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Infrastructure Boom Offsetting Residential Downturn For Workers

The real estate market in Australia has been dealing with a lot recently, from the increased need for nathers assessor thanks to increasing environmental awareness, then the recent downturn, which has been a problem for the country, particularly the construction industry. The state governments, however, are pouring record number in terms of funding into infrastructure, […]

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When To Secure A Thai Work Permit

When a foreigner moves to Thailand and decides to work, the issue regarding acquiring a work permit will soon pop up. Thailand offers a few jobs to westerners to teach English, which is something that they are permitted to do. Volunteering at a charity or teaching voluntarily is also possible. But, the issue regarding the […]

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Additional Amnesty For Illegal Hotel Operators

With the rise in tourism in Thailand, there are many accommodations opening up such as Novotel in Kamala Beach but unfortunately there are also illegal ones that are not operating within the set standard and regulations by the government. The good thing is that Prime Minister Chan-o-cha made an announcement regarding illegal operators to heed […]

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Discovery Knoxville Reveals $1.8 Million Wellness And Fitness Centre

Discovery Inc. had fitness equipment delivery coming into their Knoxville headquarters for some time now, and early June, the company finally revealed why. Employees were invited into the latest addition to the corporate building, which includes services like group classes, physicals, and even urgent sick care. The centres were fully opened on the 14th of […]

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