Rules To Follow From Tecrep26 To Be Safe From Computer Viruses

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Rules To Follow From Tecrep26 To Be Safe From Computer Viruses

It is important to take precautions when using your computer. Computer viruses can always appear and destroy your system and files. Many computer users are caught off-guard by viruses because of lack of information about them.

The management of Tecrep24 has some important rules to share to the users to avoid computer virus infections from email and worms. Following these rules can help you be safe from the effects of these destructive viruses.


  1. Subscribe only to a professional email service like Runbox. Subscription services have higher support and security levels.
  2. Ensure to activate the virus filter of your Runbox.
  3. Use the interface to open and read emails. Don’t download your emails to an unseen email client. It is essential to screen your email. Delete all unwanted and suspicious-looking messages before you download legitimate emails.
  4. Ensure having updated software for anti-virus. Automatic updates provide effective virus infection protection.
  5. Disable the image preview on the email client on Windows programs. The malware that are attached to your inbox messages may automatically execute and contaminate your computer.
  6. Delete or ignore messages having attachments that appear coming from Runbox email. Runbox seldom sends messages to the users.
  7. Beware opening media attachments and graphics. Viruses can disguise themselves in such files.
  8. Have several email accounts and maintain backups of important files and emails separately.
  9. File a complaint formally to the server where the message came from for a virus email.


  1. Never open an email attachment immediately unless you expected it to be from a known sender.
  2. Never open unsolicited documents, spreadsheets, executable files, and other suspicious messages.
  3. Do not download files from the web. They are usually used to proliferate viruses.
  4. Avoid opening files with dual file extensions. They are common signs of virus programs.
  5. Always check your files for viruses before sending or forwarding them.

Observe the proper ways of handling email messages to be safe from the infection of the different types of virus. Be proactive and take precautions by installing reliable software for anti-virus protection of your computer system to avoid the inconvenience and threats of losing your programs and files.

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Latin American Banks Warned Against Next Phase Of Cyber crime

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Latin American Banks Warned Against Next Phase Of Cyber crime

The past few years have been quite a challenge for the finance sector of Latin America. In a recent report published by Organization of American States or OAS, the series of cyber crime that infected the region has had its negative results. According to banker Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, high profile cases have been reported this year. Banks that were reportedly victims of cyber crime are those from Chile and Mexico. Based on tips received, the source is traced back to North Korea.

The Organization of American States, however, clarified that it is only the tip of the problems because the group confirmed that nine in every ten banks all over the Latin America including the Caribbean has been subjected to cyber attacks. The most worrying fact is that 37 per cent of the said financial institutions admitted that they have been on the receiving end of one or more successful cyber attacks.

The published report includes data from 191 banks all over the region. It was presented in Washington, D.C. during the Cybersecurity Symposium organized by the Organization of American States.

In a statement by the general secretary of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, the rate of digitization is quite high in the financial sector, most especially the banking department. The number of bank customers that are employing electronic banking continues to rise each day. They use the internet to process transactions and utilize their mobile devices for payments.

Business models are changing in order to adapt the latest technologies and to make use of the digital channels available but there are also downside to these developments such as the risks presented by cybersecurity. Therefore it presents a new list of priority that must be given importance in order to prevent any attacks in the future.

According to 80 per cent of the banking institutions, the latest attacks are caused by malware or malicious codes on the software, 57 per cent said that clear desk policies are violated and 57 per cent is phishing. It is quite different from the time when Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan was still in the banking sector because technology was not so advanced then.

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