What Do You Do If You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring

A proposal is one of the best times between couples but it does not mean that the women have to love the Melbourne engagement rings that were presented to them during this wonderful moment. It is not uncommon for women to complain about the engagement rings that were presented to them. Not everyone falls in love with their engagement rings. In a recent survey conducted by Ingle &Rhode which is a jewellery company, 14 per cent of adult participants admitted that they are disappointed by the engagement rings given to them.

What do you do when this happens to you?

First, think about the representation of the ring. As soon as your proposal bubble has burst, you might be able to think with some sense and see things in perspective. It is totally acceptable to be dissatisfied with your engagement ring as it is something you will be wearing on a daily basis especially if it does not go well with your style. As you consider your feelings, you should also be aware of the intent of your groom-to-be. Think about the love they have put into the ring as they may have saved up a long time for it or they may have designed it personally. According to the chief editor of Flirt, Alex Reddle, the message of the ring is more important than its style or colour since it is a symbol of love between two people.

If you don’t like your engagement ring, make sure to talk about choosing wedding bands with your partner. This time you will be able to have a say and once the wedding ceremony is over, you can choose to wear the wedding band alone and not the engagement ring. According to the founder of Relationup, Rhonda Milrad, it is acceptable to wear the wedding band alone and keep the engagement ring.

This is why it is important for grooms-to-be to choose their Melbourne engagement rings carefully while keeping in mind the style, taste and preference of the person they love. This way, any disappointment can be avoided but at the end of the day, love is what is important between married couples.

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