Modern Education Center Tutor Kris Lau On Bail Despite Allegations Of Test Leaks

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Modern Education Center Tutor Kris Lau On Bail Despite Allegations Of Test Leaks

High-profile English tutor Kris Lau from a Hong Kong tuition school Modern Education Center and student Seraph Wong are out on bail after allegedly leaking examination information in Hong Kong.


Kris Lau and the Modern Education Center

Kris Lau has been working with Modern Education Center for fifteen years. In 2011, he went to the University of Oxford for a master’s degree as part of an exchange program. He has earned the title master of functional grammar.


Modern Education Center, previously known as Intel Education, was established in 1988. It is a tuition school with more than fourteen branches all over Hong Kong.


Alleged Crime

Kris Lau, 43, and Seraph Wong, 19 are believed to have worked together to disclose confidential information using a computer. Seraph Wong is working as a marking assistant and was Kris Lau’s former student.


The government’s graft-buster charged each of them with one count of using a computer with a dishonest intent, and a joint case for conspiracy. The court believes that Seraph Wong, hired by the examination authority to mark the paper, accepted $130 from the English tutor Lau from April 17 to May 13 last year to leak information regarding the English Listening and Integrated Skills for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education examination. They are also accused of using a smartphone to send and receive information regarding the exam on April 21.


On Bail

The pair was ordered by the court to report to MongKok Police Station once a week and to reside at their reported address after paying cash bail for the alleged violation.


The court also ordered the two not to contact the fifteen witnesses in the case.


Second of its Kind

This was the second case of the same nature regarding the exam.


Just last June, WeslieSiao Chi-Yung, 42, a high-profile tutor from the same center, Modern Education, appeared in court with this wife together with two former examiners for leaking the questions for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education exam. It is believed that they received information through the phone and messages regarding the Chinese language tests in 2016 and 2017.



If convicted, the two could face three years imprisonment and pay around $12,000 as fine

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OPEC Drafting New Plan For Schools

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OPEC Drafting New Plan For Schools

Thailand’s OPEC (Office of Private Education Commission) are working on ways to help out teachers in private schools looking for Vidhayathana, the academic ranks of the country, and have begun drafting out a new plan to that effect. This new plan will aid teachers avoid over straining themselves with teaching, as well as help solve the teacher shortages that have been plaguing some of Thailand’s independent schools including the kindergarten in Bangkok, going up to the higher levels.

Secretary-General PayomChinnawong of OPEC, says that many private schools in Thailand suffer from brain drain, which happens because the teachers feel overstrained, think they lack job security, or believe that they are receiving lower salaries and inferior welfare compared to their public school counterparts.

Payom elaborates, saying that public school teachers, receive extra financial compensation every month as a form of incentive if they manage to achieve special expertise or specialist teacher status. The same can’t be said of private school teachers, he says, due to a lack of budget designed to do the same for them. As a consequence, Payom states, a great many teachers teach at private schools for a short time only to move to public as soon as they can.

This is, of course, problematic for Thailand’s private learning institutions, with many kindergarten in Bangkok constantly shuffling new and old teachers due to the moves. OPEC, according to Mr. Payom, has recognized the issue, and are moving to help private schools cope.

One idea is to adapt the Vidhayathana system, same with public schools, with private school teachers receiving additional monthly compensation until retirement for achieving ranks within the system.

For public school teachers, the following monthly bonuses apply.

  • Special Expertise Title
    • KruChamnankan: additional Bt3,500/mo.
    • KruChamnankanPiset: additional Bt12,000/mo.
  • Specialist Teacher Title
    • KruChiewchan: additional Bt19,800/mo.
    • KruChiewchanPiset: additional Bt31,200/mo.

OPEC stated through Mr. Payom, that they are currently discussing specifics regarding bonuses, due to private school owners handling the payment. He says OPEC might take a different route, and ask for an extra Bt4B from the government, with the extra from the subsidy to go straight to the salaries of private school teachers.

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How International Schools Have Changed

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How International Schools Have Changed

Change is the only permanent thing in this world and the same can be said of international schools. These institutions such as the Bangkok international school are found in the suburbs of the big metropolitan cities all over the globe.

Many years ago, these schools use printed brochures for their primary means of advertisements but now they have websites that are filled with high quality images of students from different cultures and races that are learning together. The photos we see on these websites nowadays are the best representation of what is an international school means to the present world. The demographic is changing for these institutions.

For the past two decades, there has been a considerable increase in the number of international schools in the country and all over the world. According to analysts, the number will be twice as much in the next decade. When looking at a theoretical perspective, parents will have more options when it comes to schools based on the facilities provided, the cost and the location.

The reality is different because parents have to be more careful when it comes to choosing among international schools because not all of them have the same definition of in international learning. This is why parents have to be proactive when it comes to learning more about the school and the type of education system the children are entering.

There are many factors that attribute to the growing number of international schools but the two major ones is the fact that more and more people are falling into the middle class category and they are able to afford a Westernize education for their children and second is that countries have been more accepting of international schools.

International schools used to be a venue for children of diplomats and foreign expatriates but now it has tapped a new market – the locals who can afford the costs of education they offer and those who want their kids to be excellent in speaking the global language.

More and more locals are patronizing these institutions like Bangkok international school that it has been revealed that 90 per cent of their students are locals. The growing issue now is that the number of students that are native English speakers are starting to decrease which can affect the main purpose of why an international school was established in the first place.

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Bids For Port High Furniture Came In As Expected

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Bids For Port High Furniture Came In As Expected

The School Board for the Port Washington-Saukville High School has agreed on a budget for the furnishing of the school’s new academic wing. The decision was made sometime early last May, a few weeks before the scheduled completion of the construction of the new wing.

The high school furniture budget, which was valued at $283,000, was decided upon by the Board following discussions with school administrators and Bray Architects, the firm responsible for designing the more recent renovations to the high school, after they analyzed bids for the furniture of the new wing, which totaled in at about $258,000 for 1,457 pieces of furniture. The administrators asked the board to add an additional 10% to the value appraised as a contingency for the budget, to which the Board agreed.

School Superintendent Michael Weber described the furniture as comfortable, but not to the extent that students would find themselves falling asleep.

Principal Eric Burke commented that the chairs, which were simple and ergonomic, were designed to correct the sitter’s posture, forcing the students sitting on them into the perfect posture

Designers from Bray Architects made selections for furniture, submitting three options to the school’s administrations, who decided on a design with the help of teachers and students from various departments, who tested out the furniture.

The school’s officials are also considering working on the Washington Heights building, on the northeast end of the school.  This building holds the school’s communications and social studies classrooms, and have yet to receive an update on furnishing, same as the new areas for the new academic wing, such as the cafeteria, and music rooms, that will be built as part of the project’s second phase.

The fund set for the tackling the cost of high school furniture in the referendum plan sat at $370,000, but officials of the school, such as Jim Froemming, Director of Business Services, are fully aware that that would not be enough to cover it all. The Board, however, has given its approval with using fund balance to make up the cost.

The furniture is expected to arrive sometime this August, and installed and ready for use in classes by the time they start this Fall.

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Scholarship For First Generation Students That Belongs To Low Income Families

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Scholarship For First Generation Students That Belongs To Low Income Families

It was in the late 1960s when David Rubenstein became a student of Duke University and he was the first in their family who was given the chance to attend college. His enrolment was made possible by the financial aid he received.

He is currently the chairman of Board of Trustees of the university and he decided to give a gift worth $20 million which will sponsor a one year old scholarship program to students who belong in the first generation with low income and have exhibit exceptional performance. The program will not be referred to as the David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program which will provide the students with academic experience along with developing their professional aside and enriching their personal growth. The program will cover the entire cost of the student who will avail of the education in Duke.

According to the president of Duke University, Richard H. Brodhead, David Rubenstein was able to appreciate the great education he got from Duke because of the scholarship that he was granted. After being assigned as the Board of Trustees chairman of Duke University, he fully understood how important it is for students to be given the chance to receive higher education. It does not matter what the financial status of the family where the student came from, as long as they are talented then great universities must welcome them with open arms. This ideal is embodied by Duke University and was me possible by the gift given by David.

The Rubenstein Scholars Program started only this year and was previously called Washington Duke Scholars Program – the name was derived from the Duke family’s patriarch which started the very idea of philanthropy in the university. The very first class received a total of thirty undergraduates. The scholarship includes a four-year scholarship that is loan-free as well as a summer academic experience to aid the students in their transition to the university. Within their four years at Duke, they will be given mentoring classes from faculty and peers. There are also other scholarships out there that aim to aid students such as the Scholarships for People with Glasses.

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