Queensland Homeowners Undergoing A Surge In Renovations

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Queensland Homeowners Undergoing A Surge In Renovations

Australia  homeowners who don’t like their current residence have two options; get furniture removals in Sydney and Australia, find a new place to live in and then move there, or renovate  their home. Queenslanders, it seems, are going with the latter, as data from a recent survey conducted by Westpac shows.

Data from the survey shows that about 76% of Queensland homeowners have either renovated their home or are working on doing so, a 15% increase from 2015’s number of 65%. The survey clearly shows an increase in the number of homeowners in Queensland who have opted to work on their homes, as noted by Westpac.

Westpac’s Home Ownership Spokesperson, Andy Wright, says that this trend, which was noted in Westpac’s latest Home Ownership Report, stood out. He says that, while Aussies and Sydney homeowners appreciate the services of furniture removals in Sydney and Australia, the country has always had an infatuation with renovating homes, proven by the popularity of shows like The Block.  He says that Aussies enjoy the trips to the home depots to grab stuff for DIY jobs.

Niki and Steve Dart are one of the many Queenslanders who have decided to renovate their homes, with the couple looking to work on their Pacific Pines residence, which they bought back in 2004. When their kid Jack was born in 2010, they decided that they needed to change the environment. They’ve looked for houses, but found no option they like after 12 months of searching; the homes were either not fit for their needs, or too expensive for their budget.

Mr. Wright says that the costs of getting a new house was influencing homeowners to renovate instead of relocate. He adds that it’s the millennial homeowners who are more likely to renovate; the stress of moving is not something they usually have time or energy for, which is why they choose to renovate.

He says that Aussies put great stock in creating a home environment that’s safe for raising little tykes. There’s also the older generation of homeowners, who are renovating in order to create a home they could pass on to their descendants; with data from Westpac saying that about a third of homeowners nearing retirement were opting to renovate.

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Pierre Yovanovitch’s New Furniture Collection Features Cuddly Chairs

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Pierre Yovanovitch’s New Furniture Collection Features Cuddly Chairs

You might have heard of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, when you check out the new furniture range released by Pierre Yovanovitch you might be impressed with sheepskin armchairs included in the collection. The French designer had an exhibit held in New York at the beginning of 2017 and many are surprised by the new furniture. People are accustomed to seeing sheepskin slippers, boots and gloves but not furniture.

The chairs are only part of his new collection which features 24 custom designs created by Yovanovitch. The exhibit was entitled OOPS and was held at the Tribeca gallery R & Company. This was the very first time that he was able to have a show within the United States.

The cuddly chairs are popularly called Bear Armchair and it has become a staple in the portfolio of the French designer. The upholstery of the ursine shape chairs featured during the showcase are made of sheepskin and created in three varying sizes – Papa Bear, Mama Bear as well as the Baby Bear. This follows the characters of the famous fairy-tale.

Every chair has a soft rounded shape, the top of the chair’s back has protrusions that look very much like ears and the wooden feet is spherical in shape.

There are also other designs featured in the exhibit such as a bench shaped like a donut, tables that follow the form of giant pebbles and fluffy dining chairs which are called Madame and Monsieur.

There are lamps with black pendant that looks to be made of viscous liquid and the pattern was created with the help of a palette knife. The exhibit also features a set of lights which is named after the famous ET because it looks like the alien during the 1982 movie of Steven Spielberg.

According to Yovanovitch, his collection was made through the help of craftspeople located all over Europe such as textile specialists, cabinetmakers, lacquerers, ceramists, weavers, ironworkers, upholsterers and glassmakers.

The cuddly bear armchairs are perfect for the cold days when you are wearing your sheepskin slippers and sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea before bed.

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