Top Three Tourist Attractions In Chiang Mai

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Top Three Tourist Attractions In Chiang Mai

A Thailand trip is incomplete without a visit to its cultural capital Chiang Mai. The mountainous city is the cultural and religious centre of Thailand and was the capital of Lanna kingdom. The city has a lot of architectural wonders and rich temples built in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The laid-back city has a lot of positive energy and attracts tourists and backpackers. The city has many stay options ranging from home stays to five star resorts with best French Restaurant in Chiang Mai and serene hotels by the river.

Here is a list of top tourist attractions in Chiang Mai

  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – The temple is located on a mountain top is the must visit site in Chiang Mai. The ancient temple has a seated Buddha which is very much revered. The temple has ornate carvings of the Buddha, dragons and elephants. The temple has a museum which showcases the paintings of Buddha in Chiang Mai and Sukhothai style. You will get a beautiful city view from the top of the mountain.
  • Doi Inthanon – The highest peak in Thailand surrounded by a nature park. Trek to the mountain top and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and tribal villages’ on the way. The national park is two hour drive from chiang Mai. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner after a hectic day of hiking and site seeing at one of the best French Restaurant in Chiang Mai that serves Michelin star rated dishes along with fine cocktails.
  • Wat Prasingh – The largest wat or temple in the city preferred by the tourists. The temple is located in the old city. The temple complex was built in honour of the king and his ashes are buried in the temple premises. The place is a great visit on Sundays as the markets at the ground sell a lot of creative souvenirs’ and traditional Thai teas and fresh juices.

Apart from these the city has a lot of other attractions like art paradise, Huay Tung Tao, Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls, Elephant Nature Park and many street markets and night bazaars. The best place to stay in Chiang Mai is the old city or the riverside. The boutique hotel by the river also boasts of the best French Restaurant in Chiang Mai that serves lip smacking cuisine.

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Influencer Marketing As The New Strategy To Enhance Brand Awareness

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Influencer Marketing As The New Strategy To Enhance Brand Awareness

A good portion of hotel customers are frequently generated through organic search. Hotels must always be consistent with content marketing to appear on the first pages of search engine results. However, content marketing requires time and efforts; something that hoteliers do not have an abundance of. The best solution is hospitality marketing agency that will take care of publishing relevant content in the web pages and social media platforms.

Content marketing and social media marketing are guaranteed to produce the best results but influencer marketing is becoming a new strategy to increase brand awareness. With Google showing 3rd party hotel reviews, hoteliers must keep pace and remain competitive through influencer marketing. Hotels today gain the most benefits from influencers in marketing campaigns. Young travellers can be influenced by someone’s social media posts and photos when they plan the holiday vacation.

People use the internet for travel purposes. 78% are influenced by word of mouth recommendations while 63% are influenced by customer opinions that are found online. According to a study made by Rhythm One, for every one dollar spent on influencer marketing, the hotel generates $2.26 in media value.

The research also reveals that influencer marketing drives traffic to the hotel’s websites as well as the landing pages. The benefits of influencer marketing are the same as the creation of authentic content about the hotel that drives customer engagement. One of the key strategies that hotels need to do to discover influencers is to include their social media platform of choice, the number of followers they currently have and their level of engagement with the audience.

Once the influencer has been identified, it is important to use a tool that will check the portion of real followers as some form of influencer metric to determine whether they are not bots. You can reach out to the potential influencer before you start with the collaboration.

Since the strategy of influencer marketing requires a lot of patience, it is best left to hospitality marketing agency that can do a better job of selecting the influencers and whether they match with the hotel’s brand and personality. Like any marketing strategy, the agency will be responsible for measuring ROI.

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The List Of Don’ts When Visiting Phuket

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The List Of Don’ts When Visiting Phuket

Tourists who are vacationing and staying at private suites & villas in Phuket for the first time should know the dos and don’ts of the island. While the most common items are listed in many articles found online, this article will tackle topics coming from a local’s point of view.

The first on the list of things to avoid is swimming on the beach during the low season. This is because of the number of drowning cases because tourists are not aware of the risks especially on the west coast of the island. This is more common during the west season because of the presence of the south western monsoon which brings big waves into the beaches.

One of the most common things you will see around Phuket is locals and tourists riding motorbikes. Majority of tourists are tempted to hire one because there are many motorbike shops in the island and they can hire easily with just their passports as proof. The problem is that not everyone knows that the roads in Thailand are considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. If you have never drove a motorbike before and your insurance will not cover the cost in case you get into an accident, then this is not worth trying.

You might be tempted to visit Tiger Kingdom with hopes of posting a selfie with the beast but remember that these are wild animals. They are not meant to be tamed and a single wrong move may result to long-term injuries. The most common species found in Thailand is the Indochinese Tiger which is considered to be a hunter therefore it is best to stay aware from these wild beasts.

If you are traveling with kids, do not take them to Phuket Zoo because the experience will not be worth it. Reading the comments alone of previous visitors posted at the TripAdvisor website, you will know to steer clear from this place.

Many people visiting the island are booking private suites & villas in Phuket. They spend hours researching for the best accommodations but they are not aware that it is not recommended to ride an elephant. This is a common attraction for tourists but people are not aware of the actual condition of the animals and how they are maltreated just to earn money.

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Why An Accommodation On Sukhumvit Road?

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Why An Accommodation On Sukhumvit Road?

You’re in for a surprise if you’re planning an unusual vacation to Bangkok. It’s much more than what you expect from the day you arrive and the day you leave that you want to return for more. You will realize that when you leave this lovely city, you just left your heart. Bangkok has a lot to offer tourists especially its life changing experiences. You will want to experience their culture and lifestyle on your own.

When planning a trip to Bangkok, you need to stay in accommodation on Sukhumvit Road. Sukhumvit is the center of Bangkok and it’s where you find foreign tourists and expats. Yet the district retains its Thai charm and class. Surely there will be Starbucks on every block, but you’ll know you are in an exotic country and far away from where you came from.

Sukhumvit is the major road of the city and just above this road is the BTS sky train. You can take this means of transportation as it zips you through the ridiculously congested streets down below. However, the sky trains only stops between Sukhumvit and Silom. However, along the way, you see many scenic and tourist spots, which is an edge for taking the ride. The fare too is very affordable so you can loco mote anywhere in Bangkok by taking the routes of the sky train.

You can find an accommodation on Sukhumvit Road with varied price range. There really is no need to spend more for excellent rooms and courteous service. You don’t even need to stay in silly star ratings hotels provided in guidebooks. Hotels are scattered all over the area so there’s a wide array of options to choose from. They even include free buffet breakfast and other helpful amenities such as free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Even if you are loaded with lots of cash, you don’t need to overspend for an accommodation on Sukhumvit Road. If this is your first time in Bangkok, you can stay somewhere in this area. Sukhumvit offers everything that can make your vacation exciting and memorable. And you will want to return back to this city for a fun-filled experience.

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How Heat works: The Boiler People Can Improve Boiler Efficiency

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How Heat works: The Boiler People Can Improve Boiler Efficiency

The efficiency of your boiler can be affected and related to several things – the age of your boiler, its size and the control it utilizes. The Heat works: the boiler people can assist you to improve your boiler’s efficiency by helping you realize these typical hazards:

  • You have an oversized boiler

An oversized boiler can be both costlier and inefficient than a properly sized boiler. They waste so much fuel and can have the system’s lifespan shortened. Choosing an optimally sized boiler will function properly into your building and save fuel; hence, you have an improved efficiency.

  • Regular cleaning of your boiler

As with any appliance or device, you need to regularly clean your boiler to make it work properly and efficiently. If the combustion chamber is dirty, it will affect its ability to transfer heat and have fans and blowers build up dirt; thus minimizing efficiency. Choosing Heatworks: the boiler people will professionally maintain your boilers to keep minor problems controllable and improve efficiency.

  • Having an old boiler

A typical boiler will have a lifespan of around 20-30 years. Once you get past these years, you need to check thoroughly and carefully your boiler if efficiency hasn’t been affected by age. Leaks, rust and old burners can dramatically minimize its efficiency and you need to determine if replacements or repairs are necessary.

  • Opting for variable frequency drives

You need to automatically control your commercial boiler. The variable frequency drive can help operate the boiler fans to lower speeds when necessary, thus saving energy. Contact Heatworks: the boiler people if you need a new boiler or assistance to control one.

  • Having insufficient insulation in the boiler

Boilers must be properly insulated to avoid leaks, which dramatically minimizes its efficiency. This should also reduce heat loss and have heating costs lowered. If boiler insulation is too old, consider a replacement to ensure efficiency.

The Heatworks: the boiler people specialize in professionally maintaining and repairing boilers. They can also provide you brand new boilers in case you need replacements. They help you save money by having your heating system work efficiently.

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A Look At The Vaping Industry In Australia

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A Look At The Vaping Industry In Australia

A store’s front signage should tell a lot about it, that’s the whole point. But amidst the many business signage in Sydney, there’s one that might raise eye brows.

The Steamery’s frosted glass windows, and the sign up front that says anyone going in must be at least 18 years old, a notable piece of business signage in Sydney might give the impression that there’s something seedy going on inside. Even the name suggests something unsavoury.

But The Steamery, crammed between a timber flooring and tap store, is a completely legal business, however, albeit one restrained by a considerable amount  of regulations, more fitting for a licensed business establishment.

The Steamery boasts itself as “Sydney’s Premier Vape Lounge”, is home to Sydney’s largest vaping community, many of whom say that they have had to break laws regarding vaping, which they say are stupid, in order to try and save their lives.

This small store, amidst all the business signage in Sydney, is where the city’s vapers stop by to buy all their vaping materials and equipment; atomisers, e-juice, batteries, and others, and where the words like ‘drippers’, and ‘vaper’s tongue’ is the common parlance. The Steamery receives an average of 100+ visitors every day.

In order to make sure that The Steamery stays open at Botany Road at Beaconsfield, its owners do their best in order to stay ahead of the regulations. The same regulations that say that vaping devices, even peripherals such as vaping chargers or batteries, cannot be shown on display, only revealed to a customer when they ask for them. Other quit-smoking aids are not restricted by any such regulations.

The store owner, Mr. Fichkin, is himself an ex-smoker, who says that the store, which acts more like a bar than anything, is a place for the vaping community, composed of smokers or ex-smokers looking to quit the habit.

Professor Colin Mendelsohn, University of New South Wales’ School of Public Health and Community Medicine, and a tobacco treatment specialist, who is a strong supporter of e-cigarettes as a quit-smoking tool, and also describes a vaping ‘community’.

Dr. Mendelsohn, in an echo of something Mr. Fichkin said, that the vaping community is built around the idea of sharing the passion for vaping responsibility and helping people quit smoking.

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