New Benz Van To Provide Green Vehicle For Logistics

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New Benz Van To Provide Green Vehicle For Logistics

Mercedes-Benz Vans will be providing more green vehicles for courier companies with their new models, the battery-electric eVito and the cell-powered Concept Sprinter F-CELL.

In a statement the company issued on July 2, Mercedes-Benz Vans says that eVitoris primarily designed for courier companies and their needs, but its specifications also allow it to handle use by tradies and service technicians. The van’s battery has a capacity of 41 kW/h, which allows it to travel of about 150km in a single full charge, which can be reached with only six hours of charging. Should the travelling conditions aren’t ideal, the customer can still get 100km in a full charge.

Notably, during the announcement of these two new models, Mercedes-Benz Vans also teased some details regarding their electric vehicle pilot projects that it’s undertaking with the cooperation of two companies that are well-known in the logistics industry; Hermes and Amazon Logistics.

According to the company, Hermes Germany, which they have partnered with, will be rolling out 1500 Mercedes-Benz electric vans. The company says that their cooperation partner will help by providing efficient charging infrastructure as well as software-controlled load management, as part of their pilot project.

The company detailed the additional developments that will come as part of their cooperation. They say that Amazon Logistics will have 100eVitos added to its fleet at its Bochum and Dusseldorf branches, while, at the same time, the two companies will be working with other partners to create a wide-range operator concept for their Bochum facility. This new concept will not only cover the charging infrastructure, but also the managing of the parking space as well as the monitoring of vehicle status.

The Concept Sprint F-Cell is a more futuristic investment, but one with notable potential thanks to it increased range compared to currently available electric batteries. Mercedes-Benz Vans says that it would be ideal for courier companies who need to use longer routes. According to the van mater, the Concept Sprinter F-Cell is a plug-in hybrid combining fuel cell and battery tech, delivering an output of 147kW and 350nm of torque. Its powered thanks to three tanks in its substructure, each containing 4.5kg of hydrogen, giving the concept a potential range of 300 km, with the option of adding an additional tank, bringing the range up to 530km.

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Types Of NZ Couriers That Deliver Your Parcels And Documents To Your Door steps

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Types Of NZ Couriers That Deliver Your Parcels And Documents To Your Door steps

These days, there are many NZ couriers in the market. It can be a large or small company. Most larger companies are often employed by businesses that perform work globally. Such businesses are required to send frequent packages from one area of the world to another. On the other hand, much smaller courier companies are established in large cities where important documents and information are sent from one city to another. You can find these New Zealand couriers through the Internet.

Allow me to discuss the various types of courier delivery offered by NZ courier companies:

  • International courier services

As the name suggests, international courier services are providing solutions for customers sitting in one part of the world who wants something, may be a parcel or an important document to be delivered at their doorsteps. This can be transported either by air or sea. Delivery takes a day to a week.

  • Same day express courier deliveryC

In this form of delivery, the courier is required to be parceled within the same day. The delivery is very helpful in times of emergency, or when you need a courier to reach its destination as quickly as possible. So if you want to send a gift to a friend living abroad, he can receive the parcel the same day through express courier delivery.

  • The nightlong courier delivery

They transport urgent deliveries within the town. The NZ couriers travel during the dark hours and early morning while you relax peacefully in your home. The best part of the service is having it delivered at a chosen time during the next day.

  • The standard courier service

In here, there is no restrictions for the delivery. Such delivery is cost efficient but you need to wait two to three days longer before the parcel or document reaches your end.

Depending on how important the parcel or document you plan to send is, NZ couriers can take them safely to your desired destination. However, you need to choose reputable and dependable couriers so that your package reaches your end safely and in great shape.

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