Report Says That Career Prospects For Digital Work Is Good

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Report Says That Career Prospects For Digital Work Is Good

Michael Page, the international recruitment consultancy firm, released a report that’ll interest any employer and Thai recruitment agency; the Thailand Employment Outlook 2019 report.

According to Thailand Regional Director for Michael Page, KristofferPauldan, Thailand 4.0 will continue to positively impact Thailand and its workforce, noting a specific focus on developments regarding industrial automation, digitalisation, AI and the internet of things.

The report says that many a Thai recruitment agency and experts in these fields should look forward to lots of openings, thanks to heavy investment in them. Reportedly, Thailand’s e-commerce companies are seeing the biggest growth in numbers in Thailand, often looking for senior professionals with experience in dealing with online media, as well as digital and software development.

Additionally, the report notes that companies are competing to attract the best talent in digital in Thailand, which has resulted in a lot of changes and flow, with companies offering lucrative compensation packages to bring in people, like flexible benefits tailored for each recruit. These packages include benefits like annual leave, work from home, and even private medical arrangements.

A recommendation from the report is that job seekers develop their career options by getting to know the latest developments in emerging tech, like Big Data, IoT and the like. On top of that, the Thai talent race in the technology sector is expected to heat up in 2019, based on the increase in job postings in Thailand’s technology sector, which went up by 15% in 2018. For those looking to move jobs, people can expect an increase in salary of 20-25%, a premium value.

Kristoffer noted that Thai companies, as well as multinationals in the industrial space, are replacing expatriate employees with local talent as part of their effort to work on their succession planning as well as their knowledge transfer strategies. To that end, he advises that local professionals should look to work on their communications and leadership ability in order to advance to management positions.

On the employer’s side, Kristoffer advises that they need to take note of how well-educated millennial professionals will be more partial to start-ups and more recently established organisations, meaning that traditional firms have to find ways to effectively communicate their brand heritage.

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Blockbuster Still Has One Branch In The US, In Oregon

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Blockbuster Still Has One Branch In The US, In Oregon

The popularity of services like Netflix and Hulu, alongside VHS to DVD businesses, has put an end to the days of people heading for VHS stores to get a copy of their favourite film, with most people simply going out for the snacks, drinks and meals for their movie, not for the movie itself.

Blockbuster, the video store many consider represent the bygone age of VHS tapes, is considered extinct by many people, save for the locals at Bend, Oregon, which still stands strong despite the expansion of digital streaming services like Netflix and HBO. The store, located 150 miles of Portland, is in line to become the last Blockbuster branch in Northern America once the two Blockbuster stores in Alaska close.

Alaska saw Blockbuster stores stay for quite a while thanks to the difficulties associated with getting good Wi-Fi or broadcasting reception, but, recently, the managers of the Blockbuster stores in Anchorage and Fairbanks have made a dire announcement regarding the future of the stores. According to their Facebook posts on the 12th of July, they’ll be closing up shop soon and that they’d plan to sell off their inventories, in case someone wants the old VHS tapes for VHS to DVD conversion or just to collect them.

Blockbuster, in recent years, has been closing its corporate-owned stores, but the privately owned branches that simply license the brand, like the one in Oregon, have managed to stay. General Manager Sandi Harding, who’s been working for Blockbuster since 2004, says that the Oregon store has no plans to close the store any time soon.

Harding says that they still have a core group of customers that know of the local store, are loyal and come in regularly. She says that some people need something different from staying on their phones and their laptops, without any personal interactions.

A decade ago, Blockbuster had over 9,000 stores across the US, with Dish Network acquiring the brand back in 2011 after the retailer went under the hammer in a bankruptcy auction. Blockbuster ended up on the auction list thanks to having been crushed by digital video distributors like Netflix.

According to a spokesperson from Dish, there are still licensed Blockbuster stores outside the US, in places like Australia and Brazil.

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Recall Of Toyota Vehicles In Australia Due To Faulty Airbags

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Recall Of Toyota Vehicles In Australia Due To Faulty Airbags

Auto recalls are now treated as a common occurrence but it is better than the alternative which is not recalling faulty cars at all. Prior to recalls, car owners would complain about a certain feature in their vehicle and bring it to the cheapest mechanic on the Gold Coast only to find out that their car is not the only model suffering from the issue.

The latest vehicle recall announcement in Australia is from Toyota. Around 2,121 cars are subjected to safety recall because the airbags are found to be faulty. The auto manufacturer said that it will begin accepting Corolla vehicles for recall. The particular models in question were sold from April of 2004 until February of 2007.

According to an explanation released by Toyota, there are issues found with the ECU of the airbag or also known as the electronic control unit. There is a possibility of electrical shorting if left alone which can fry the entire system of the vehicle. When this happens, the warning lights attached to the airbag will light up and the front airbags as well as the pretensioners of the seatbelt will then be deactivated or it could trigger to deploy them inadvertently.

The auto manufacturer further explained that it is on the process of getting the replacement parts needed when the vehicles recalled starts arriving. They did not reveal exactly when the parts are going to arrive but they said that the first quarter of next year is when they will begin the recall. The company will put a replacement electronic control unit to the airbag but will not charge the owner of the car.

Toyota Australia said that more than half of the cars that are affected by the airbag recall will also be subjected to Takata recalls because of issues with the airbag infiltrators that are attached to either the driver or the passenger side that were manufactured by Takata. Considering this, Toyota will also replace the faulty airbag infiltrator at the same time. Many of the car owners of the said models are now finding the cheapest mechanic on the Gold Coast to have their vehicles checked prior to sending it back for repair at Toyota authorized repair centres.

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Five Popular Advantages Of Reverse Logistics

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Five Popular Advantages Of Reverse Logistics

Supply chain management  does not only mean the flow of raw materials to the production units and the supply of finished products to the end customers, it also includes the absorption of unsold or unused goods back into the inventory and their reverse flow back to the company from the point of consumption. The absorption of the unused goods and their reverse flow is known as reverse logistics.

Most of the businesses prefer to outsource their logistics to the 3 PL companies which provide reverse logistics. The Tecdis network provides a range of reverse logistics for its clients to help them in waste management and recycling. Some of the reverse logistics solutions offered by the network are WEEE recycling, Redeployment, Return merchandize authorization, end of life disposal and field asset recovery.

Some of the benefits of reverse logistics solutions offered by the Tecdis network are

  • Businesses can reclaim defective products. They can refurbish or use the working parts in the defective products in the manufacture of new products. This helps companies to reclaim value out of defective products.
  • Reverse logistics offered by the Tecdis network helps the clients to recycle the packaging and other materials used in the defective pieces. This generates scrap value to the company.
  • Reverse logistics helps businesses to instil confidence among the distributors. Since the Tecdis network collects the unsold products from the stockists and distributors and sends them back to the company, they can confidently place orders for all the products.
  • Reverse logistics is also gaining popularity as a successful marketing strategy. Companies offer to buy back used electronics and other white goods from the customers. More and more users are preferring to buy refurbished electronics like computers and televisions, which are sold at low prices when compared to the brand new ones. Companies also rely on the exchange offers to boost sales during the dull seasons.
  • Reverse logistics helps business organizations to portray a professional and responsible image to their customers and society. Since the logistics firms with Tecdis Network offer WEEE recycling and end of life disposal services, the hazardous e waste can be recycled and disposed responsibly without harming the environment.
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How To Choose And Replace Automotive Parts

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How To Choose And Replace Automotive Parts

For most people, they allocate money for car payments, gasoline and insurance. However, costs for maintenance and repairs can be something unexpected. If your mechanic gives you an expensive quote, one way to cut down expense is to search for aftermarket automotive parts, rather than those offered by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

If you replace the parts from your manufacturer, it may not be the best choice for your vehicle. It may actually cost more so you need a provider that suits your budget and when it is capable of using aftermarket parts. So here’s how to find them:

  • Schedule a Regular Maintenance:

As stipulated in the owner’s manual, the manufacturer can list down all its suggestions for regular maintenance. Some of these recommended services will entail more work than the others. To save money, you can ask your mechanic to prefer aftermarket filters, fluids, and other automotive parts during the service intervals without posing threats to vehicle performance.

  • Replacing Damaged Parts:

Some automotive parts like tires, brakes and windshield wipers wear out over time. They need to replace the parts where the best way to do that is to utilize aftermarket parts. They may seem perfect for the vehicle, especially that it helps save money. However, you need to be careful with your choices, like the tires and brakes, as they may endanger the passengers of your vehicle. Choose an aftermarket part that closely resembles the OEM.

  • Mechanical Malfunction of Parts:

There are people who prefer OEM or aftermarket parts depending on their needs and what they can afford. Sometimes, the aftermarket parts can fail and may need you to stick with original equipment. Also, aftermarket parts may be essential for other mechanical items. For instance, many manufacturers of OEM products can have one supplier. If another supplier can provide a similar component as the original, then why not choose this provider to cut on costs.

  • Damages on the Body:

For damages on your car’s body, you need to choose original automotive parts for replacement to ensure good performance and safety. They need to remain in the same standards as the original so that passengers are protected at all times especially during a crash.

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Reasons To Opt For Faux Leather Seat Covers For Your Vehicle

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Reasons To Opt For Faux Leather Seat Covers For Your Vehicle

Seat covers have practical purpose of protecting your car’s interior from dirt, dust, mildew and harsh UV rays. They also enhance the aesthetic looks of the interior of a vehicle. They extend the durability of the seats in the vehicle keep them looking fresh and new for a long time. This also increases the resale value of a car. There are a number of varieties in seat covers and the days of boring black and brown seat covers are gone. The modern designing has led to innovation and availability of seat covers in an array of colors, designs, prints and materials.

The most in demand and sought after variety of seat covers is the faux leather seat covers. These covers offer the look and feel of genuine leather covers at low cost. The seat covers are available in a wide range of beautiful designs and colors. These faux leather covers are custom built according to the specifications of the client and fit the seats of your car like a glove. They offer the best luxury at low cost. The use of faux leather covers lifts up the aesthetics of your vehicles interior. The seat covers are available for all the vehicles like cars, truck and SUV.

The faux leather seat covers have a three-layer construction design with reinforced seams for added strength and soft foam backing for support and enhanced comfort. They are damage resistant and hence are durable. The faux leather covers are breathable and are UV resistant and do not allow the growth of mold and mildew. The covers are also water resistant and hence you need not worry about damage caused by accidental spills when travelling with kids and pets. The material is easy to clean and maintain. They are more durable than the leather covers because faux leather is strong and do not tend to break like leather

The trendy and stylish faux leather seat covers cost less and provides the same aesthetics of genuine leather products. The covers are also available in full set to cover the complete row of seats, armrest, headrest and console covers. You can have a uniform look for your interior by installing these covers. The covers generally come with a warranty so you can be sure of the quality of the product.

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