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Office Building In Canberra Transformed Into A Hotel

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Office Building In Canberra Transformed Into A Hotel

The old tower located at 219 Northbourne Avenue in Turner, Canberra used to be an office building. The establishment in the suburb is launched as a hotel after its grand transformation. It is now known as the Mantra MacArthur Hotel with 174 rooms available. It is quite common to see commercial fitouts in Canberra but this change is quite a shock for the capital.

The new hotel is managed by Mantra Group while the owner is HTI Group, a developer in Canberra. The hotel undergone a transformation in order to meet the increasing demand when it comes to the number of guests that the hotel can handle since it is located in the capital city of Australia.

Bob East, the chief executive of Mantra Group, said that the property was the best choice to make a new hotel that will aid in the growing tourism of Canberra both in domestic and international sector.

East added that new hotels such as this are significant in boosting the tourism economy of the city while meeting the demand for more accommodations as the number of traveller increases. The flock of tourists is composed of first time visitors along with returning travellers from both domestic and international.

AMC Architecture was responsible for the design of the hotel. It has 136 hotel rooms with 40 available suites. Inside the hotel is the talked about Podilato restaurant as well as a bar that serves Mediterranean dishes. There are various amenities inside such as a meeting space, conference room, full equipped gym, internet lounge, a reception available 24 hours and parking spaces for cars.

Once the Mantra MacArthur Hotel opened, Mantra Group will be managing around 500 rooms from four different hotels all over Canberra.

According to Adam Howarth, the director of HTI Group, they received a good feedback regarding the retrofitting they have done which sets them back $19 million.

He added that they decided to follow the trend of commercial fitouts in Canberra instead of demolishing the building along with its 10 floors.Their decision resulted to a full-service hotel that appears to have been made out of a new building.

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How To Soundproof Windows For Better Sleep

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How To Soundproof Windows For Better Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of human day to day cycle. As a matter of fact, they are so important that people would spend money just to get a good night sleep and they would also look for ways on how to soundproof windows just to rest and be rejuvenated for the next day.

There are many ways to soundproof a room. You can do it the traditional way which involves inserting rug in between the door and the floor or applying heavy duty rubber tapes on the window sill and spaces. You can also consult a professional sound proofer for a sure and neat way to ease out the noise onto your room.

If you are wondering why you should invest and find ways to get at least eight hours of sleep as suggested by health experts, here are the reasons why:

Strengthens memory

During sleep, your mind practices the knowledge and skills you have learned while you are awake. The process is called consolidation. This is the reason why when you are trying to learn something, whether a skill or academically, sleep through it and when you wake up, you will feel more knowledgeable and ready to face academic challenges or conduct practical tests with your new skills.

Better disposition 

Sleep deprivation affects mood and with mood swings, you can be sure that your association with others and even your job performance will be affected. This is also the reason why professionals find ways on how to soundproof windows so they can get ample sleep and perform better the next day.

Improved quality of life

When you get enough sleep, you wake up revitalized and energized. Thus, you get more energy to do things even after school or work. You have the energy to spend time with your family and do personal things like jog, exercise or read.

Healthier living 

Sleep naturally heals the body and eliminates inflammation. This is why athletes are taught on how to soundproof windows for them to get more sleep so for their body to heal. The right amount of sleep according to age also prevents premature aging and type 2 diabetes.

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4 Tips To Get Cheap Bedding Sets

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4 Tips To Get Cheap Bedding Sets

Shopping for cheap bedding sets may sound so easy. However, if you want to buy high quality beddings at a pocket-friendly price, it would be best to be cautious with your shopping. Here are a few tips to get the right set of beddings for your home.

Consider your comfort

There are different types of bedding materials for you to choose from but one the most preferred are those made of cotton. Cotton beddings are ideal during summer and hot season or in normal room temperature. However, during winter or cold season, you can go for flannel or those made in pranela.   Having the right set of beddings promotes better quality of sleep.

Shop from a reliable seller

Only purchase products from a reliable seller. You will know that you are looking at trusted supplier when it has already received awards and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to its shoppers. Purchase cheap bedding sets from an online supplier with positive reviews from its customers. It would also be good if the seller has been in the business for at least 10 years. This goes to show that they have a strong set of followers for them to grow in the industry.

Search for promos and deals

Beddings are generally affordable but there are ways to even lower your expenses. You can look for discounted items such as those that are offered at 50% or 60% discount and those that are offered at promo. Another way to get huge discounts is by signing up to get membership discounts with your every purchase. Suppliers offer exclusive privileges and discounts to their members.

Secure payment process

When buying cheap bedding sets, make sure that your bank or financial information will never be compromised Choose an online shop for beddings and mattresses that guarantee secure payment process with SSL encryption aside from data protection. Choose an online supplier that accepts major credit cards, back transfer and other convenient and easy payment options. This will make the transaction faster and safer no matter where you are or where you want the products to be delivered.

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Powered By 12v LED Strip Lighting

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Powered By 12v LED Strip Lighting

Many people are now saving energy and switchingto more efficient power saving appliances and devices. In the next decade, global power consumption is expected to double or triple. It can greatly affect our surroundings especially that there are a number of nuclear plants now running around the world. LED lights are one of the most cost-efficient ways to save energy and minimize forthcoming environmental decay. Even the common 12v LED strip lighting can aid the surroundings and save money on electricity bill.

What are LED Strip Lighting?

LED strips are flexible PCBs that contain variable light-emitting diodes settled in a straight line. A single LED will not create adequate lumens to make it useful in any way. Except when varied diodes are joined, it can form 12v LED strip lighting that offers a pleasant ambient light, making the process easy to understand. When LED is attached to a power source, electrons start to move around and recombine with the electron holes in the diode which leads to releasing of energy known as photons. The material used for the dielectric part of the diode will determine the colour of the light.

Who Uses LED Light Strips?

Computer modders like to use these strips of lightings inside their computer cases. They prefer various coloured LEDs like green, blue and red. They rarely use standard white coloured LEDs. They want their lightings visible so they get cases with side windows.

In regular households, LED strip light can create a comfortable ambient on small ornamental statues, masked zones, shelves, and corners and so on. They can also be usedas an outdoor design during special holidays around the home, window edges and porch. The 12V LED strip lightingcan also be used for Christmas trees.

There are those that go far and put them in their cars like underneath the car or dashboard. They can successfully replace any colourfullighting especially due to its lower power consumption. Let us not forget that power consumption is essential for a car. These LED lights consume less power;hence, battery drainsare minimized.

12V LED strip lighting are used in plenty of applications. They come in all forms of voltages, colours, sizes and shapes. Now it’sup to the user’s imagination how he intends to use them.

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Let Electricians In Wakerley Make Choices For Lightings

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Let Electricians In Wakerley Make Choices For Lightings

There are different ways to save money; however, you need to consider your budget before selecting a great lighting for your home. Furthermore, it is important to consult professional electricians in Wakerley that can cater and provide feasible options to help save money.

A regular household spends a small portion of its budget for lighting purposes. Swapping to energy-efficient lighting is one of the simplest ways to cut costs on energy bills.

The Difference Between New Light Bulbs

Traditional candent bulbs use more of energy to provide light and over 90% of energy is wasted as heat. The energy-efficient light bulbs utilize around 20-80% less energy than the traditional candent, saving more money on bills.

Knowing the Various Lighting Choices Available?

Energy-saving light bulbs comes in many types, which include light emitting diodes (LEDs), compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), etc. Although these are more expensive than traditional candent bulbs, however, they save more money as they use less energy. They are found in almost any hardware and home improvement store where professional electricians in Wakerley can help.

Comparing Costs

You need to consider your budget before choosing your preferred lighting. It is more relevant to select high quality lamps that last longer rather than buying cheaper ones that can burn out easily. Like for instance choosing CFLs over LEDs which cost cheaper, you can always consider your budget before buying it.

Other Important Factors

You can always have your home energy audited by professional electrician in Wakerley to ensure safety and cost-efficiency. They can pinpoint areas where the home is losing more energy and what needs to be improved. They can also suggest upgrades in relation to the home energy audit.

It is also important to maintain the turning off lights when not in use; cooling and heating equipment; ensuring if the home is adequately insulated; reducing electricity use throughout the home; reducing the use of hot water; and smart use of home design elements, like window coverings and landscaping which can save money in the long run. It’s also great for providing the right illumination and brightness of your home.

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Smart Ways To Save Electricity According To Perth Electrician

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Smart Ways To Save Electricity According To Perth Electrician

There are different ways to save energy to lower down your bill. While you can get information on the internet on ways to save money on your electricity, the best source of reliable information is a Perth electrician. Some of the best ways to save money on electricity include the following:

Use CFLs

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs or CFLs is one of the easiest ways to save on electricity. CFLs only utilize 25% energy compared to incandescent lamps. A single bulb can also last up to 10 times longer than an incandescent lamp allowing you to save money on bulb and at the same time, on your electric consumption.

Service your air con unit

A poorly maintained air conditioning system gives off lesser cool air pushing you to increase the thermostat thereby increasing its power consumption as a result. With less maintenance, the unit also becomes prone to damage and low performance.

Turn off energy vampires

Standby power on appliances such as television, extension wires and other electronic gadgets, eat up electricity which can amount to more or less $100 in a month. The longer the appliance or electronics is plugged into an outlet, the more it consumes energy. Make sure to turn off electronic strip when you appliances are no longer in use.

Be conscious of energy use

Any qualified Perth electrician would advise you to be conscious of your energy use. Turn the lights off when leaving a room and make it a point to unplug appliances when they are not in use or when leaving the house. Aside from saving power consumption, you also reduce the risk of fire incidents in your property.

Do electrical regular check

To ensure that your wires are in safe and serviceable condition, have it maintained by a qualified Perth electrician at least once a year or when there is a need to. If your electrical wiring has not been replaced for years, you might want to consider replacing it for a more energy efficient and safer set of wiring around your house or establishment.

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