Three Things Home buyers Should Look Out For

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Three Things Home buyers Should Look Out For

It is not easy to find a home in the capital for the price you want. Sometimes, the most affordable ones carry a list of problems which many homeowners are not willing to tackle. This is why termite inspections in Sydney are considered very important. Aside from termites, home buyers are also afraid to land with properties that have asbestos or damp problem.

According to a property inspector, many home buyers are shocked to know that their dream home is not actually made of dreams. There is a list of problems revealed during the pre-purchase inspections but this should not be taken as a negative aspect but rather a positive opportunity to be able to negotiate.

It is important not to purchase a property without undergoing the needed pre-purchase inspections. Once the defects are known, consider the severity and the cost to have it repaired. This is why it is recommended to have a discussion with property inspectors because they know better.

When it comes to rising damp, the first indication is that there is a musty smell as soon as you enter the room. This occurs because of moisture that is absorbed by the brick walls coming from the ground. This is when moulds are more likely to take place. Aside from that, the moisture will eventually impact the quality of the bricks and damage the structure if it goes unnoticed.

The second problem is asbestos because it is considered to be a carcinogen, a material that can cause cancer. This is commonly seen in old houses because it used to be an affordable building material. Data from the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency revealed that one-third of homes in Australia actually contain asbestos.

The last thing that worries home buyers the most is termite infestations. Without the presence of companies doing termite inspections in Sydney, these pests can go on living inside the house unnoticed until too much damage has occurred. Damage by termites is higher compared to those caused by storm, floods and fire combined. This is why homeowners are almost out the door as soon as they see termite on the list.

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3 Tips To Save On Commercial Fit outs In Sydney

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3 Tips To Save On Commercial Fit outs In Sydney

Having a presentable and professional commercial fit outs in Sydney can do so much to your business. For one, it is easy to get positive impression from your customers and prospects and at the same time, you will inspire your employees to be more productive because of their conducive environment. Some managers know that their establishment requires updating but they are worried about the expenses the project will incur.  To save money on the project, here are some tips that work.

Hire a reliable contractor

You can save a lot of money by hiring a professional contractor. A qualified service provider is expert in his craft and can budget the materials properly, not to mention deliver high quality output. As a result, you get an impressive and cost-effective project that does not require immediate repair or replacement. You can find a reliable contractor for commercial fit outs in Sydney on the internet and also thru referrals from friends in the industry. Make it a point to read customer testimonials and you might also want to check the contractor’s previous projects.

Ask for cost estimates

When you ask for cost estimates, you will know a lot about the contractor. One is how fast they respond to quote requests and another is how reasonable their rates are. You will also know the average rates for the service in the industry. Request for cost estimates from at least five service providers in your area. Narrow down your choices as you receive quotes from different contractors. Instead of focusing on the rates alone, find out where you can stretch your money by looking at service warranties and contract inclusions.

Material matters  

One point to consider is the materials which will be used for commercial fit outs in Sydney as they also require budget. There are contractors who charge labour and materials for the project while there are those who only do the labour and you would have to buy the materials based on the list of materials that they will give to you. discuss with the contractor about the materials and decide according to which is more convenient and cost-effective for you.

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Office Building In Canberra Transformed Into A Hotel

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Office Building In Canberra Transformed Into A Hotel

The old tower located at 219 Northbourne Avenue in Turner, Canberra used to be an office building. The establishment in the suburb is launched as a hotel after its grand transformation. It is now known as the Mantra MacArthur Hotel with 174 rooms available. It is quite common to see commercial fitouts in Canberra but this change is quite a shock for the capital.

The new hotel is managed by Mantra Group while the owner is HTI Group, a developer in Canberra. The hotel undergone a transformation in order to meet the increasing demand when it comes to the number of guests that the hotel can handle since it is located in the capital city of Australia.

Bob East, the chief executive of Mantra Group, said that the property was the best choice to make a new hotel that will aid in the growing tourism of Canberra both in domestic and international sector.

East added that new hotels such as this are significant in boosting the tourism economy of the city while meeting the demand for more accommodations as the number of traveller increases. The flock of tourists is composed of first time visitors along with returning travellers from both domestic and international.

AMC Architecture was responsible for the design of the hotel. It has 136 hotel rooms with 40 available suites. Inside the hotel is the talked about Podilato restaurant as well as a bar that serves Mediterranean dishes. There are various amenities inside such as a meeting space, conference room, full equipped gym, internet lounge, a reception available 24 hours and parking spaces for cars.

Once the Mantra MacArthur Hotel opened, Mantra Group will be managing around 500 rooms from four different hotels all over Canberra.

According to Adam Howarth, the director of HTI Group, they received a good feedback regarding the retrofitting they have done which sets them back $19 million.

He added that they decided to follow the trend of commercial fitouts in Canberra instead of demolishing the building along with its 10 floors.Their decision resulted to a full-service hotel that appears to have been made out of a new building.

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