Kenya On Alert As People Get Addicted To Prescription Medicines

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Kenya On Alert As People Get Addicted To Prescription Medicines

The Kenyan government might need some Drug Dependency Rehab programs, as the country is on high alert as more and more Kenyans get addicted to prescription drugs, which include opioids, the drug responsible for the overdose crisis that’s plaguing the US.

In Kenya, dealers openly sell prescription drugs in nightclubs and on the streets, with teenagers known to mix them with soft drinks, khat, or just swig them straight from the bottle outright. Local pharmacies are breaking and bending regulations in order to make as much money as they can from selling highly addictive opioid-based medicine.

Opioid dependence isn’t just affecting jobless Kenyans, as it’s also getting to pilots, teachers, lawyers, even professionals like law enforcers and, even some medical practitioners are finding themselves in need of Drug Dependency Rehab like the nurse who got into the news for her opioid addiction

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) published its 2018 report earlier in July. According to data from the World Drug Report, the non-medical use of prescription drugs is becoming a serious threat to both public health and law enforcement, with opioids accounting about three in every four drug use related death.

According to a review of Kenya’s drug abuse data by Nation Newsplex, Kenya saw 1,338 drug related deaths back in 2016, with opioid overdose accounting for a the largest percentage of that number.

Global data shows that approximately 127,000 people die of opioid overdose annually, with women more likely to misuse or abuse prescription medication.

The UNODC has estimated that an approximate 33 million people across the globe use opioids, which cover prescription opioids as well as opiates like opium and heroin. Their data says that two million of these users are in Africa, with East Africa having 260,000.

Africa has gotten reports of codeine addiction from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Niger and Chad, and, while the number of Kenyans and Africans addicted to prescription medications pales in comparison to figures in more developed countries, the problem is real and it is growing.

The youth in Africa are getting increasingly addicted to prescription medications, with the worst being affected in the age range of 22-35, and are mostly found in the countries of Mandera, Mombasa and Nairobi.

Psychiatrist, Prof. LukoyeAtwoli, says that the abuse of prescription medications is just as terrible and dangerous as illegal drug addiction, it’s a very real, very threatening mental illness. He adds that it’s more than just knowing what the side effects are, as even health workers are being affected, the same way the rest of the countries are.

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