4 Advantages Of Booking In A Club Sky Lounge In Bangkok

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4 Advantages Of Booking In A Club Sky Lounge In Bangkok

If you are planning to visit Bangkok for business purposes or to conduct an important corporate meeting, the type of accommodation that you should look for is a club sky lounge in Bangkok or in its surrounding business districts. Instead of booking for an ordinary meeting room, take your business meeting to another level by having it in an exclusive lounge bar instead. Here are some advantages of having your meeting in a sky lounge.

Exclusive lounge use

The good thing about booking in a sky lounge is you get exclusive use of the area. There are hotels with sky lounges that are located at the upper floors such as the 10th and 15th floors. These lounges offer total privacy for users so they can do their business in peace and comfort.

Spectacular view

One thing that a club sky lounge in Bangkok offers is its amazing surrounding view. Because the lounge is located at the upper floors of the hotel, guests can enjoy the magnificent view of Bangkok skyline and its breath taking city lights at night. When you get tired of working on your computer, you can rest your eyes and take in the view of the city from above and take pleasure on its busy streets.

Suitable for business meetings

Sky lounge is designed to offer comfortable and conducive venue for business meetings and corporate dealings. You can also use the lounge for working or for preparing reports and other work-related tasks. You can find an indoor sky lounge that can accommodate 50 persons while its outdoors can accommodate 24 seats. The meeting room can take in eight persons. It offers business centre and two internet-connected computers.

Lots of freebies

When you book in a club sky lounge in Bangkok, you get to enjoy various freebies such as breakfast buffets and complimentary drinks and finger food at night. You can also enjoy 15% discount on ala carte menu at their restaurants and café apart from complimentary two pieces pressing/laundry per day and many others. Check the website of the sky lounge that you are considering to know more about the service.

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Research Reveals It Is Cheaper To Rent Than Buy In London

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Research Reveals It Is Cheaper To Rent Than Buy In London

Based on a recent research, out of the 50 cities in Britain, London is the only one where it is cheaper to rent a flat with two bedrooms compared to buying it and paying a mortgage. This may be the reason why rent flat in London is the most preferred options by young people.

In the remaining 49 large cities, research by Zoopla showed that it is cheaper to buy a property rather than to rent. In London, renters are paying £1,840 compared to an average mortgage payment per month of £2,168. There is a different of £328 between the two.

In all of the other major cities, the average mortgage homeowners have to pay monthly for a flat with two bedrooms ranges from £564 to £136.47. This is lower compared to a monthly rent payment which averages at £700.47. The figures were calculated by using the loan to value mortgage of 85 per cent while the medium asking price is at £149,539.

The same research also revealed that renting a property could become more expensive. According to 57 per cent of real estate agents, there will be more renters that will enter the market in 2018. 30 per cent of these real estate agents believe that additional rental properties will be developed to answer the expected demand.

Homeowners residing in Scotland as well as North of England join the list of the city with the lowest mortgage payment in comparison to rental values.

Glasgow is the number one city wherein the mortgage repayments on a monthly basis are lower compared to the monthly rental. In this area, the homeowners are paying a mortgage that is 57 per cent lower compared to rent.

Cambridge and Brighton, both towns in the south, showed that the buying and renting amount have only a one per cent difference.

Zoopla’s spokesperson, Lawrence Hall, said that the research only proves that to rent flat in London is the most ideal option and in the remaining cities, buying is more favorable. The numbers only show that renters are paying higher compared to homeowners that are repaying a mortgage.

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3 Tips To Find Thai Restaurant In Sukhumvit

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3 Tips To Find Thai Restaurant In Sukhumvit

In order to complete your Thai holiday experience, look for a Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit where you can satisfy your cravings for local and international cuisines. There are a lot of restaurants around Sukhumvit especially in the busy and popular districts. As a result, choosing a restaurant to wine and dine can be daunting. However, the task should not be so challenging especially that it can be done easily with the following suggestions.

Search from online sources

If you are not sure where to have your next dinner, you can check on the internet for recommended restaurants in Bangkok. To narrow down the results, indicate the area where you intend to dine around Bangkok. You can also search for top 10 restaurants in Bangkok and its nearby areas. You might want to include Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit when you type in the keywords at the search engine bar. You can also refer to blog sites to get recommendations from those who work to specifically review hotels and restaurants in different places. The good thing about blogsites is they offer a lot of information about the restaurant such as its best seller, price range and they also provide images of food.

Visit your hotel’s website

Luxury hotels generally have upscale restaurant for their guests and customers. You can check from the hotel’s website to find out if you are interested with their restaurant and the type of cuisines that they offer. Luxury hotels usually have different in-house restaurants that you can choose from. One advantage of dining at the restaurant where you are booked from is you can get exclusive discounts for your food and beverages. Check the hotel’s website for more information especially on deals and promos that you can take advantage of.

Restaurant reviews

You can also find an excellent Thai restaurant in Sukhumvitby reading reviews provided by independent review sites and third-party hospitality organizations. Review sites are independent so you can bank on their reliability. Read trusted and credible reviewing bodies to get ideas from. Find out if the hotel or restaurant has awards or citations from award-giving bodies. Consider the price, taste and cleanliness of the restaurant in your decision.

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Exciting Hotel Club Benefits In Sukhumvit

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Exciting Hotel Club Benefits In Sukhumvit

There are different types of hotels in Bangkok but if you want a unique experience, look for a themed hotel with hotel club benefits in Sukhumvi twhich will make your stay a truly enjoyable and memorable one. Here are some of the features that make a themed hotel worthy of your time and money.

  • Themed rooms. Club rooms are brimming with perks and exclusive offers but aside from that, what makes themed room exciting to stay in is that that you would feel like you were living in a nostalgic yet interesting past. There are different types of themes used in club rooms. There are clubs with pop icons themes, new age rock theme and many others. While the rest of the hotels have standard designs, you get to stay in a unique yet comfortably familiar room due to its themed furnishings.
  • Exclusive discounts. Some of the exciting hotel club benefits in Sukhumvit are 30% discount on food and beverage and as much as 15% discount upon early booking or 14 days prior to your arrival.
  • Complimentary services. Look for a hotel around Sukhumvit with club rooms that over a variety of complimentary services such as free drinks and snacks every day and complimentary minibar supplies that gets replenished daily aside from the complimentary cocktail drinks upon arrival. There are also hotels that offer one time 15 minutes of Head and Shoulder Massage to their guests. If you are going to stay for two nights at the hotel, you can get one time complimentary buffet for two and one-way airport transfer if you stay for three nights.
  • Unique services. Another unique hotel club benefits in Sukhumvit is 24-hour stay at the hotel which means your check out would be the same with your check in time. Hotels would generally let you in at 2PM and check out time is at 12noon. You can also find hotels with all-day breakfast so you get to enjoy your favourite breakfast meals even at 9:00 in the evening. Search on the internet to find hotels with clubs that feature exclusive deals to get the most out of your Thailand experience.

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Smoking Ban On Thailand’s Beaches To Protect The Beauty Of Nature

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Smoking Ban On Thailand’s Beaches To Protect The Beauty Of Nature

Thailand has become a global tourist destination. Tourists flock to Thailand every year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, ancient temples and unique entertainment. From Bangkok to the Koh Tao villas, travelers will experience a different type of adventure that only Thailand can offer. However, sad to say the beauty of nature is being abused by no less than the humans who spend their time in the beaches.

The beaches of Thailand are among the most beautiful in the Southeast Asian region and Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) intends to preserve the natural beauty of the environment. To coincide with the peak season will be the introduction of a smoking ban along visitor hotspots that include Krabi, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket and Phang Nga.

The smoking ban will be enforced starting November this year. Smokers who fail to abide with the ban which is imposed on 20 of Thailand’s famous tourist beaches will face a $3,000 fine or one year imprisonment. TAT authorities decided on a smoking ban after they cleaned up 140,000 cigarette butts from a 2 ½-kilometer stretch of sand in the famous Patong beach in Phuket. However, smokers will be provided with a smoking area where they can properly dispose off their cigarette butts.

Tourism is very important for the economy of Thailand. The island country is making the effort to improve tourist-related infrastructures and services. Accommodations like Koh Tao villas that provide travelers with an amazing view of the natural wilderness and surrounding landscape offer amenities that rival 5-star hotels.

However, the huge numbers of holidaymakers that arrive in Thailand threaten to spoil the idyllic beaches with trash that damage the local ecosystem. On the other hand, Thailand is also strengthening lax safety standards that put visitors at risk. 30 million visitors who are expected to visit Thailand will have peace of mind that any complaints will be properly addressed.

Visitors in Thailand will get their money’s worth from the Koh Tao villas that overlook an amazing panoramic view. The highest expectations of guests are assured because the staff wants their visitors to gain a very memorable experience like no other.

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The World Continues To Appreciate Japanese Cuisine

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The World Continues To Appreciate Japanese Cuisine

Based on reports released by NHK, the number of Japanese restaurants that can be found all over the world in 2006 was 24,000. In 2016, the number has increased to an overwhelming 89,000. In Bangkok, Thailand, you will find Japanese restaurant in Asok station of BTS Skytrain. In France, you will find a variety of Japanese restaurants from the traditional sushi shops to hip izakaya (Japanese pub).

Japanese food has been enjoying an unprecedented boom ever since UNESCO declared that Japanese cuisine is an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. Everyone suddenly became interested including the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). In mid-September, the institute has declared a partnership with Suntory Holdings, a Japanese whiskey maker, to create a new course which they called Advanced Cooking Japanese Cuisine.

What constitutes Japanese food is still being discussed but undoubtedly sushi is the most popular. Because of the popularity of sushi that makes use of Japanese rice as one of the major ingredients, Japanese rice exports abroad in 2016 was 31% more than the previous year. According to the Japanese government, exports reached an all-time high at nearly 10,000 tonnes.

Advanced Cooking Japanese Cuisine will cover authentic Japanese food, flavours, techniques and food culture of Japan. The class will be jointly taught by CIA instructor Chef Martin Matysik and Chef Hiroki Murashima from the world renowned Tsuji Culinary Institute based in Osaka, Japan. The joint initiative will bring greater appreciation and know-how on the Japanese art of cooking.

The growing popularity of Japanese cuisine is unquestionable. It is very easy to find ramen and sushi at restaurants all over the world. Chefs are increasingly considering the flavours, technique and designs used by Japanese chefs. They also explore other cultural aspects of a Japanese dining table which includes the principles of umami or the fifth taste.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those who desire authentic Japanese cuisine, your best option is Japanese restaurant in Asok with its subtly-designed private dining rooms. Each dish is meticulously prepared from ocean-fresh and farm-fresh ingredients imported directly from Japan. The restaurant’s décor is traditionally Japanese with rustic wood doors and lustrous sliding panels.

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