It’s actually a game that came out this year where players haven’t talked or remarked upon. So, I made a choice as Batman: The Enemy Within, which is the second season of Batman: The Telltale Series.

Based upon the options of this game, it provides a different vision of Joker. The strength of the Telltale Series reinterprets Batman and his rogue gallery, while crafting their own Joker. The choices lead to Joker’s classic Clown Prince of Crime, or one that runs like a vigilante. This is all about trying something new with the cheap games.

There’s also the Wolf Among Us, which can be your first telltale game and your favourite. The graphics are so nice that it combines grimy purples and pinks. Plus, it includes other games that make you shut the elevator door to create a conversation on whether Belle is screwing up the Beast. You can also shout-out the Dragon’s Den, which is a favourite Choose Your Own Adventure book. There are also some players who consider the Wolf Among Us as a great Telltale game.

Developers are continually creating fantastic adventure cheap games for everyone. The games are getting more ambitious, but it suits gamers who prefer intelligent yet enthusiastic challenges while playing.

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How To Fund A Stoke-on-Trent Business

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How To Fund A Stoke-on-Trent Business

It can be difficult to find the right type of funding most suited for your needs. However, there are few companies with their team of experienced people to assist and support you in maximizing chances of success in your Stoke-on-Trent business. If you want to be a member of their offer, you just need to call them by email or phone call. Then you can have a one-on-one support to provide advice on what you need.

A team of experts can help identify the various funds needed to apply for your project or organisation. They can also hone skills into writing funding applications and tenders. Here you’ll possibly meet major funders or will produce realistic budgets for the project. It’s a chance to develop a funding application and tenders or refine your applications through feedback on your draft applications and tenders.

Resources to Obtain Information

Monthly E-bulletin: If already a member of a specialist website focusing on making a Stoke-on-Trent business a success, you’ll get information through monthly e-bulletins relevant to your group or organisation. It will inform you on how to obtain funding opportunities. Information is absolutely free to acquire.

Funding Central: It’s actually a funding search website owned by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). Here you’ll find grants, contracts and loan finances for social enterprise, voluntary organisation or charity.

Tender Opportunities: This will provide you links that take you to live tender opportunities as published by local authorities in the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire areas. Many of these opportunities provide relevance to the organisation or those using the service.


A way to raise funds for a project is by asking a huge number of people some small amount of money until crowdfunding is achieved. Usually, those seeking funds will initiate a profile for the project through social media or its website. Its traditional network of family, friends and colleagues help raise the money.

Gift Aid

The Gift Aid strategy makes registered charities to acquire a standard rate tax from the HMRC on personal donations from taxpayers. It adds around 25p each time an individual donates £1 to their charity, without expending more on the donor. It also aids the Stoke-on-Trent business to prosper a bit through gift aids.


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Thai Supreme Court Weighs In Company Relocation And Employee Severance Pay

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Thai Supreme Court Weighs In Company Relocation And Employee Severance Pay

It is already common practice for some workers to hire national removals in Thailand if they are looking for better opportunities or a different lifestyle. But what about companies and employers looking for a new home?


Why companies relocate

When the economy is bad or the business isn’t going extremely well, some companies are often faced with a dilemma: continue operating the way they have been operating, or hire national removals in Thailand, to help them relocate as part of their downsizing and reorganizing efforts? If they choose the latter, however, businesses need to make sure that they are aware of their obligations and responsibilities as stipulated under the Labour Protection Act (LPA) in Thailand.


Notifying Employees

If the company is set on relocating, and such move would significantly impact their employees, Section 120 of the LPA states that they need to notify their employees regarding the move at least 30 days before the relocation. This provides their employees ample time to prepare and make their decision regarding their employment. Relocating the place of business means employees may have to travel farther or would have to relocate themselves, and if they are not open for the option, the employee has the right to terminate their employment within the 30 days. Section 118 of the LPA states that employees must also receive a severance pay in such cases.


Statutory Severance

The statutory severance depends on how long the employee has worked for the company. It can range from 30 to 300 days worth of their wages leading up to the termination of the contract.



However, if the relocation would not be too far from the original place of business, company are not required to pay severance to the employees. If the new place of business falls within 50 kilometres from the old location, the Thai Supreme Court rules this as a nearby relocation, and would not materially affect the lives of the employees. However, any distance beyond 50 kilometres would need severance pay for employees who do not wish to continue their employment. Therefore, the distance from the old location to the new one greatly affects the ruling of the court regarding severance pay.

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