The World Continues To Appreciate Japanese Cuisine

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The World Continues To Appreciate Japanese Cuisine

Based on reports released by NHK, the number of Japanese restaurants that can be found all over the world in 2006 was 24,000. In 2016, the number has increased to an overwhelming 89,000. In Bangkok, Thailand, you will find Japanese restaurant in Asok station of BTS Skytrain. In France, you will find a variety of Japanese restaurants from the traditional sushi shops to hip izakaya (Japanese pub).

Japanese food has been enjoying an unprecedented boom ever since UNESCO declared that Japanese cuisine is an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. Everyone suddenly became interested including the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). In mid-September, the institute has declared a partnership with Suntory Holdings, a Japanese whiskey maker, to create a new course which they called Advanced Cooking Japanese Cuisine.

What constitutes Japanese food is still being discussed but undoubtedly sushi is the most popular. Because of the popularity of sushi that makes use of Japanese rice as one of the major ingredients, Japanese rice exports abroad in 2016 was 31% more than the previous year. According to the Japanese government, exports reached an all-time high at nearly 10,000 tonnes.

Advanced Cooking Japanese Cuisine will cover authentic Japanese food, flavours, techniques and food culture of Japan. The class will be jointly taught by CIA instructor Chef Martin Matysik and Chef Hiroki Murashima from the world renowned Tsuji Culinary Institute based in Osaka, Japan. The joint initiative will bring greater appreciation and know-how on the Japanese art of cooking.

The growing popularity of Japanese cuisine is unquestionable. It is very easy to find ramen and sushi at restaurants all over the world. Chefs are increasingly considering the flavours, technique and designs used by Japanese chefs. They also explore other cultural aspects of a Japanese dining table which includes the principles of umami or the fifth taste.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those who desire authentic Japanese cuisine, your best option is Japanese restaurant in Asok with its subtly-designed private dining rooms. Each dish is meticulously prepared from ocean-fresh and farm-fresh ingredients imported directly from Japan. The restaurant’s décor is traditionally Japanese with rustic wood doors and lustrous sliding panels.

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Singaporeans Allowed To Use Airport’s Automated Gates: Easy Access To Luxury Home

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Singaporeans Allowed To Use Airport’s Automated Gates: Easy Access To Luxury Home

When you are about to become an international student from a foreign country, who will be studying in an exclusive school in another foreign country, you should prepare yourself for every possible scenario that life may throw at you along the journey. But, first things first. You need to make sure that studying in an international school is something that you really wanted to do and you know that deep in your heart, you can be more successful in your desired career path if you choose to study in a well-recognized international school. Now, let’s say that you’ve informed your parents about your desire to go to an international school, the next step is to look for the appropriate school that will fit your skills and needs. Nowadays, international schools are scattered all across the globe with each school being unique from the rest in terms of programs being offered to students. If you are planning to study in Thailand, specifically in its capital city, the city of Bangkok, you will need a place where you will be staying while you’re studying. Sure, you can stay at a dormitory near your school but if you can fortunately afford it, you can ask your parents to rent or even purchase a luxury home for you so they can also have a space to stay when they’re visiting.

If you’re a Singaporean citizen, either studying in Bangkok or visiting for tourism purposes, you won’t need to spend wasteful amount of time waiting in the long lines at the immigration counters at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport with two automated gates exclusively reserved for Singaporeans who are seeking entry into the city. The said announcement came from the official Facebook page of the Royal Thai Embassy of Singapore saying that the Immigration Bureau of Thailand has announced that the kingdom has already started using the said two gates at the said airport. While Singapore is the first country to enjoy such privilege, the immigration officials said that they are looking to add other countries that will be given the same ease of access especially considering the fact that such a speedy immigration processing will attract more visitors into the country and probably, stay at a luxury home in the kingdom’s capital city.

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How To Prepare For A Holiday In An Exclusive 5 Star Resort In Phuket

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How To Prepare For A Holiday In An Exclusive 5 Star Resort In Phuket

Most people look forward to long holidays as it is their opportunity to unwind and have a little break from their busy, probably stressful urban life. When you get the chance to go on vacation, it might be best to make the most out of it and experience booking in an exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket or anywhere in the beautiful islands of Thailand.

To make your experience even more enjoyable and hassle-free, here are some travel tips that you can refer to.

Book your tickets and hotel accommodation in advance

Last minute can be risky. Aside from the risk of not having a plane seat or hotel room in your preferred service provider, the chances of getting the services at a steeper price is also higher. To get that peace of mind and to lower the costs, book your tickets in advance and place your reservation in an exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket before your scheduled trip.

Create an itinerary

To maximize your stay in Phuket, create an itinerary or an outline on what you intend to do everyday while on holiday. Check the offered water or outdoor activities of the hotel or its nearby attractions that you might want to visit while in Phuket. You might also want to include the use of available facilities of the hotel such as schedule a therapeutic massage or yoga lessons.

Pack the right clothing and items

When you have already identified the activities that you want to engage in, pack the right clothing and items that suits your planned activities. Thailand is a tropical country so make it a point to pack light and comfortable clothing.

Keep safety in mind

Thailand is generally a safe country but to be sure, keep your valuables such as your money, passport, mobile phones and gadgets in a pouch that you can wear and take with you all the time. In addition, make sure that the exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket where you are going to stay has a safety deposit box for your valuables.

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Why Tourism In Thailand Continues To Grow

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Why Tourism In Thailand Continues To Grow

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries with $7 trillion generated annually. It is not surprising for competition to be fierce with countries making all efforts to attract large number of tourists to their shores. One of the top league players is Thailand that is showing signs of moving higher in the standings.

Thailand has become a real favourite among students, backpackers and budget travellers because of the welcoming hospitality of the Thais, the favourable weather, white sandy beaches, exotic temples and all night parties at beaches and clubs. At this time of the year, Bangkok has broken the 30 million mark in tourist arrivals, closing near 32 million which means that it should be ranked at the Top 10 worldwide.

Tourist numbers continue to grow in Thailand because it powered by virtually by all markets. Chinese visitors have increased to 30% with Russian and American visitors increasing by 12%. In order to push tourism further, Thai tourism officials will open tourism promotion offices in Toronto and Sao Paolo to tap into Eastern Canada and Brazil.

As growth in tourism continues, visitor numbers are no longer good enough. While Thailand offers amazing value for money, it has literally turned into a hotspot of luxury with 5-star hotel resorts and spas becoming a venue for medical tourism and wellness and haven for sailing enthusiasts.

Thailand is no longer about riding elephants or tasting its authentic cuisine; the country is now at the cutting edge of what is hot when it comes to tourism promotions and marketing. The Tourism Authority of Thailand which is the national promotional arm was the first to introduce the concept of “Visit Year.” The idea is now being copied by other countries after seeing the surge of affluent travellers to Thailand. Thailand is now the new destination for the ultimate in yachting experience.

On the other hand, if you are not an affluent traveller, your best option is discount hotel in Sukhumvit that offers comfortable rooms and good service for an affordable price. Since the hotel is located in the heart of the city, dining and shopping hotspots are just minutesaway.

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