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How Detox Is Implemented In Inpatient Rehab

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How Detox Is Implemented In Inpatient Rehab

The process of eliminating or reducing alcohol or drug use is called detoxification or detox. Here the addictive substance is removed from the body. Detox from addiction can be done through outpatient or inpatient treatments, although the more effective solutions are done in residential treatment centers. Detox along with counseling and behavioral therapy treatments will make the person healed from addiction. So it is best to know more about inpatient rehab and outpatient facilities.

Importance of Detoxification

Having existing alcohol and drugs out of your body’s system is the most essential step to healing from addiction. Many drugs remain in the system for weeks after its last usage. Detox can be an uncomfortable situation in the body as it will trigger withdrawal symptoms. The body will no longer get used to having the drug taken anymore. In most cases, the withdrawal symptom can be hazardous, which leads to stroke or seizures. This is the simple reason why they should be handled with care by a qualified medical professional. One needs to be monitored for the compliance of the detoxification and treatment programs.

Drug Detox

How the drug detox program will be performed through inpatient rehab will depend on what substance the user is addicted to. In many cases, the detoxification process will take only few days to a week to complete. With some drugs, it may be decreased slowly so that the withdrawal symptoms will remain tolerable. The detox process for some drugs may need administration of medications, like methadone for heroin addicts. The medicines serve as substitutes for the original drug taken by the user, which helps in breaking the addiction. As per Harvard Health Publications, 25% of people taking methadone to stop heroin addiction continue to use it permanently, while there are around 25% who eventually stop taking the drug.

After Detox

After completing detox programs in an inpatient rehab, the recovered addict will need to undergo treatment to complete his recovery. He will need to attend therapy and group support programs to help them deal with the substance abuse. The therapy can be done through outpatient services. Another aspect of treatment after detox is to test the user’s blood to ensure that he stays clean all the time. Without follow-up treatments, it is possible that the user can return to his addiction. To be sober, it is always good to subject oneself to a doctor or counselor for proper guidance.

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