Google Launching New Features For Fans For FIFA World Cup 2018

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Google Launching New Features For Fans For FIFA World Cup 2018

Tech giant Google has recently released new features for the football fans hoping to stay updated and to ดูบอลสด, with a list of new features that’ll let them keep track of the things happening on the field.

The new features were revealed via a blog post by Yoav Schwartzberg, Google Search’s Product Manager, which detailed the new features, which the company designed for football fans. Schwartzberg says that users will now have a new experience for exploring football tables, stats and currently trending players. He adds that the company is also planning to bring video recaps of games, no later than 30 minutes from the match’s end.

The video recaps available will cover goals and match highlights. These features will allow fans to keep track of upcoming matches, news about the participating teams and their players, group standings, and event brackets, among others. Part of the new features is letting fans ดูบอลสด, or to keep track of it with real-time score, complete with detailed timeline of all updates, as well as in-game moments, complete with complimentary tweets, stats, images and more.

Additionally, Android smartphone users can also pin “real-time scores” on their phones’ display, straight from the search bar on the mobile browsers, like Chrome, or from the Google app on their phone. Users can also navigate to the match listing they want to watch, and drag it into their screen to pin it.

Google Doodle will also update, countries being listed on the Doodle if their team is participating in the FIFA World Cup 2018, for interested fans. Fans can now also ask Google Assistant for the result of their matches, which come with details like the score, who scored the most goals, and other football-related queries. Google News app can now function as a dedicated World Cup Tracker, with a spotlight feature that come with live scores and highlights, results, and schedules. However, the Google News tracker function is only available for those in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, as well as the US and UK.

Google Trends as well as Google Maps will also list data on football matches. The latter will keep track of the rankings for players and other key data based on how many searches happen, whilst the latter will highlight business listings that’s good for watching sports.

Finally, Google has released a series of apps directly associated with FIFA World Cup 2018, like the aptly named 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Official App, and the Panini Sticker Album, among others.

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Hellfire Pass Museum- Introduction To The Painful War History Of Thailand

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Hellfire Pass Museum- Introduction To The Painful War History Of Thailand

The Death Railway and the Hellfire Pass museum are the two must visit attractions in Kanchanburi. The Kanchanburi province is located around seventy-five miles to the west of Bangkok and lies on the country’s border with Myanmar.

The Death Railway was constructed by the Japanese during the Second World War. The railway line connected Bangkok to Burma. The Japanese army used prisoners of war and civilians from Asia as labourers for the construction of the railway line. These labourers were treated most inhumanely and had to work for nearly sixteen to eighteen hours a day under pathetic work conditions. Most of them lost their lives due to starvation and the hard work. The loss of innumerable lives during the construction gave this railway line, the name of Death railway. The Australia government constructed a museum to remember the lives lost during the construction and honour their memory. The Hellfire pass Museum the national memorial Thai provides a lot of information to the visitors about the history of the Death Railway, the work conditions of the labourers and the tools used by them to cut the huge rocks.

The Hellfire pass Museum the national memorial Thai is the best museum in Thailand and also one of the best museums in Asia. The visitors can get a glimpse of the history through the guided tours organized by the museum and the light and sound show that introduces the visitors to the history of Death Railway. Many cultural ceremonies are conducted during the River Kwai Bridge Week, in order to commemorate the memory of the bombings by Allied forces.

Visitors can take up the guided tour to the famous hellfire pass cutting and other important landmarks along the railway line organized by the Hellfire pass Museum the national memorial Thai, to get the real feel of the painstaking work of the labourers. Tourists can also take a train ride on the Death Railway and cross the famous bridge on KwaiRiver.

Along with the Museum the national memorial Thai, there are many other attractions in Kanchanburi. Tourists can visit the River KwaiBridge, POW cemetery and trek to the hellfire pass. They can use taxis and local buses to reach the different sites.

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How A Bus From Bangkok To Koh Samui Can Make You Have An Enjoyable Vacation?

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How A Bus From Bangkok To Koh Samui Can Make You Have An Enjoyable Vacation?

KohSamui is an idyllic place in Thailand which you’ll love to visit. It may take you more days to a month to enjoy the island as there are several things to do. To reach the area, you will need to ride a bus from Bangkok to Koh Samui for convenience. Here are helpful tips for you to wholly enjoy your vacation.

  • The best thing you can do in this gorgeous island is to check out the Na Muang Waterfalls. The ‘purple waterfalls’ is famous for its purple shade rock faces. In KohSamui, there are other waterfalls to visit, but this body of water is the most scenic. In here, you can relax or swim, while you hear the sound of falling waters drop.


  • If this is your first time, you can check out the Secret Buddha Garden hidden within the island. It is a peaceful garden with a waterfall flowing through the thick rain forest. It can be challenging to see the spot, but you need a powerful 4WD vehicle to take you here. It’s full of adventure and thrill, that’s why it’s called secret.
  • Aside from the pleasant ride in a bus from Bangkok to Koh Samui, you will want to see the famous elephant ride. Take a picture of yourself with your new elephant friend and keep it as a souvenir. Even kids above eight years old are allowed to enjoy this elephant ride.


  • Aside from these picturesque sights, you will want to visit the impressive beaches of the island. You can practically do any watersports here. The seawater is perfect for snorkeling or you can rent a speedboat and enjoy the great view. Watch the amazing panorama of huge limestone cliffs and hidden lagoons. You’ll be reminiscing memories here so ensure you have captured pictures with friends or family.


  • Gratify your hungry stomach while dining on a breezy hilltop overlooking the plantation of coconut palms and a stunning view of the ocean. You’ll love to taste authentic southern Thai flavours made from classic local ingredients and paired with cocktails and wines.

To take you to this beautiful island, you need to ride a bus from Bangkok to Koh Samui and enjoy the beaches. There are so many things to do here so include Koh Samui asa destination.

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Stanton Grant Raided By Victoria Authorities Regarding Bikie Money Laundering

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Stanton Grant Raided By Victoria Authorities Regarding Bikie Money Laundering

South Melbourne firm Stanton Grant Legal, known for their personal and probate lawyers in Melbourne, was raided late in March and seized by local authorities from its partners and placed under the supervision of a legal regulator-chosen manager, as part of the authorities’ anti-bikie efforts.

There were a lot of corporate, personal and probate lawyers in Melbourne sweating, as dozens of law firms across the region were raided as part of investigations with alleged money laundering done by the notorious Aussie motorcycle outlaw gang, the Comancheros.

Howard Rapke, a managing partner at Holding Redlich law firm, was appointed by the Legal Services Board as the manager of Stanton Grant Legal, granting him authority of the daily operations of the firm for as long as the LSB decided.  Mr. Rapke, in a statement, confirmed this appointment, but did not reveal why he was chosen to manage Stanton Grant Legal. He also didn’t elaborate on how long the appointment would hold.

The anti-bikie operations, led by Echo Taskforce, executed several search warrants late in March, with Stanton Grant Legal being one of the targets of the raids, which included accountancy firms, gyms, tattoo parlours, other legal firms, and even brothels. Nine people were also charged with a wide range of infractions, which included drug possession, and false accounting, among others.

Reportedly, one of the key targets of the raids was David Graer, self-described “forensic accountant”, who has connected to a property developer that was under investigation from the Australian Taxation Office regarding tax evasion. Though he was not directly charged, one of the targeted locations were a known property of Mr. Graer.

Regarding the anti-bikie efforts, Comanchero Mick Murray, who was in jail for not answering inquiries made by the covert Office of the Chief Examiner, a government agency set up specifically for dealing with organized crime.

The verdict was passed in a Supreme Court hearing late in March, a week before the raids, which led to Murray receiving an eight-month sentence for contempt of the chief examiner. Details regarding the judgement revealed that Murray did not go under the oath of affirmation when asked by the court. Murray says that the Crimes Commission is the worst-kept secret in Melbourne, with everyone knowing and hearing of what happens.

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Food Service Initiative In Ohio Could Be Prolonged For The Summer Season

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Food Service Initiative In Ohio Could Be Prolonged For The Summer Season

An announcement was made by the Ohio Department of Education regarding its proposal to further the Summer Food Service program in order to answer the increasing demands of the children that are recipients of the meals when they are on summer vacation. The department is working with a food service that employs a purchasing solution similar to Chef Mod.

With the help of the Summer Food Service initiative, thousands of young kids are able to eat all over the state. Ever since 2014, there has been an increase in the number of sponsorships for the program. In fact, it is 10 per cent higher than four years ago.

According to the public institution’s superintendent, Paolo DeMaria, children should not stop receiving healthy meals just because school is out for the summer. This is made possible by the Summer Food Service Program which ensures that children gets all the nourishment they need and they can continue having fun while learning at the same time. The children will not have to worry about their meals and instead they can focus on various summer activities such as playing outdoors, reading and sports.

The recipients of Summer Food Service Program are kids between the age of 1 and 18 years old. They are the same ones that depend on school meals alone. Children of special cases including those with disabilities can join the food program until they are 21 years old.

These free meals can be availed in various parts of the state such as schools, universities, colleges, libraries, nonprofits, and housing complexes for low income families, parks, swimming pools, camps and community centers among many others.

Recognition was awarded to the director of nutrition services at Painesville School, Kelly Minnick, along with the nutrition staff of the district because of the effort put in making sure children get their healthy meals even in summer months.

Despite the state’s effort, there are still many children in Ohio that are starving especially during the school break. Food service organizations with purchasing and recipe management software such as Chef Mod should get involve and make sure all the kids are getting the right nutrition.

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Bidding War Among Institutions To Host The Bayeux Tapestry

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Bidding War Among Institutions To Host The Bayeux Tapestry

There are different fibres that can be spun into thread but only a handful can be used for embroidery. Most embroiderers choose polyester embroidery thread sets because of the higher quality that does not require any special handling. However, there are different types of polyester threads some priced lower than other types that are more expensive to produce.

The 900-year old Bayeux Tapestry will cross the Channel in a historic loan to France. French President Emmanuel Macron will formally announce the proposal to lend the medieval tapestry that was embroidered to depict the Battle of Hastings. Meanwhile, leading museums and heritage sites engage in a bidding war to gain the right to host the embroidered tapestry.

The 68-meter long tapestry is considered as one of the greatest and most powerfully evocative treasures of the medieval times as well as the historically tumultuous relationship between Britain and France. Even if the tapestry is expected to arrive in Britain in 2022, the announcement of the French President has sparked a contest among institutions from the British Museum to Battle Abbey in East Sussex. It is clear that that everybody wants to gain the lucrative right to host the artwork.

The British Museum was immediately forthright with it is willingness to host the historical tapestry. It is expected that the tapestry will generate a large number of visitors in a single exhibition. The last exhibition that was attended by a great number of people was the Tutankhamen exhibition in 1972. According to Director Hartwig Fischer, they are honoured to host the tapestry that is believed to have been created by British embroiderers.

The British Museum also believes that their exhibition gallery is spacious and long enough to host the Bayeux Tapestry in a single length. The museum has still enough time to prepare for the unending arrival of people.

Embroidery-related products that include polyester embroidery thread sets are available in Bangkok, Thailand. The embroidery products are guaranteed safe with high quality to meet the demands of the textile industry. The polyester threads are strong, with excellent stitchability and reduced puckering. They are available in thin and thick threads with excellent elongation.

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