New Website Can Help Families Compare Prices Between Funeral Homes

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New Website Can Help Families Compare Prices Between Funeral Homes

When someone passes away, the families are left to decide who to choose among the funeral directors in Sydney that will handle the funeral service. A new website was developed in order for grieving families to see the costs of funerals by comparing various funeral homes. This was also done in an attempt to make the funeral industry more transparent. The problem is that the website is currently bombarded with legal threats.

Gathered Here was launched at the beginning of this year and it gives the customers the chance to compare different funeral homes based on their prices.

Ever since the launch, the website developers have been receiving letters concerning cease and desist sent by funeral homes’ lawyers. They want the website to take down the listing of their respective funeral homes.

Colin Wong is the founder of the website and he shared that the inspiration in making the website stemmed after the passing of his great aunt.

He said that grieving families have a lot of options to choose from which can be complex at a trying time. Aside from this, there is the fact that the mourning families are also put under so much pressure.

Mr. Wong said that there are cases where the funeral staff will recommend more expensive options adding that the best should be given to their loved ones who passed away. There are also a lot of bargains and negotiations which can be overwhelming.

Customers on the website will have to fill up a form regarding the funeral service they want. It will then return with a list of funeral homes near them and an approximate cost.

Mr. Wong said that he was able to determine the cost by asking each funeral home on the listing. Currently, there are around 600 funeral homes included in the website, which are located all over Australia.

When calling, he introduced himself as a mystery shopper. The website is currently free to use but funeral homes can pay monthly in order for their business to be listed as priority. There are many funeral directors in Sydney and website such as this can help customers choose during one of the hardest times of their life.

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Coffin Demand Remains But Preferences Are Starting To Change

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Coffin Demand Remains But Preferences Are Starting To Change

It was during the recession in the 90s that John Peddar found himself to be unemployed. He is a carpenter and it is during the middle of the night that he came to a realization that there is a career he could enter since it is a booming industry – making coffins. This idea came to him 25 years ago when he decided to contact a funeral director and got himself a job as a coffin maker.

Peddar admitted that the demand for coffins remain strong ever since he started but a funeral director in Rockingham noted that there have been changes when it comes to what people like with regards to the coffins size and the overall look.

The manager of the funeral business whom Peddar works is Paul Callahan and has been operating for 20 years already. Peddar shared how satisfying his work is every time a family expresses how happy they are with the coffin he has made.

According to Mr. Callahan, theirs is the only company in South Australia that makes their own caskets with an in-house carpenter. Other companies are using pre-cut components and all they have to do is assemble.

It only takes a day for them to manufacture a simple coffin with no lacquer but a stained casket will require more time because of the curing process.

Mr. Callahan said that when he started, 70 per cent of the coffins made are of standard size alone. For men, six feet is the standard size while for women it is five feet nine inches. Both the widths are 20 inches and 12 inches in height.

Australians are taller and bigger compared to before thus the standard size will no longer be acceptable. They have to create a new line with larger sizes which means these are longer, wider and deeper in measurement.

Aside from the size, a funeral director in Rockingham noted that the preference for the coffin style has also changed with more and more people opting for cremation. Luxury coffins are not that in demand but consumers choose low and middle priced products with unique offering.

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