The New Generation Of Smart Communicating Connectors

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The New Generation Of Smart Communicating Connectors

Engineers all over the world generally use coupling connector in air and fluid handling applications because it easy to use and gets the job done. There are various configurations, sizes and materials including design considerations to increase equipment safety and enhance equipment modularity. No matter the application, there is always a connector that can deliver exactly what you require.

There is a new generation of “smart” tubing connectors that handles both fluids and back-and-forth flow of data. These connectors rely on radio frequency (RF) communication to successfully improve equipment performance, prevent human error and capture fluid and product data. Communication between fluid lines and machines are very useful particularly for critical applications.

For example, fluid connectors will allow communication between fluid lines and machines that deliver high value consumables through tubing to equipment like 3D printers or medical laboratory testing machines. Tubing can come in the form of bottles, bags and other containers or transfer devices. At its most basic, if the connector has the ability to communicate, it will be able to identify and authorize the correct connecting port.

Proper identification of connecting port will reduce simple connection errors usually caused by human handling. Communicating connectors can wirelessly transmit data to a computer for recording, access and analysis.

Tasks that the communicating connector can undertake include being able to determine whether the fluid connector is connected to the right brand of consumable that the machine is designed for, whether the container has passed its expiration date, whether there is sufficient amount of material in the container to complete the process without interruptions and whether the material is stored under the most favourable environmental conditions.

In the communicating connector, coupling body is usually a part of the machine while the insert is part of the fluid container or source. The requirements of the application will determine how the two connector parts can start communication.

There is a wide range of coupling connector that is designed o deliver the requirements of your application. For example, there are general purpose coupling connectors that deliver excellent flow in spite of their compact size. Safe and easy transfer of fluid is guaranteed with protection to reduce wastage of costly products.

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Erica Ender As The First Latina To Be Nominated For The Grammy’s

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Erica Ender As The First Latina To Be Nominated For The Grammy’s

 Women from Latin countries are famous for their exotic and unique beauty. Most latin women are drop dead gorgeous with black hair, beautiful dark eyes, tan skin and curvaceous bodies. However, it is wrong to stereotype Latinas as party goers and fun loving because they are also determined to achieve their dreams just like women from other parts of the world.

Erica Ender is no stranger to music because she is one of the top songwriters in Latin America. Ericawill be celebrating her 25th anniversary in the music industry as a performer and she has tons of reasons why she has to celebrate. Last November 28, the Recording Academy announced the list of nominees for this year’s Grammy’s and Ender is the first Latin American woman nominee for the song of the year in the Grammy history.

Ender received a congratulatory tweet from the Recording Academy while she was preparing for a performance with Roberto Carlos for an annual Christmas special in Rio de Janeiro. If Ender wins the coveted award for Despacito, her message to the world will be about perseverance and unity. Winning is not about competing but sharing. Those who sing the songs are obviously the face while those who write and produce are the people working in the sidelines to make everything possible.

In spite of campaigns for general equality, women are still considered the minority. However, women today are more determined to achieve their dreams so that they can empower other women. Women persevere with their values and talent so that they can reach their goals in an honest way. Even if Ender is the only woman involved in what is happening at present, she wants to share the recognition with those who helped make Despacito overwhelmingly successful.  Success cannot be accomplished alone.

Men who want a serious relationship have the opportunity to acquire contact details and email addresses of latin women from South America, Central America and North America. Thousands of attractive and charming Latin girls and ladies of all ages are waiting for a serious gentleman from another country who will offer them marriage.

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Smoking Ban On Thailand’s Beaches To Protect The Beauty Of Nature

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Smoking Ban On Thailand’s Beaches To Protect The Beauty Of Nature

Thailand has become a global tourist destination. Tourists flock to Thailand every year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, ancient temples and unique entertainment. From Bangkok to the Koh Tao villas, travelers will experience a different type of adventure that only Thailand can offer. However, sad to say the beauty of nature is being abused by no less than the humans who spend their time in the beaches.

The beaches of Thailand are among the most beautiful in the Southeast Asian region and Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) intends to preserve the natural beauty of the environment. To coincide with the peak season will be the introduction of a smoking ban along visitor hotspots that include Krabi, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket and Phang Nga.

The smoking ban will be enforced starting November this year. Smokers who fail to abide with the ban which is imposed on 20 of Thailand’s famous tourist beaches will face a $3,000 fine or one year imprisonment. TAT authorities decided on a smoking ban after they cleaned up 140,000 cigarette butts from a 2 ½-kilometer stretch of sand in the famous Patong beach in Phuket. However, smokers will be provided with a smoking area where they can properly dispose off their cigarette butts.

Tourism is very important for the economy of Thailand. The island country is making the effort to improve tourist-related infrastructures and services. Accommodations like Koh Tao villas that provide travelers with an amazing view of the natural wilderness and surrounding landscape offer amenities that rival 5-star hotels.

However, the huge numbers of holidaymakers that arrive in Thailand threaten to spoil the idyllic beaches with trash that damage the local ecosystem. On the other hand, Thailand is also strengthening lax safety standards that put visitors at risk. 30 million visitors who are expected to visit Thailand will have peace of mind that any complaints will be properly addressed.

Visitors in Thailand will get their money’s worth from the Koh Tao villas that overlook an amazing panoramic view. The highest expectations of guests are assured because the staff wants their visitors to gain a very memorable experience like no other.

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Top Chefs Want A Slice: Sydney Wedding Catering Industry Booming  

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Top Chefs Want A Slice: Sydney Wedding Catering Industry Booming   

Now that you have gotten your fiancé to say “yes” to your sweet marriage proposal, then it’s time for you and your soon-to-be-wife start on making the needed preparations for your big day. Now, in planning for the big day, you have to consider many things aside from the budget that you will be spending from the moment you start making the necessary preparation until the actual day of the wedding. One of the major things you and your special someone need to take a closer is which of the catering companies in your city will serve the refreshment and meals during the reception of your wedding. Now, if you are an Australian citizen, living in Sydney and you are planning to get married soon, you can simply approach one of the Sydney wedding catering companies for your proper wedding catering needs.


Speaking of the catering industry in Sydney in Down Under Australia, top chefs within the state are now chasing every available opportunity to take a piece and experience the full blast of a booming catering business in the state, specifically with the growth of Sydney wedding catering companies that are in need of professional chefs. Just last May of 2017, many of the famous names from big restaurants in Sydney made the jump from restaurant to become a chef in a catering company precisely because of the growth of various events and wedding that are in need of caterers who will serve hot and cooked meals. Catering experts explained that one of the reasons for the sudden booming of the catering business within the state is that more and more people are now willing to invest heavily just to experience a nice dining experience in private, meaning during their events such as wedding and other celebrations. In fact, some clients are prepared to pay 500 Australian dollars per head just to experience the best dining experience from the best caterer in the state. The sudden growth of the catering industry in the state can also be attributed to the never-ending obsession of majority of the Australians towards celebrity chefs and watching cooking shows.

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4 Tips On How To Find A Midwife

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4 Tips On How To Find A Midwife

To Find a Midwife is not a daunting task. Although you can easily find hospitals and birthing facilities in your area, the demand for midwives remain constant due to the benefits a mother could get out of a midwife’s quality service. If you want to seek the services of a midwife, here are ways on how you can find a qualified practitioner in your area.

Ask your family doctor

One good source of midwives is your family doctor. General practitioners usually know service providers and practitioners beyond their scope and they can always refer you to those they think are reliable to render the service you need.

Check on web-based practice locator

Another excellent way to Find a Midwife is by checking online for web-based practice locator. The good thing about searching for a midwife through this method is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and at your own convenience. A web-based practice locator has a complete listing of midwives in your area and in nearby locality. Such websites also have the complete address, and contact details of the midwives making this one of the best sources of information among practitioners.

Ask your local midwife association

You can also find information about midwife practitioners in your area by checking your local midwife’s association. Some of these associations have their own website or you can drive down to their office to get a chance to gather more information and talk with midwives for more tips and ideas on how you can go about with your pregnancy and immediately after you have delivered your newborn.

Ask for referrals

To Find a Midwife, ask for referrals from your friends or neighbours who may know of a reputable midwife that they can recommend to you. The good thing about asking for referrals is that you get a first-hand account from actual clients and you would know first-hand if the service was excellent and the client was satisfied with the services given to her. Set an interview with the midwife to know more about her.

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Tens Machine: A Brief Overview

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Tens Machine: A Brief Overview

Tens units make use of electric impulses, which are said to aid in the elimination of muscle contraction. Healthcare professionals strongly advise their patients to make use of EMPI tens unit especially for those who are enrolled in strength training programs. The use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has shown positive results. The good thing about this therapeutic treatment is that it does not come with debilitating side-effects, unlike that of what is seen in other treatment options. This is often used as a solution for pain management; people who suffer from painful musculoskeletal issues can benefit from TENS units.This technology is deemed safe by the FDA.

Buying a Tens Unit

Before buying a tens machine online, take note that these machines differ from one another in several ways. For one, you will discover that this is sold under different brands. This alone could already overwhelm you. Stick to a brand that is considered reputable. This way, you can be sure that you are buying a reliable tens machine. The machine should come with warranty. A long warranty is considered good since this only indicates that the manufacturer trusts their product. See the reviews online about the manufacturer when planning on buying a tens machine online. If there are negative reviews about it, look for another brand instead. You also need to check out if these come with valuable freebies that other providers would let you buy separately. It’s more economical to buy the ones that come with spare parts. You will notice that controls would be different from one another. Consider choices that have cover over the controls so that you won’t have accidental adjustments on the settings. Tens units come with LCD displays. This should be clear enough for easy reading.

Benefits of TENS Technology

Aside from pain management, TENS technology is valued today in the health field because it provides several benefits. This technology is said to help in muscle retraining, helping correct nerve function. Some users make use of a tens machine as a massager. A research conducted by the University of Washington has shown that this could help ease inflamed muscles. Its use has also been associated to recovery from the phobia that often comes during rehabilitation.





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