Volleyball Tournament Held In Phuket

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Volleyball Tournament Held In Phuket

One of the best things about travelling with kids is that you can easily book a family resort in Phuket that offers appropriate activities for their ages. There are many water sports in the island resort but one of the most common is beach volleyball. In the spirit of sports, a volleyball tournament was held in Phuket this week and it the event was hosted at Karon Beach. The game started at 8 in the morning of December 23. Phuket Beach Volleyball Club was responsible for organizing the event with a game category for men and women. The prize on the line was 18,000 baht.

The event lasted for two days. The first day, the competition was between the men’s teams and the finals were held the day after. The women’s teams, on the other hand, competed on the second day of the event.

According to YupaPhukrongploy, the director of the tournament, every team will have a chance to compete in two matches and every set will be 25 points. The format to be followed is double elimination in order to warm them up to their partner thus the seedings will be created. The seedings for every round will be determined by drawing using a hat.

Ms. Yupa used to be a player of the Thailand National Team and has been playing for professional tournament for 12 years before she decided to retire. She said that the goal of the tournament is for everyone to have fun but she will not tolerate players who do not follow the rules of the Phuket Beach Open.

She described the tourney and said that between each matches there will only a seven minutes gap. As the current match is about to end, the next team should be ready to take over after seven minutes.

They are not allowed to have an argument with the referee in any form. Red cards will be given for every sign of dissent starting at the first offense. For every first red car, the team will lose a single point. The second red card will result to a forfeited match while the third means that the tournament is already forfeited. Guests who are staying at a family resort in Phuket were able to witness the tournament.

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Lego Planning To Sue Removal Business For Using Lego Men

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Lego Planning To Sue Removal Business For Using Lego Men

The case in the article may be a warning to Sydney furniture removalists who are planning to create a logo for their business. Lego has already sent their intention of suing to a removals business because of the logo that is printed on their moving vans.

The removal company in question is Kwix Stix and it is based in Brighton. According to the toymaker, the business can be liable for copyright infringement because of their logo design. They sent an order for the company to remove the printed logo in their vans within a period of 28 days.

The owner of the company, Danny Mawson, said that he paid £10,000 in order to get the painting job done and it could ruin his business. He clarified that people have already recognized them after seeing their logo for a long time and if they decide to change it then it could harm their business.

He added that Lego is a company worth multibillion of pounds and he believe that the act will not harm their company but it can be detrimental to his business.

Lego is a toymaker company with headquarters in Denmark and has a recorded yearly turnover of over two billion in US dollars. They have already sent a court threat letter to Danny.

According to Danny, his daughter was in love with Lego and this is where he got the concept in 2015. The logo depicts Lego men along with Lego blocks.

He also said that in he had spent a lot buying Lego for his kids and he thought that using the same idea for the company’s logo will make his kids happy. He pleaded that he has existing contracts with the city council along with other businesses in the area and he could lose it over this lawsuit.

He further explained that his company is only starting with three vans and they admitted that they are struggling after Brexit and the state of the economy nowadays.

Lego has already sent a letter for him to remove the logo on the vans, on their website and get new uniforms for his crew.

For all startup Sydney furniture removalists, it is important that the logo should be free from copyright infringement before publishing to avoid a heart-breaking story as this.

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The 5 Most Prominent Areas Popular For Sydney Furniture Removals

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The 5 Most Prominent Areas Popular For Sydney Furniture Removals

When moving from an old house to a new one, clients will mostly look to move to better and newer places. In most cases, clients will look to move to larger spaces. For the clients moving from one residential zone to another, this helps to make space for new entrants to the family like children. For clients moving between business spaces, this opens up space to increase the number of desks in the area, thereby increasing the employee count. This in turn can make the company bigger and richer.

Here we list the top 5 areas where Sydney furniture removals are made.

  • Northern Beaches: Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, apart from the beaches of Los Angeles, the Northern beaches of Sydney are considered prime suburbs for residential housing. The larger houses in the area are a testament to its affluence and have some of the prettiest and most relaxing neighbourhoods in Sydney.
  • Inner West: This highly metropolitan area of Inner West in Sydney, geographically populated by small valleys, contains some pretty dense housing. But that is not a problem for Sydney furniture removals as they have a wide range of vehicles to help in the process of moving. They have small vans to navigate through the tight roads in the area, and all the vans come with their own toolbox to help with the dismantling and assembling of furniture items.
  • Eastern Suburbs: The eastern suburbs are home to some amazing beaches such as the Bronte beach, Bondi beach, as well as the Coogee Beach. Also located in the area is the University of New South Wales. Universities bring with them large crowds of moving students, who will look to find new places in the fall or spring terms. In order to help them, Sydney furniture removals helps with the entire moving process.
  • Southern Suburbs: These residential zones are located very near the Sydney central business district, and so provide easy commute for the numerous people who work in the area. Removals agencies can provide moving services for people living in this area too.
  • Sutherland Shire: The Sutherland Shire area is another of Sydney’s affluent neighbourhoods and is located in the Southern part of Sydney, where many rivers run. This location sees many furniture removals companies looking to take over the market here.

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The World Continues To Appreciate Japanese Cuisine

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The World Continues To Appreciate Japanese Cuisine

Based on reports released by NHK, the number of Japanese restaurants that can be found all over the world in 2006 was 24,000. In 2016, the number has increased to an overwhelming 89,000. In Bangkok, Thailand, you will find Japanese restaurant in Asok station of BTS Skytrain. In France, you will find a variety of Japanese restaurants from the traditional sushi shops to hip izakaya (Japanese pub).

Japanese food has been enjoying an unprecedented boom ever since UNESCO declared that Japanese cuisine is an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. Everyone suddenly became interested including the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). In mid-September, the institute has declared a partnership with Suntory Holdings, a Japanese whiskey maker, to create a new course which they called Advanced Cooking Japanese Cuisine.

What constitutes Japanese food is still being discussed but undoubtedly sushi is the most popular. Because of the popularity of sushi that makes use of Japanese rice as one of the major ingredients, Japanese rice exports abroad in 2016 was 31% more than the previous year. According to the Japanese government, exports reached an all-time high at nearly 10,000 tonnes.

Advanced Cooking Japanese Cuisine will cover authentic Japanese food, flavours, techniques and food culture of Japan. The class will be jointly taught by CIA instructor Chef Martin Matysik and Chef Hiroki Murashima from the world renowned Tsuji Culinary Institute based in Osaka, Japan. The joint initiative will bring greater appreciation and know-how on the Japanese art of cooking.

The growing popularity of Japanese cuisine is unquestionable. It is very easy to find ramen and sushi at restaurants all over the world. Chefs are increasingly considering the flavours, technique and designs used by Japanese chefs. They also explore other cultural aspects of a Japanese dining table which includes the principles of umami or the fifth taste.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those who desire authentic Japanese cuisine, your best option is Japanese restaurant in Asok with its subtly-designed private dining rooms. Each dish is meticulously prepared from ocean-fresh and farm-fresh ingredients imported directly from Japan. The restaurant’s décor is traditionally Japanese with rustic wood doors and lustrous sliding panels.

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Advantages Of Booking Early In Myanmar Hotels 

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Advantages Of Booking Early In Myanmar Hotels 

If you are a globe trotter, you surely appreciate the importance of booking early in Myanmar hotels or in the hotel of your country of destination. There are several advantages of booking early especially if you are travelling during Myanmar’s peak season. Some of these advantages include the following:

Lower room rate

Hotels provide special privileges to potential guests who approach them or send them an email about getting a room at discounted rate. Hotels generally set aside rooms that they can offer at discount price among customers who would request for it. Doing a last minute booking gives you a slim chance of getting an available room with discount. In order to get a sure booking reservation at a pocket-friendly price, place your reservation at least a month prior to your arrival. The room rates can go up but you can be sure that your room rate is already locked and it will not be affected with any room rate changes.

Guaranteed room at arrival

If you place your reservations in one of Myanmar hotels, you can relax during your travel since you are sure that you have a room waiting for you when you arrive in the country. Last minute booking or worse, booking on the spot is not only more expensive, you also run the risk of not having a comfortable room to stay in when you get to Yangon especially if you are travelling during holidays or high season. You can book your room reservations from a third party booking site or you can also book directly at the hotel’s website for promos and lower rates.

Cancellations and more options

Some of the best things about booking ahead in Myanmar hotels is you can cancel the room reservation if ever there are last minute changes or emergencies prior to your trip. If you cancel in advance, there is a better chance that you will not be credited even if you cancel. Also, when you do on the spot booking, you no longer have a choice but get the room even if it is beyond your budget or even if it is lower than your standards only because you are left with no other choice.

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How To Save Your Promotional Merchandise Budget

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How To Save Your Promotional Merchandise Budget

The kind of promotional merchandise that you hand out to your targets reveals so much about your product and how you do business. The promo items become your representative the moment they are sent out to reach your targets.  Although giving away promo merchandise would mean allocating a budget for your branding and promotions, you don’t have to worry about spending beyond your budget. All you have to do is be more circumspect about how you spend your budget but of course, the quality of the promo items should not be compromised. Here are some tips to lower your promotional expenses.

Check different suppliers

Before closing a deal, visit the websites of different promo items suppliers. Even if the deal is attractive and you think that you are looking at the perfect promo merchandise for your targets, always check from other suppliers for better option especially suppliers that offer the same or similar items that you wish to distribute. Avoid buying utterly cheap items but where you can get the items at a reasonable price. To lower your promotional expenses, check the deals or promo tabs to find affordable items that are useful and relevant to your targets.

Request for sample items

You can also save money on promotional merchandise by requesting sample items from the supplier. This will ensure that you will not waste your money on buying promo items that are not worth it and will only cheapen your brand. There are promo items that are only attractive on the internet but upon close checking, they are poor in quality with low quality printing. To be sure about your purchases, make it a point to ask for sample items to check the quality of the product including its printing.

Buy higher quantity

Another way to save your budget on promotional merchandise is by buying more from your preferred supplier. When you buy higher quantities, you can easily ask for discounts especially if you intend to purchase some more in the future. Look for a supplier that offers free shipping to further save your budget on promotional items.

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