How A Serviced Apartment In Bangkok Can Make A Fabulous Stay

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How A Serviced Apartment In Bangkok Can Make A Fabulous Stay

Some people agree that they don’t get to enjoy a holiday once in their lifetime. They are too engrossed with work that they barely find time to travel and enjoy. If ever they decide to go on a vacation, they will need assistance from travel agencies to choose a destination for them. They also feel that they need to find an accommodation like a hotel or a serviced apartment in Bangkok that feels like home and meet their budget.

If you’re booking for a luxury hotel, you’ll definitely experience a luxurious stay with fantastic amenities. However, some may opt to choose a serviced apartment as they can cook food and do laundry just like what they do. It feels like your home away from home while enjoying your vacation. So, let’s try to find out why a serviced apartment in Bangkok must be your choice for a short-stay vacation.

  • The Service Apartments Come with Great Value: Travelers save money when staying in these apartments rather than a luxury hotel as they don’t have to spend for cleaners and hotel staff.


  • They Can Provide the Guests More Space: There are few travellers who come to Bangkok for business. If they have rented a serviced apartment, they will have the amenities needed to deal with their business partners. The serviced apartments are usually bigger than hotel rooms. Hence, they can accommodate their guests in the rented apartment to do business with each other.


  • People Eat What They Like: As the serviced apartment in Bangkok has its own fully-furnished kitchen, you can store food and cook what you like, and thus save money for eating out. You’ll just have to buy the ingredients and prepare the meal just like doing it at home.


  • Both Short and Long-term Stays Are Possible: Of course, just like any other holiday, you are limited to time and money. If you are here for a week or two, you can rent a serviced apartment in Bangkok where you need to sign a contract lease for the stay. Should you want to extend your stay, you can inform the landlord for extension. Otherwise, you’re set to go home.

So, if you want the best for your holiday without worrying about costs, choose a serviced apartment in Bangkok for your accommodation. You can have a fabulous holiday as it feels like home.


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Four Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

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Four Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

Travelling to a new destination is always stressful. No matter, how eagerly you look forward for the trip, travelling to a new country involves a lot of stress and anxiety. This is a list of travelling mistakes, made by most of the first time visitors to Bangkok. Go through the list and be prepared to avoid them.

  1. Choosing a hotel

Bangkok is a busy city with too much of traffic. It is a popular tourist destination, financial capital of Thailand and is also a famous destination for medical tourism. Owing to a number of people visiting the country throughout the year, the city has a number of accommodation options. However, it is important to choose a 4 star hotel in Bangkok in the right location. Choose the hotel which is close to the areas, which you intend to explore. Staying at a hotel, which is close to the mass transit stations in the city also helps the tourists to save time by escaping the traffic congestion on the roads during the peak hours.

  1. Packing too many clothes

Bangkok is a shopping paradise. There are many shopping malls and street shopping markets that sell good quality clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. Pack light and have room for your shopping items in Bangkok.

  1. Not bargaining at the markets

Bargaining with the vendors of street side shopping markets, allows you to buy your favourite goods and accessories at best prices. Moreover, it is fun to bargain with these vendors. However, be reasonable while bargaining and do not bargain too much. It is advisable to roam around a bit and explore the markets to know the price of a product.

  1. Underestimating the traffic

Travelling through the rush hour traffic in Bangkok is very difficult. Start early and set aside ample time to arrive at your destinations. Account for the traffic, while calculating distances between different attractions. It is advisable to stay at 4 star hotel in Bangkok, which is close to the BTS and MRT stations. This will help you to avoid the traffic and reach the destination on time. Most of the tourist attractions in the city are connected by mass transit systems.

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International Developers See Thailand As Worth Investing In

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International Developers See Thailand As Worth Investing In

Looking back at the entire 2018, it has been a good year for the hospitality industry of Thailand because many investors, both local and global, are investing their money to construct more hotel rooms in the country in order to meet the current demand which continue to grow yearly. There are many hotels near in Pattaya that are being renovated to offer more room accommodations than before.

There is a reason behind the progress of the hotel industry and it all boil downs to the increase in number of domestic and international traveller’s. Based on the prediction made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, foreign travellers will reach 40.3 million while local travellers will go around the country about 177 million times.

Based on the expectations of the Thai Hotels Association, the hospitality industry will remain strong in the country despite any political crisis that might arise in the coming 2019 elections because the global economy has been stable for a while now.

The challenge remains for hotel operators because their room prices are still the lowest compared to other big cities that are within the Southeast Asia. In a survey conducted at the end of quarter three, there are already 143 hotels in the country while there are 33,855rroos available.

Global companies are mostly responsible for the latest developments in the industry. For instance, this month of December saw that Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co which is based in Tokyo has made an announcement regarding their next project which is to launch a hotel in Chonburi which is 60 kilometres to the southeast part of Bangkok. This hotel will be available to the public by 2021.

Ratanakorn Asset, a local real estate company, in partnership with IHG said that they have already made a contract to construct eight additional properties in major destinations in Thailand including Pattaya, KohSamui, Phuket, Khao Lak and Rayong. This will no doubt add to the hotels near in Pattaya which will give locals and tourists more options if they want to visit the province. Unlike Bangkok, Pattaya is more laidback but will all the fun the metropolis has to offer.

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Climate Change Might Be Beneficial For Coral Islands In Maldives

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Climate Change Might Be Beneficial For Coral Islands In Maldives

Villingili is a small island located at the tip of Maldives in the south. On this island is a patch of land that is 2.4 meters above sea level. It is said to be the lowest high point in the entire planet. Majority of the islands are seen to be only around one meter above the sea therefore it is assumed that the lowest country in the world may be drowned by the rising ocean before this century comes to an end. This is the reason why many tourists are booking luxury resort in Maldives because it might not be around much longer thus they have to see it before it disappears forever.

While it might just be an item in the bucket list for tourists, things are taken seriously by the 400,000 citizens who are living there. When the rising sea consumes the island, they will be the first people to be treated as refugees due to climate change.

There is a high possibility to the assumption that the island is going to disappear if the land surface is the same but there is a big question as to it might be prevented if the land could be raised higher as the sea level increases.

According to a research publication entitled, Geophysical Research Letters, the five reef islands that are found at the south of Maldives were developed during a time when the sea levels rose much higher than the current numbers.

The country of Maldives is actually home to 1,200 islands of coral reefs. The processes by which reef islands are formed are found to be quite interesting since they are made of sediments from different organisms including gastropods, corals and mollusks. These are the same organisms that thrive in coral reefs that are in nearby waters.

Research showed that climate change will brought about an increase in sea levels and large wave events will come in stronger than before. There might be hope for the people and the businesses including luxury resort in Maldives if it is proven that the islands could continue growing vertically through climate change.

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How To Choose The Best Rooftop Bar In Saigon

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How To Choose The Best Rooftop Bar In Saigon

Once you visit a new city, the first thing you must do is to find a good vantage point – a place high up there with spectacular views, and where you can have a visual grip to the new surroundings. The next step to do is to celebrate – being in a rooftop bar in Saigon, there has to be cocktails. This should be your primary visit when visiting a new place, as you can afford the luxury of being here.

Saigon is now in the heart of Vietnam’s profitable boost, with new skyscrapers and luxury hotels setting up each year. On the uppermost storeys of these buildings are voguish rooftop bars which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city. Though the rooftop bar in Saigon caters to the wealthy foreigners and nouveau-riche, the prices of drinks remain low, which makes any traveller afford the cocktails.

A really great rooftop cocktail demands blending of specific factors. One bar may have a magnificent city view but with weak and watery cocktails; another might offer strong drinks and a long happy hour; but with simple interior décor. So here are criteria of having a great rooftop bar in Saigon:

View: At street level, you’ll find Saigon polluted and chaotic. But if you’re to view it from rooftop bars, you can make the entire city look neat and clean. Ensure that you sweep the Saigon River wandering towards the South China Sea. If you really want a good view, make no other faults the bar may have.

Happy Hour: Let the Happy Hour conditions determine the value of your customer’s money. They may be spending around $5 to $10 per drink, but if you give them buy one and get one free, it should make a great deal.

Cocktails: Check your glass if there is more ice than alcohol? You need to consider quality, quantity and strength of the cocktail, which can vary from every bar.

Ambiance: You need to put the right service, music, décor and other elements to have a great ambiance and atmosphere of a rooftop bar. It means a lot to someone when a bar he has considered has everything from the smallest details of interior design to the presentation of drinks. One must ensure that the rooftop bar in Saigon passes Vietnamese standards, which is exclusive and expensive.

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Things To Do When Visiting Cardiff

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Things To Do When Visiting Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital of Wales is considered as one of the best places in the United Kingdom where you can spend the weekend. There are hotels in Cardiff city centre and a thriving restaurant scene. Cardiff is also the most manageable among the four capital cities in the UK with a population of 341,000. It is common for large student populations to visit the stadium together with sport fans. There are also professionals and families that simply want to have a good time.

The city has undergone development in recent years and now boasts of architectural wonders and the stunning waterfront area that is shaped like Cardiff Bay. However, like most trips in the UK, it is important to come prepared for the changeable weather. If you are from Manchester, London, Portsmouth or Nottingham, you can easily reach Cardiff by train.

There are plenty of attractions in Cardiff from the historical to the new. One of the best places to visit is Cardiff Castle, a quirky masterpiece that was build during the Victorian Era. For a ticket price of £3.25, a visitor can enjoy a house tour.

At the Cardiff Bay, the Millennium Centreis the best example of the area’s regeneration. After spending the day at the Cardiff Bay, the next destination is Mermaid Quay with its shops and restaurants. On a sunny day, you can spend time at Blue Park, one of Cardiff’s green spaces with views of the castle and River Taff. At Roath Park, there is a lake and lighthouse.

Most of the hotels in Cardiff were inspired by the Welsh heritage, music, industry and craft. Most of the hotels are located in the city centre. During low season, a hotel stay will cost you about £120 while during high season, expect to pay more than £180 per night. The 5-star hotels will likely charge you £220 per night.

For budget travellers, the best option is hotels in Cardiff city centre that are designed to meet all your needs and guarantee complete comfort. This is a budget accommodation with a difference because it offers great value with a designer feel.

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