Blockbuster Still Has One Branch In The US, In Oregon

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Blockbuster Still Has One Branch In The US, In Oregon

The popularity of services like Netflix and Hulu, alongside VHS to DVD businesses, has put an end to the days of people heading for VHS stores to get a copy of their favourite film, with most people simply going out for the snacks, drinks and meals for their movie, not for the movie itself.

Blockbuster, the video store many consider represent the bygone age of VHS tapes, is considered extinct by many people, save for the locals at Bend, Oregon, which still stands strong despite the expansion of digital streaming services like Netflix and HBO. The store, located 150 miles of Portland, is in line to become the last Blockbuster branch in Northern America once the two Blockbuster stores in Alaska close.

Alaska saw Blockbuster stores stay for quite a while thanks to the difficulties associated with getting good Wi-Fi or broadcasting reception, but, recently, the managers of the Blockbuster stores in Anchorage and Fairbanks have made a dire announcement regarding the future of the stores. According to their Facebook posts on the 12th of July, they’ll be closing up shop soon and that they’d plan to sell off their inventories, in case someone wants the old VHS tapes for VHS to DVD conversion or just to collect them.

Blockbuster, in recent years, has been closing its corporate-owned stores, but the privately owned branches that simply license the brand, like the one in Oregon, have managed to stay. General Manager Sandi Harding, who’s been working for Blockbuster since 2004, says that the Oregon store has no plans to close the store any time soon.

Harding says that they still have a core group of customers that know of the local store, are loyal and come in regularly. She says that some people need something different from staying on their phones and their laptops, without any personal interactions.

A decade ago, Blockbuster had over 9,000 stores across the US, with Dish Network acquiring the brand back in 2011 after the retailer went under the hammer in a bankruptcy auction. Blockbuster ended up on the auction list thanks to having been crushed by digital video distributors like Netflix.

According to a spokesperson from Dish, there are still licensed Blockbuster stores outside the US, in places like Australia and Brazil.

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Some Basic Questions About Patenting An Idea Answered

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Some Basic Questions About Patenting An Idea Answered

If you have invented a new app or a device and want to protect the unique idea from competitors, patenting the new product is a way to do that. Patenting an invention provides the innovator with exclusive legal rights to manufacture or license it.

But most of the inventors are confused and have a lot of questions such as, how to patent an idea, can an idea be patented, do we need an attorney to file a patent and so on. Here are answers to some of the basic questions about patents.

Can an idea be patented?

No an idea cannot be patented. You have to produce an invention or provide detailed description about an invention to the patent office in order to get patent for the invention. You have to provide 3D models or a working prototype of the invention along with your patent application. It is true that all inventions start with a simple idea, but you have to develop your idea into a marketable product in order to apply for a patent.

Is hiring a patent attorney compulsory for filing a patent?

It is not necessary to hire a patent attorney to complete the process of patent application. You can do it by yourself, if you have knowledge about the patent process. However, preparing the patent application and conducting a patent search are highly specialized jobs. They can be handled well by professional patent attorney or patent agents. You can concentrate on making your invention fool proof while the attorney handles the legal procedures of patenting the invention.

How to patent an invention?

The process of patenting an invention is very long and cumbersome. It involves a lot of communication and paperwork. These are the five steps involved in the process of how to patent an idea or invention. Document each and every step in the process of converting your idea in to an invention. Prepare technical drawings, 3D designs or working prototypes of your invention. Decide what type of patent you require for your invention. Do market research and study the marketability and patent worthiness of your invention and finally prepare a patent application and submit it to the patent office.

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Home Trends From Pinterest For The Year 2019

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Home Trends From Pinterest For The Year 2019

If you are looking for inspirations for your future home projects, the internet is the best place to hunt because of the endless resources. In fact, one of the best sites to look into is Pinterest. It is like a minefield of ideas such as DIY projects and bathroom tiles that will surely make your house a trendy nest.

Pinterest has over 250 million users from different parts of the globe. The site is a platform where they can share ideas through pinning images. It can be theirs or something interesting they found online. For home trends this year, Pinterest has these to offer.

Based on keyword searches in Pinterest, “textile art” searches has increased by 1,718 per cent as more and more people are looking for ways to spice up their interiors. Blank walls are a great starting point to create a masterpiece inside the room. It can be transformed into a feature wall, a centrepiece, statement canvas or it can even be covered with fabric. Growth in textiles has been evident to those who are working in the industry.

“Contemporary fireplaces” is another keyword that is racking up in popularity in Pinterest. In fact, it has 1,718 per cent more searches. Fireplaces are considered to be the focal part of the house because of its practical function but recently homeowners are paying more attention to its aesthetics. Expert said 80 per cent of the fireplaces nowadays are mainly installed for feature instead of being used as a heating device.

“Vertical gardens” are gaining momentum as 287 per cent more users are searching the keyword on the Pinterest website. This means that many homeowners are trying their green thumb by having their own living walls.

Search for the keywords “painted floor tiles” have also increased by 1,276 per cent. People got tired of the traditional bathroom tiles or floor tiles as they are looking into more unique ideas. This is where painting floor tiles come in especially for those who are fond of doing DIY projects. The availability of DIY products which can be used contributed to this increase.

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Healthcare Industry Needs Cloud Technology Now More Than Ever

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Healthcare Industry Needs Cloud Technology Now More Than Ever

While various industries are quick to jump to the bandwagon of cloud technology, healthcare was left behind but this is slowly changing and for the better. There are many reasons why the healthcare industry was not so welcoming of cloud technology including privacy concerns, date security risks, regulatory compliance, interoperability and infrastructure availability.

These challenges are far from over but healthcare organizations are slowly embracing cloud technology with the sudden increase in demand brought about by more flexibility when using cloud system. One proof is the report published by GlobalData which predicts the market size of the international healthcare cloud computing to reach $35 billion by 2022. To achieve this, the market should grow by around 2.17 per cent every year from 2018 until 2022. In addition, the report predicts that the market size of the pharmaceutical cloud computing will increase to $12.1 billion by 2022 from $4.7 billion recorded in 2017.

These predictions are slowly coming true with news of industries partnering in the international market to venture into cloud technology services. For instance, Microsoft partnered with Veradigm, which is a subsidiary of Allscripts, to create a product that will aid researchers in performing studies through the electronic health record of Allscripts which is cloud-based.

University of Sydney’s National Health and Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Centre utilized the eClinical platform made by Medidata in order to conduct their studies. It is expected to improve their research as the system is simpler, accelerated and improved.

Peter Mac, the cancer institute in Australia, released two new systems that are both cloud-based as replacement for a number of systems as well as precision medicine in the country. These systems made it possible to consolidate information coming from different sources and routed into a single network prior to storing in Microsoft Azure. All of the information is then accessible to multiple users at the same time.

MedicalDirector also developed a Helix solution for cloud technology healthcare which was integrated with the Azure cloud service from Microsoft. The main goal is to make healthcare delivery more efficient, organize medical information in a flexible manner and raise the quality of decision making based on evidence.

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Thailand Moving To Make Health Insurance Compulsory For Long-Stay Visas

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Thailand Moving To Make Health Insurance Compulsory For Long-Stay Visas

The Thai government recently revealed a new proposal that they’re working on, one that’ll make health insurance in Thailand mandatory for any foreigners staying in the country with a one-year Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay), with the proposal made by a key committee made by a multi-bureau group, with assistance and oversight from the Medical Hub Committee.

The criterion was formulated under the Immigrant Act 1979, and was checked by the Medical Hub Committee. When they gave their approval, the proposal was moved forward, according to Dr. Kittisak Klapdee, adviser to the Minister of Public Health who was assigned by Public Health Minister Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn to be a part of the Tourism and Sport Vice Minister Ittipol Khunplome at the Medical Hub Committee’s second annual meeting, to make sure the amendment was handled properly.

Once the proposal come into effect, foreigners staying in the country with a long stay visa will have to get health insurance in Thailand covering their entire stay in the country with a minimum Bt40,000 out-patient medical bill coverage, alongside a minimum of Bt40,000 in-patient medical bill coverage.

Expats in the country that already have overseas insurance policies that fit the minimum requirement would not need to consult health insurance in Thailand for an insurance policy. Dr. Klapdee says that these people can apply for long-stay visas with their foreign insurance policies.

The amendment is being refined by the cooperative efforts of the Foreign Ministry, the Immigration Bureau, the Interior Ministry, the Office of Insurance Commission, the Public Health Ministry, the Thai General Insurance Association, and the Thai Life Assurance Association. Once the amendment’s details and guidelines have been ironed out, and it moves forward to the next stage, Dr. Klapdee says it’ll be forwarded to the Cabinet for approval as a formal policy.

The goal of the amended criterion is to ensure that people staying in Thailand with long-stay visas, primarily elderly foreigners, have health protection while in the country. The key committee is also hoping that this amendment will also benefit healthcare in Thailand, including public and private hospitals, according to Dr. Klapdee.

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History And Basic Rules Of AFL

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History And Basic Rules Of AFL

Understanding the most popular sport of Australia, is no easy task. It is a unique game with a number of rules for the players. It is hard to follow the game, unless you are well versed with its rules, facts, scoring pattern etc.

Here are easy guidelines to help you understand the basics of the game. Go through these guidelines, buy your favourite teams’ jerseys and other merchandise at an AFL footy store in your neighbourhood or AFL online store and get ready to enjoy the next season of the game with your Aussies friends.

History of the game

The AFL was initialled called as the Victorian football association. It was designed as a method to keep the cricketers fit during winters. The game was conceptualized in 1858 and VFA came into existence in 1877. The VFA was renamed as the Australian Football League in the year 1990. The AFL is the most popular sport in Australia and attracts the most number of spectators in the country.

About the match

  1. The matches are played on the weekends. Each game is divided into four 20 minutes quarters with a 20 minute break at the half time. The team with highest points at the final siren wins the match.
  2. The game is played in a grassy oval with goal posts on each end. The measurements of the ground can be 135 to 185 metres length and 110 to 155 metres width. Players compete to get possession of the ball and put it through the goal post. Each goal is awarded 6 points.
  3. The AFL has eighteen teams from Victoria, Queensland, Southern Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.
  4. There are 16 stadiums across the country which are suitable for playing AFL games. The largest AFL ground is in Melbourne. The Melbourne stadium hosts the Grand finals of the AFL.
  5. The AFL season starts with a NAB challenge, which is followed up by 23 Home and away matches, which happen through the winter. The top 8 teams in the leader board play the final rounds. The top two teams reach the Grand final which is played at the Melbourne stadium.

Now that you have enough knowledge of the game, get ready for the upcoming season of AFL. Shop for merchandise at the AFL footy store and book your tickets for the match.

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