Vietnam’s Chinese Visitors Increasing

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Vietnam’s Chinese Visitors Increasing

Vietnam has become a recent hotspot for Chinese tourism, with many more tourists considering staying at a designer hotel in Saigon for their vacation. As the tourism industry grows, the country is expecting more and more visitors to the country.

The Saigon Times media reported that the Chinese tourist scene is booming, with Vietnam reporting a notable influx of Chinese tourists, which numbers slated to hit 4 million visitors, which is a large increase from last year’s 2.7 million, which they state are figures they acquired from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

The Chinese tourism influx into Vietnam accounted for a non-negligible portion of the tourist traffic of the country last year, accounting for a whole 27% of the country’s international tourist arrivals. If the projected numbers are met this year, the Chinese tourist arrivals into Vietnam could go to dominate the country’s market shares at 35%.

The VNAT is working with the tourist hotspots of the country, such as KhanhHoa, Danang, and QuangNinh, in order to improve the appeal of Vietnamese tourism, as well as ensure quality and safety for the many tourists , Chinese or otherwise, they hope to bring into the country, including communicating with travel agencies to ensure honest marketing and delivered promises on special offers.

On top of all of that, the VNAT will be organizing road shows throughout China, in order to promote Vietnam’s tourism, with visits to Nanjing, Nanning, Hefeir and Fuzhou this month alone. These road shows are part of the VNAT’s programme to promote Vietnamese tourism to China, and, ideally, should allow the travel industry the opportunity to expand their business via Chinese enterprises.

According to the report released by the VNAT, Chinese tourists head for Hanoi, Halong, and NinhBinh in the northern areas of Vietnam, whilst, in the central region, Danang, Hoi An, NhaTrang and Hue are popular. In the southern areas of Vietnam, the most popular spots are PhuQuoc and Ho Chi Minh, showing a notable appeal for a stay at a designer hotel in Saigon.

In 2016, Vietnam managed to attract over 10 million international tourists, an increase from 2015’s 8 million.

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When To Hire Services Of Glass Cutting Melbourne

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When To Hire Services Of Glass Cutting Melbourne

Almost every home has a glass element inside it. Even wooden houses cannot do away with having a glass window, glass partition and other glass materials whether for aesthetic purposes or need. Because of this, at some point, you will also need the services of a company for glass cutting Melbourne. Glass cutting companies are generally required for the following purposes.

Glass replacement

A glass replacement is needed when a part of the glass, whether decorative or part of the home’s structure, is broken and can no longer be repaired. An immediate replacement of glass is also important to avoid having you or your family member damaged by the broken glass. This is particularly true if you have young children or pets at home who may be injured out of a damaged glass element. When you noticed that a glass panel or decoration at home is beyond repair, call an expert in glass cutting Melbourne to resolve the issue right away.

Emergency glass repairs

If your glass only sustained minor damages or dents or the damage does not affect the entire glass area, it would be best to have the broken area repaired instead of repaired. This applies to damaged blocks of French Windows or glass partitions in homes or offices. An emergency repair is also required when the damage already endangers the safety of the people in the premises. When you noticed chip or breaks in glass elements, do not touch it to prevent further damage and also to avoid getting cuts from glass shards. Call an expert on the matter and leave it to the team to fix the issue.

Home improvement 

You would also require the services of an expert in glass cutting Melbourne when you need to remodel your house or update its physical appearance. Some glass fixtures may no longer look be applicable to your house’s new design so it’s time to replace or have a set of glass panel installed in your home. Hire a reliable glass cutting team to ensure high quality results for your home or living area.

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Hydrotherapy For Holders Of Health Insurance In Bangkok

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Hydrotherapy For Holders Of Health Insurance In Bangkok

Staying healthy should remain as our top priority regardless which part of the society you belong right now. Whether you are a CEO of a big corporation in a busy city or a regular employee working for 9 hours in front of a computer, you should always make sure that you are physically fit to get out there and face every challenge that life may throw at you. If you are living and/or working in the city of Bangkok- the capital city of Thailand, you should make sure that you have the appropriate health insurance in Bangkok because although Bangkok is among the world’s best in terms of providing healthcare services both to its citizens and to foreigners as well, their healthcare services may be a little pricey. Having your own healthcare insurance is the best way to ensure that someone will take care of you in case you get sick or got involved in an unfortunate accidents especially when you’re in Bangkok, away from your immediate family.

Recently, healthcare officials notice a significant increase in the number of elderlies who are regularly visiting health centre who has a great number of facilities for hydrotherapy. Elderlies who are experiencing all sorts of age-related problems such as joint pains may avail various services at Din Daeng Health Centre which is conveniently located at the heart of the city- which makes it accessible especially for aging individuals. The best part of this is that elderlies who have an existing health insurance in Bangkok can now avail such services, for free. This is a welcome development indeed especially for families of the elder men and women because they won’t need to worry about where to get that 1,200 Baht per hour which is the price that they are paying just to avail the use of therapeutic pool and other related facilities inside a private hospital. At the centre, senior citizens can also enjoy the other facilities such as the water circuits, a swim jet pool, a spa room, sauna, a head massage machine and a shoulder massage machine. For more active exercise, they can also use the centre’s 15m by 8m hydrotherapy pool.

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Taste Of Tokyo To Head For Phuket

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Taste Of Tokyo To Head For Phuket

For those hoping to enjoy something special from a spa in Patong, or looking for some R&R on the island of Phuket, were treated to a delight earlier this May, when 2 of Japan’s most acclaimed restaurants showed up on the island, and, in cooperation with the Sri Panwa resort, held a gastronomic event for visitors.

Wagyumafia, and Sushi Tokami, two of Japan’s most notable restaurants collaborated with Sri Panwa recently, turning the luxury resort on the southeast of Phuket island into a gastronomy destination, turned into a cooking area to play host to the two restaurants.

HisatoHimada, is the founder of the Wagyumafia restaurant, which hails from the Tokyo neighborhood of Akasaka, with a specialization towards for Japanese beef. He is dedicated to the quality of beef, and the heritage of thereof, having gone to build a network made up of award quality cattle farmers throughout Japan. Notably, Wagyumafia even made a bid for the 2016 Kobe beef champion, regarded as the world’s most expensive.

Meanwhile, Sushi Tokami, located in Ginza, Tokyo is a Michelin starred, small restaurant (holding only 10 seats), which specializes in Edomae sushi, prepared with carefully selected ingredients picked only at their prime and traditional, time-honored techniques. Founded and operated by Hiroyuki Sato, some of the restaurant’s highlights are made with the highest quality local products; natural bluefin tuna and rice straight from the mineral-rich Niigata Mountains. At the event at Sri Panwa, Hiroyuki was in charge of a sushi station, with assistance from another Michelin starred chef, Jackson Yu, founder of Omakase in San Francisco.

Both Hiroyuki and Hisato have a record of travelling across the globe, not only advertising their disciplines, but also sampling the iterations made by other chefs of their like throughout the world.

The event was held throughout the evenings at Sri Panwa, with multi-course dinner from the two restaurants, complete with products and ingredients imported straight from Japan. Held from the 2nd to the 3rd of May at the Sri Panwa resort, at the Baba Phuket, the event was visited by interested tourists who flocked from their spa in Patong, gastronomy fans and connoisseurs, who had to vie for limited seating amidst the 20 people limit for the two nights.

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Improvements In Budget Hotels To Attract Corporate Business Travellers

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Improvements In Budget Hotels To Attract Corporate Business Travellers

For a business traveller who has experienced different types of accommodations, budget hotels are synonymous to lifeless décor, thin walls that cannot muffle the noise next door and the sounds of vehicles beyond the window. However, cheap hotels are making improvements so as not to miss the opportunity in luring the corporate crowd.

Britain’s budget hotels are undergoing makeover to win the favour of business travellers. While 24-hour room service and extra towels are not yet part of the amenities, custom-made king-sized beds and power showers are becoming quite common. According to analysts, investment in better amenities came at a very importunate time when corporate travel budgets are being reduced. Business travellers who were accustomed to luxurious and high end hotels will not encounter a gulf in quality when they try the accommodations in cheaper hotels.

According to Hugo Canelas of Boston Consulting Group, over the past years, corporations have made reductions on travel spend. They have also become stricter in the implementation of travel policies. Now they are benefiting from the existence of mid-scale and budget hotels where direct bookings do not cost a fortune.

Aside from the budget phenomenon that has transformed the traditional business attitude towards cheap travel accommodations; low cost airlines are also vying to gain a share of the business traveller’s market by adopting the policies associated with British Airways. Aside from the option of being able to book a specific seat, airlines have also created the standard class business package.

Two of the United Kingdom’s largest budget hotel chains, Premier Inn and Travelodge have business accounts with many small firms. Aside from the business travellers, these hotels also earn from the leisure crowd. Hotel room standards at the lower end of the hotel industry have generally improved although they do not find any feasible reason for 24-hour room service and daily towel changes.

On the other hand, in Thailand, hotel near Bumrungrad hospital is gaining a lot of attention because of its proximity to many local attractions and Bangkok’s tourist areas. The hotel is situated in a perfect location to allow their guests easy access to explore all that Bangkok has to offer.


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Kerry Katona Managed Her Bipolar Disorder And Decided To Be A Life Coach

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Kerry Katona Managed Her Bipolar Disorder And Decided To Be A Life Coach

After she was able to learn how to overcome her own personal traumas due what happened in her past, Kerry Katona is now determined to help other people do the same.

She is known as the former member of the Atomic Kitten girl group. She struggled growing up because her childhood is not a normal one. She was in care because she was suffering from a bipolar disorder. After which, she finally declared that she went bankrupt. She revealed that she is now trying to use her personal experiences in order to help those who are in the same boat and turn their life around if she can.

In an interview, the 36 years old shared that a lot of books have helped her on her way to recovery. She was able to learn more about setting goals and aiming for them. She discovered how to change certain things in her life which eventually made her decided to see a life coach. This is when she realized that she wanted to help other people as well.

According to her, it is a good feeling to be able to talk to someone whom you can ask questions and whom you know will be able to give you feedback. Her life coached has helped her and she admitted that she is thinking about going down the same path in some point in the future.

When asked what the future holds for her, she answered that she is determined to continue the current exercise she is doing and keep her positivity. She is also willing to follow life coaching as her next career.

She has been through a lot in the past and she thinks that she will be able to help other people who are suffering what she has been through since she knows their pain.

Katona is a mother to her five children and she shared how working out has made a big difference to her life and the bipolar disorder she is dealing with every day. It has benefited her mental health in a good way and this is all thanks to her intuitive life coach who helped her every step of the way.

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