The State Of Traffic In Melbourne

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The State Of Traffic In Melbourne

Visitors and even locals who are planning to take Melbourne adventure tours should be updated with the latest traffic situation in the country. According to new data released by Uber, a ride sharing platform, the travel time between the central business district going to the Melbourne Airport used to be 35 minutes two years ago but it is now 42 minutes.

Premier Daniel Andrews recently made an announcement regarding an airport rail link which will begin construction within the next decade. One week later, Uber released the data which came from 20,000 of their drivers all over Melbourne. It was found out that during the afternoon, the maximum travel time between the airport and the central business district can get as long as 46 minutes. The data was gathered from the first quarter of 2017.

This is the revealed to be the longest trip from the city to the airport considering all the other major cities in Australia.

In the case of Brisbane, the travel time between any corridor and the airports is around 30 minutes and it takes 34 minutes in Sydney while in Perth travel time reached 24 minutes.

The data provided by Uber has been sent to Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, a transport lobby group, in order to be analysed.

The new data also provide comparisons in the average delays when traveling during peak and non-peak times of the day from central business district going to inner and outer areas of the suburban regions.

Passengers of Uber experienced a delay of nine minutes when they travel between the central business district and the outer parts of the metropolitan.

When traveling from the central business district going to inner areas of the metropolitan, the delay is about eight minutes but the trips taken vice-versa on the same route has a delay of nine minutes.

All of these routes are considered to have higher delays compared to data n 2015.

According to the chief executive of IPA, Brendan Lyon, this has an impact on the productivity of the country as well as the local’s quality of life.

Knowing the traffic condition for participants of Melbourne adventure tours is important because delays should be considered when making an itinerary.

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New Website Can Help Families Compare Prices Between Funeral Homes

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New Website Can Help Families Compare Prices Between Funeral Homes

When someone passes away, the families are left to decide who to choose among the funeral directors in Sydney that will handle the funeral service. A new website was developed in order for grieving families to see the costs of funerals by comparing various funeral homes. This was also done in an attempt to make the funeral industry more transparent. The problem is that the website is currently bombarded with legal threats.

Gathered Here was launched at the beginning of this year and it gives the customers the chance to compare different funeral homes based on their prices.

Ever since the launch, the website developers have been receiving letters concerning cease and desist sent by funeral homes’ lawyers. They want the website to take down the listing of their respective funeral homes.

Colin Wong is the founder of the website and he shared that the inspiration in making the website stemmed after the passing of his great aunt.

He said that grieving families have a lot of options to choose from which can be complex at a trying time. Aside from this, there is the fact that the mourning families are also put under so much pressure.

Mr. Wong said that there are cases where the funeral staff will recommend more expensive options adding that the best should be given to their loved ones who passed away. There are also a lot of bargains and negotiations which can be overwhelming.

Customers on the website will have to fill up a form regarding the funeral service they want. It will then return with a list of funeral homes near them and an approximate cost.

Mr. Wong said that he was able to determine the cost by asking each funeral home on the listing. Currently, there are around 600 funeral homes included in the website, which are located all over Australia.

When calling, he introduced himself as a mystery shopper. The website is currently free to use but funeral homes can pay monthly in order for their business to be listed as priority. There are many funeral directors in Sydney and website such as this can help customers choose during one of the hardest times of their life.

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The Liveaboard Diving In Thailand Advantages

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The Liveaboard Diving In Thailand Advantages

Liveaborad diving is taking divers all over the world by storm and where else can diving enthusiasts find a suitable diving spot but in a tropical country such as Thailand in Southeast Asia. The country is surrounded by crystal clear waters with rich marine life. To top it all, the country only has two seasons making most months of the year ideal for diving expeditions. Because of these factors, liveaboard diving in Thailand is one of the most popular activities in the country. Some of the notable advantages of liveaboarding includes the following.

Diving with nature tripping

Liveaboard diving means you get to be in a cruising sailboat or houseboat for a day up to 9 days, depending on your booking preference. Aside from getting multiple dives in a day, you also get to visit different islands around Similan or around your target diving spot. You also get to have numerous stopovers in beaches where you can enjoy its powdery white sand and clear waters. The islands and beaches have entrance fees and they can be costly if you are going to visit them outside of the package.

Affordable and budget-friendly

Diving is an expensive hobby. You have to think about expensive gears and gadgets that you need to have for a safer and more enjoyable adventure. The good thing about this type of adventure is that you won’t need to spend a lot for it. With liveaboard diving in Thailand,you can customize a package based on your budget. There are different packages for you to choose from including the number of days that you want to stay on adventure.No matter what type of accommodation you are going to choose, you can never be wrong with this enjoyable and luxurious diving experience.

Meet new friends

Depending on the type of package that you are going to pick, a single liveaboarding trip can have several divers. A single trip can have an average of 12-24 divers which means that you can have a better chance of meeting new people. This is an ideal venue for socializing. There are liveaboard diving in Thailand that offers night diving and parties at night for your enjoyment.

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3 Tips To Find Thai Restaurant In Sukhumvit

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3 Tips To Find Thai Restaurant In Sukhumvit

In order to complete your Thai holiday experience, look for a Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit where you can satisfy your cravings for local and international cuisines. There are a lot of restaurants around Sukhumvit especially in the busy and popular districts. As a result, choosing a restaurant to wine and dine can be daunting. However, the task should not be so challenging especially that it can be done easily with the following suggestions.

Search from online sources

If you are not sure where to have your next dinner, you can check on the internet for recommended restaurants in Bangkok. To narrow down the results, indicate the area where you intend to dine around Bangkok. You can also search for top 10 restaurants in Bangkok and its nearby areas. You might want to include Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit when you type in the keywords at the search engine bar. You can also refer to blog sites to get recommendations from those who work to specifically review hotels and restaurants in different places. The good thing about blogsites is they offer a lot of information about the restaurant such as its best seller, price range and they also provide images of food.

Visit your hotel’s website

Luxury hotels generally have upscale restaurant for their guests and customers. You can check from the hotel’s website to find out if you are interested with their restaurant and the type of cuisines that they offer. Luxury hotels usually have different in-house restaurants that you can choose from. One advantage of dining at the restaurant where you are booked from is you can get exclusive discounts for your food and beverages. Check the hotel’s website for more information especially on deals and promos that you can take advantage of.

Restaurant reviews

You can also find an excellent Thai restaurant in Sukhumvitby reading reviews provided by independent review sites and third-party hospitality organizations. Review sites are independent so you can bank on their reliability. Read trusted and credible reviewing bodies to get ideas from. Find out if the hotel or restaurant has awards or citations from award-giving bodies. Consider the price, taste and cleanliness of the restaurant in your decision.

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Exciting Hotel Club Benefits In Sukhumvit

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Exciting Hotel Club Benefits In Sukhumvit

There are different types of hotels in Bangkok but if you want a unique experience, look for a themed hotel with hotel club benefits in Sukhumvi twhich will make your stay a truly enjoyable and memorable one. Here are some of the features that make a themed hotel worthy of your time and money.

  • Themed rooms. Club rooms are brimming with perks and exclusive offers but aside from that, what makes themed room exciting to stay in is that that you would feel like you were living in a nostalgic yet interesting past. There are different types of themes used in club rooms. There are clubs with pop icons themes, new age rock theme and many others. While the rest of the hotels have standard designs, you get to stay in a unique yet comfortably familiar room due to its themed furnishings.
  • Exclusive discounts. Some of the exciting hotel club benefits in Sukhumvit are 30% discount on food and beverage and as much as 15% discount upon early booking or 14 days prior to your arrival.
  • Complimentary services. Look for a hotel around Sukhumvit with club rooms that over a variety of complimentary services such as free drinks and snacks every day and complimentary minibar supplies that gets replenished daily aside from the complimentary cocktail drinks upon arrival. There are also hotels that offer one time 15 minutes of Head and Shoulder Massage to their guests. If you are going to stay for two nights at the hotel, you can get one time complimentary buffet for two and one-way airport transfer if you stay for three nights.
  • Unique services. Another unique hotel club benefits in Sukhumvit is 24-hour stay at the hotel which means your check out would be the same with your check in time. Hotels would generally let you in at 2PM and check out time is at 12noon. You can also find hotels with all-day breakfast so you get to enjoy your favourite breakfast meals even at 9:00 in the evening. Search on the internet to find hotels with clubs that feature exclusive deals to get the most out of your Thailand experience.

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How International Schools Have Changed

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How International Schools Have Changed

Change is the only permanent thing in this world and the same can be said of international schools. These institutions such as the Bangkok international school are found in the suburbs of the big metropolitan cities all over the globe.

Many years ago, these schools use printed brochures for their primary means of advertisements but now they have websites that are filled with high quality images of students from different cultures and races that are learning together. The photos we see on these websites nowadays are the best representation of what is an international school means to the present world. The demographic is changing for these institutions.

For the past two decades, there has been a considerable increase in the number of international schools in the country and all over the world. According to analysts, the number will be twice as much in the next decade. When looking at a theoretical perspective, parents will have more options when it comes to schools based on the facilities provided, the cost and the location.

The reality is different because parents have to be more careful when it comes to choosing among international schools because not all of them have the same definition of in international learning. This is why parents have to be proactive when it comes to learning more about the school and the type of education system the children are entering.

There are many factors that attribute to the growing number of international schools but the two major ones is the fact that more and more people are falling into the middle class category and they are able to afford a Westernize education for their children and second is that countries have been more accepting of international schools.

International schools used to be a venue for children of diplomats and foreign expatriates but now it has tapped a new market – the locals who can afford the costs of education they offer and those who want their kids to be excellent in speaking the global language.

More and more locals are patronizing these institutions like Bangkok international school that it has been revealed that 90 per cent of their students are locals. The growing issue now is that the number of students that are native English speakers are starting to decrease which can affect the main purpose of why an international school was established in the first place.

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