Important Guidelines To Keep In Mind While Buying Used BIkes

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Important Guidelines To Keep In Mind While Buying Used BIkes

Buying a new motorcycle requires a huge investment. Used motorcycles are the best option for buyers looking to save costs. Buying used motorcycle helps the buyers to purchase their preferred model of the bike at low cost when compared to the new version. It helps to save the huge investment on a new bike and the hassle of arranging financing options.

However, buyers have to be very careful when buying used bikes. They have to buy the bike from a trusted owner or reputed Honda bike dealers in the neighbourhood. Here are some easy guidelines to follow when investing in a used bikes. Following these guidelines will help you to choose the perfect bike that is worth the money.

  1. The first step is to make a list of your prefere Determine why you intend to purchase a motorcycle and how you plan to use it. Write down all the different models of motorcycles that suit your requirements. Making a list helps you to define your needs and pick the bikes that fulfil them.
  2. Once you decide on the motorcycle models that suit your requirements, the next step is to decide whether you intend to purchase the motorcycle from reputed Honda bike dealers or from private owners. Both the options have their own set of pros and cons. While buying from private owners helps you to get a good deal on prices, buying from dealers helps you to get warranties and other value added services. Since dealers have a vast collection of used motorcycles, you can test different models before finalizing the bike whereas a bike owner only has one bike.
  3. It is very important to take a test ride of the bike before you decide to buy it. Test ride helps you to inspect the functioning of the various parts of the bike and have first-hand experience of the overall riding quality. If you are a first time buyer, take a trusted mechanic or an experienced friend with you.
  4. Inspect the motorcycle closely for any dents and scratches. Examine all the interior and exterior parts of the motorcycle before buying it. Buying from reputed Honda bike dealers is beneficial because they conduct all the required checks and sell certified pre-owned bikes.
  5. The final step is to inspect the documents and paperwork. Match the engine number and chassis number of the bike with that mentioned in the documents. Buying used bikes form reputed Honda bike dealers will save you from the hassles of checking the documents and paperwork. As they check the documents before putting the bike on sale.
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Nepal Welcomes First Restaurant With Robot Servers

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Nepal Welcomes First Restaurant With Robot Servers

The capital of Nepal recently welcomed a new restaurant which employs robot as their servers. The slogan of the food establishment goes like this – where food meets technology. This is not the first time that restaurateur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan have heard the use of robots in the food industry. In fact, it is expected to come true just like any other technology that consumers now enjoy.

The restaurant is called Naulo Restaurant wherein naulo is a local Nepali word which means new. The daily operation is managed with the aid of five robots – two of them are called Ferry while the remaining three are called Ginger. PaailaTehcnology, a Nepal-based company is responsible for the design as well as the manufacturing of the five robots. The company was founded by six engineers who are professionals in the field of robotics and AI tech.

According to Paaila Technology and Naulo Restaurant’s CEO, BinayRaut, Naulo is the first restaurant in all of Nepal to use digital robots. They are also the first to introduce the concept in entire South Asian region. He added that they are confident about their robots since the technology used is one of the most advanced in the global food industry. They are proud of the robots’ ease of operation as well as user-friendly functions.

The menu of the restaurant is embedded in the digital screens found on each table. From there, the customers can choose what they want to order and the order will be automatically relayed to the kitchen. Once the dishes are prepared and ready to be served, the robots will approach the kitchen counter for collection and proceed to serving the food to the respective customers. It is the first time that robots which are locally made in Nepal are used in a restaurant within the Himalayan country.

Raut said that they are now planning to launch their innovation to the global market. Many restaurateurs including Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan might be interested to try these robots to offer something new to the food landscape as well as to answer the growing challenge of hiring food service crew.

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Self-service Apps Reshaping The Fast Food Industry

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Self-service Apps Reshaping The Fast Food Industry

According to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in South America, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, there are advantages and disadvantages to the introduction of technology in the fast food scene. It was originally referred to as fast food chains because of the fast service it provides in every aspect but with technology the word fast takes on a new meaning in the industry.

Miranda Houser, a mobile app user for one of the most popular fast food chains in the United States, Chich-Fil-A, said that the mobile technology offers a new experience. As soon as they get to the store, their order is already prepared and waiting to be picked up. Within ten minutes or less, they can be out of the fast food store.

Mobile applications are one of the latest self-service elements employed by many fast food chains. Eric Samaniego who is Chick-Fil-A’s director of operations, explained that mobile apps make it possible for customers to skip the line not just inside the store but also in the drive thru corner. All they have to do is to come and pick their orders right away.

There is another feature in fast food industry known as self-service kiosks. Eric Wilson, owner of several McDonald branches in San Angelo, said that customers who place their order through the kiosks will be presented with a table tent. These can be taken out of the store and it has a tracking device so the staff knows where they are and their orders will be delivered to them when it is done.

According to managements of fast food chains, there is a rise in sales because of the self-service tools and the customers’ demand is also higher than before. The result is that they need to hire additional employees. Wilson said that they have to take on three more staff in every shift because no is available to man the kiosks.

Samaniego added that after scheduling they found out that they need more operational staff therefore they have to hire additional workers. Customer service, according to Leonardo Gonzalez Delan, is very important in fast food industry and more staff guarantees that the quality of service will remain the same.


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Is Opting For Grain Free Dog Food Better For Your Canine Pets

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Is Opting For Grain Free Dog Food Better For Your Canine Pets

You own the best dog in the world; hence, you feed him with the best food. Choose grain free dog food as it’s not only a fascinating innovation for dogs, you can buy it easily from several pet stores. The food choices you have for your dogs can make you choose grain free for their treats. After all, it’s out of the picture for your dogs to go crazy over wheat or corn. You want your dogs to taste important ingredients that make them satisfied with their famished stomachs. So, free them from shackles of a typical grain!

The logic of having your dog fed with grain free dog food has been out of the question for several years. This type of food has entered the pet marketplace with new trends just like a human dietary thinking. As paleo and gluten-free diets are now accepted in the US market, so do the diets are applicable to your canine friends. Many vendors have made a great bet on buyers transferring their eating beliefs for their pets.

You don’t have to consider grain free dog food as important and has nothing to offer your dogs. It can suit specific breeds of dogs where their masters are planning to change their diets. The dog food comes with the highest quality ingredients which include real chicken, beef, fish, salmon, turkey, tuna and eggs. The whole protein sources are far better than secondary products. It’s actually a great meal to have for your dogs; however, you need to read through the source labels.

Even with the absence of grain, the mentioned ingredients make it great for your canine pets. If you’re considering this type of food for your dog, you must know why dogs must be fed with grain free dog food.

Over years of domestication, dogs have adapted to several grains in their diets, like having corn or wheat in their regular food. It really does no harm on them, but lower-quality brands are filled with starches and it’s not ideal for dogs. If you want good quality grain free dog food, choose those that are rich in protein and have no additives or unnecessary fillers. Grain free diets make dog feeding healthier and you don’t have to worry about your pets getting obese.

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How To Get Ideas For Your Café Fitouts In Canberra

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How To Get Ideas For Your Café Fitouts In Canberra

We have recently searched for some interiors inspiration from the coolest fitouts in Canberra. From lighting to featured walls, there is something inspiring to find in these commercial spaces. So here are our top deals so you can design a cool café fitouts in Canberra for your business.

  • Having a Luxe Entrance

People say they always have the first impressions to count. In Canberra, we were amazedat the elegant black marble flooring just in front of the Urban Pantry. It proves that luxury can go a long way.

  • Mural

Street art or paintings aren’t just for alleys. They’re now making their way to residential and commercial settings too. You can check out artists that offer a custom design to suit your café fitouts in Canberra aside from those found in your home.

  • White Tiles and Dark Grout

Many interior designers just love to adorn white tiles and dark grout. They make the marvellous tiles stand out with a taste of commercial style and elegance. You can also see how these white subway blocks look using dark grout and you’llsee that it really looks fabulous.

  • Wall Hung Planter Boxes

Is there no backyard space in your café? It calls for no worries as there are experts who can maximise the wall space by using planter boxes. They can put various succulents, ferns, herbs or other tiny plants in planter boxes. This will certainly add life to the outdoors space without considering the size.

  • A bunch of Pot Plants

You can enhance the café fitouts in Canberra by adding a cluster of pot plants, which can certainly give a nice look. You will want to plant in the each pots some greenery to make it look fabulous. It will certainly improve the look of your café.

  • Feature Walls

If you’re opting for a nice fitout in your café, why not check out some feature wall inspiration from other cafes. You will want to consider painted feature walls which will look great with concrete rendered walls and timber panels. You can have a various colours added to the bright wall and make a difference.

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Auckland Research Suggests That Women Feel More Stressed In Open Plan Offices

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Auckland Research Suggests That Women Feel More Stressed In Open Plan Offices

How a company organises their office chairs in Auckland or wherever their office is has matters greatly for efficient operations, with open office plans being a recent idea touted for its efficiency and increased productivity. A recent study by a New Zealand researcher, however, suggests that there might be an issue with these plans, as they make women in the work space feel uncomfortable.

The study was conducted by Rachel Morrison, a Senior Research Lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology, over the course of two years, with the aim of discovering whether or not open office plans actually improved productivity in the office, and discovered that men and women gave very different outlooks on the layouts of office chairs in Auckland, an interesting difference.

She says that the study involved following and surveying 99 employees from a law firm as they were making the transition to open-plan office spaces, and noticed the trend in the answers given from the women in the workplace. Many of the men in the company saw the open-plan office space as a good thing, while many of the women said that they felt ‘watched’ and ‘judged’ in the new layout.

Morrison says she found the disparity in opinions on the layouts striking, with only the women registering feelings of being observed, watched or monitored, whilst not a single man had that opinion. One woman who took part in the study even went so far as to say that she felt like she was in a fish bowl thanks to the office layout.

The worker explains that, back at her previous office, there was a mindset of getting work done within the time needed then simply going home, whilst, with the way the office chairs in Auckland were laid out in the open-plan layout, that there was a subtle pressure to stay later even though there might be no need, based on how co-workers, even from entirely different teams, looked at others.

Business psychologist Jashindar Singh says that the reason some women find open-plan layout stressful is that they feel a certain amount of social pressure to behave and dress in a certain way thanks to feeling as if they were on display.

Morrison says that this is big, and, in her opinion, outweighs the benefits of open-plan layouts. She says that there’s a lot of evidence about the effects of stress on the psychological and physical well-being of workers. Morrison explains while she admits whether or not the fact that women were being observed more than men is beyond the scope of her project, the stress these women experience is very much noticeable and is impacting performance negatively.

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