Safe Trailering With Three Types Of Trailer Hitches

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Safe Trailering With Three Types Of Trailer Hitches

If you have no idea what trailer hitches are, you can find them in big trucks, pickups and SUVs. These are used to pull large equipment like boats, campers and others to places you want to go. Whether you are new to towing or want a major change in your towing, you need to know the various trailer hitch systems.

Hitches come in three typical types in the trailer industry, which are the fifth-wheel hitch, also known as gooseneck, the load equalizer or weight distributing hitch, and the weight carrying hitch.

The fifth-wheel hitch is attached to the center of a truck bed, and are utilized for gooseneck-type trailers. Hundreds of pounds are added to the hitch systems and make the truck relatively more steady and not prone to strong winds and road sway. Many people find these trailer hitches easy to park, although the trailer can impair the truck bed if squeezed too tightly while backing.

The weight distributing hitch involves a receiver and removable trailer ball and hitch plate. The hitch frame is connected to the frame of the tow vehicle in a manner where the tongue weight is distributed between the trailer axles and the vehicle. Usually the trailer hitches are used on pickup trucks and SUVs to balance medium to heavy cargoes. It is expected that the towing load will not surpass the towing capabilities of a vehicle.

The weight carrying hitches are always connected to the bumpers and bring all of the trailer’s weight. These are meant for light cargoes like those in utility trailers; however, they aren’t suitable for pulling horses.

Hitches may be purchased from local retail stores; however, they consume more time and money to find the right ones for your vehicle. You need to know more about them so you can choose the best options most suited for your needs. If you search online, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. You don’t need to leave home and you can visit more online shops offering the hitches. Just check with your mechanic the type and class of trailer hitches that fit your vehicle and to ensure the safety of everyone and everything.

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