Experience Christmas In July At A Christmas Story House

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Experience Christmas In July At A Christmas Story House

If you have been to Tremont then you might have heard of its famous A Christmas Story house. Inside, one can experience the holiday spirit regardless of the time of the year. Christmas is still half a year away but it does not mean that you can’t celebrate Christmas in July when you visit. This coming July 21, the Christmas Story House and Museum will be hosting Christmas in July. This event is held by the management every year.

According to the curator of the museum, Steven Intermill, they love the season of Christmas and they are happy to be able to celebrate it especially during the season of summer. For this upcoming event, visitors are surely going to expect many special activities as with prior events held in the last few years. There is going to be a meet and greet featuring Patty Johnson, the cranky elf. Guests will have the chance to have their photos signed, to share some stories and you can expect the elf to reprimand you when you drag your feet. This is the same scenario that made her famous in the classic movie released in 1983.

Expect her to be at the Christmas Story House between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. She will be hanging out at the gift shop of the museum. There are other events as well such as the chance to see Santa Claus. Intermill said that they have received confirmation that Santa will be visiting A Christmas Story House because his schedule will be too busy to come this December.

Jack Frost Donuts will also be available for sale during the event. They will be selling donuts decorated with A Christmas Story designs such as Pink Bunny, Leg Lamp and Red Ryder. The backyard of the museum will hold a lot of fun because of the Red Ryder range to be constructed. There will be tables for the children where they can play activities as well as a face painter on site. Those who are interested to experience Christmas in July but will not be able to make it on the said date can still visit the museum as it is open every day.

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Kawasaki Renewed Contract With Rea

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Kawasaki Renewed Contract With Rea

Jonathan Rea is well-known to Kawasaki dealers because he has bagged the World Superbike championship for three times already. In a latest announcement by Kawasaki, the company has decided to renew its contract with the riding champion for an additional two years. The announcement was made recently and Rea who is born in North Ireland is quite happy with the news because it meant that he gets to stay with his winning team until 2020.

According to the new deal, Rea will continue to work with the team under Provec Racing and they will team up for the next five seasons of racing. Rea said that he is happy with the chance to be able to work with the Kawasaki Racing Team for two more seasons.

He admitted that before the end of the previous season, he has already been discussing with the company about their decision to remain partners. He is glad that the decision is final already and their focus now will be shifted to more important things such as the remaining races for this year.

Rea shared how he felt he belonged to the Kawasaki family ever since he joined their team and because of the partnership he acknowledged the success he has received because it was something he only used to dream about.

He concluded by saying the Kawasaki is the brand he wants to stay and work with. He felt natural that he will continue the journey with the same company and to share whatever success he garners in the future. Rea also extended his thanks to each and every members of the Kawasaki Racing Team because they believed in him and they have him the chance to do what he loves the most.

The points gathered by Rea for the World Superbike Championship went down to 65 points because of the crash he experienced during race two which was held at Brno. Regardless, he remains to be on top of the race.

He did not suffer any injury during the crash which occurred after he collided with Tom Sykes who is his teammate from the Kawasaki team. The team members and fans including Kawasaki dealers are happy with the news that he was able to survive unscathed.

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Discovering The Genius Behind The Maps Created By Massimo Vignelli

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Discovering The Genius Behind The Maps Created By Massimo Vignelli

It is easy to find the beauty in artworks such as the New York City Illustrated Map but you have to dig deeper in order to appreciate the maps created by Massimo Vignelli. He is one of the individuals responsible for the efficient urban experience that the locals and tourists are experiencing either they are in the middle of Washington, D.C. or in the busy streets of New York. He is none other than the person who helped design the way finding systems that are currently being used in the subway in New York City as well as the metro in Washington D.C.

For the locals, they might not be able to use the system as often as they are familiar with the metro or subway but for tourists, they might have in one point or another looked at it when they don’t know where they should get off or how to get back on track when they were dropped off in the wrong stop.

Vignelliis known for the rational signage he created which are using heavy dose of Helvetica more than the maps he created. It was back in 1972 when Vignelli’s newly designed map was revealed by the MTA but in 1979 the map was replaced by something which is far from it with looks but easier to understand because it is consist of geometric lines alone. That was not the end of the road for Vignelli and the role he played in designing transit maps.

The Rochester Institute of Tehnology holds a Vignelli Center for Design Studies which is managed by a sole archivist named Jennifer Whitlock. Recently, she discovered that there is a collection of speculative maps that were created by Vignelli which is supposed to be used by the transit authority of Washington D.C. back in 1973. Looking at the maps, one will be amazed especially with his creations of the subway in New York City Illustrated Map which features abstract shapes as well as bold colors in order to instruct readers into the right direction. These might not have been used because of the abstract form which could be a bit confusing for someone who wants simple directions when using the transit system.

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Liability Of Accountants When Their Client Commits Unlawful Acts

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Liability Of Accountants When Their Client Commits Unlawful Acts

The accounting profession faces different types of risks; hence the need for accountant professional liability insurance as protection for the practice. There are accounting firms that are being penalized because they become accessories when a client breaks the law or exploits its workers. This is one of the cases where the professional indemnity insurance is seriously needed.

It is cold comfort for accountants that they are not only onesbeing penalized as accessories when the client breaks workplace laws. External advisers that include HR managers, payroll officers, line managers and directors including principals of suppliers are often on notice when the client is found guilty of exploiting workers or underpaying their services.

Recently, two accountants were found liable as accessories and fined due to workplace breaches that their client committed. Even if one of the cases is still being appealed, the cases have prompted some concerns whether professional indemnity insurance will cover the penalties.

According to principle, it is against public good if insurance is provided for someone who is breaking the law. On the other hand, Drew Fenton, principal at insurance firm Fenton Green said that if an individual or firm is innocently dragged into a situation, the policy can respond. This means the claim can be accepted under the policy and the insurer will instruct the solicitors on behalf of the accountant.

Most insurance providers will automatically consider that the accountant was only dragged in the Fair Work matter even if nothing wrong was done, so that the policy has to respond. However, there are different degrees of services that accountants provide from answering questions regarding pay rate to doing the actual payroll and distributing the employee’s pay. In case of breach, the liability will depend on what the accountant is doing for the client. If the accountant is found out to be directly involved in breaking the law, the policy will not provide any indemnity.

Because accountants can be held liable for breaches of laws and regulations and alleged unlawful acts of their clients, the need for accountant professional liability insurance has never been more important. The allegation may be completely baseless but expensive legal costs can still be incurred.

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Stanton Grant Raided By Victoria Authorities Regarding Bikie Money Laundering

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Stanton Grant Raided By Victoria Authorities Regarding Bikie Money Laundering

South Melbourne firm Stanton Grant Legal, known for their personal and probate lawyers in Melbourne, was raided late in March and seized by local authorities from its partners and placed under the supervision of a legal regulator-chosen manager, as part of the authorities’ anti-bikie efforts.

There were a lot of corporate, personal and probate lawyers in Melbourne sweating, as dozens of law firms across the region were raided as part of investigations with alleged money laundering done by the notorious Aussie motorcycle outlaw gang, the Comancheros.

Howard Rapke, a managing partner at Holding Redlich law firm, was appointed by the Legal Services Board as the manager of Stanton Grant Legal, granting him authority of the daily operations of the firm for as long as the LSB decided.  Mr. Rapke, in a statement, confirmed this appointment, but did not reveal why he was chosen to manage Stanton Grant Legal. He also didn’t elaborate on how long the appointment would hold.

The anti-bikie operations, led by Echo Taskforce, executed several search warrants late in March, with Stanton Grant Legal being one of the targets of the raids, which included accountancy firms, gyms, tattoo parlours, other legal firms, and even brothels. Nine people were also charged with a wide range of infractions, which included drug possession, and false accounting, among others.

Reportedly, one of the key targets of the raids was David Graer, self-described “forensic accountant”, who has connected to a property developer that was under investigation from the Australian Taxation Office regarding tax evasion. Though he was not directly charged, one of the targeted locations were a known property of Mr. Graer.

Regarding the anti-bikie efforts, Comanchero Mick Murray, who was in jail for not answering inquiries made by the covert Office of the Chief Examiner, a government agency set up specifically for dealing with organized crime.

The verdict was passed in a Supreme Court hearing late in March, a week before the raids, which led to Murray receiving an eight-month sentence for contempt of the chief examiner. Details regarding the judgement revealed that Murray did not go under the oath of affirmation when asked by the court. Murray says that the Crimes Commission is the worst-kept secret in Melbourne, with everyone knowing and hearing of what happens.

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How To Choose And Replace Automotive Parts

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How To Choose And Replace Automotive Parts

For most people, they allocate money for car payments, gasoline and insurance. However, costs for maintenance and repairs can be something unexpected. If your mechanic gives you an expensive quote, one way to cut down expense is to search for aftermarket automotive parts, rather than those offered by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

If you replace the parts from your manufacturer, it may not be the best choice for your vehicle. It may actually cost more so you need a provider that suits your budget and when it is capable of using aftermarket parts. So here’s how to find them:

  • Schedule a Regular Maintenance:

As stipulated in the owner’s manual, the manufacturer can list down all its suggestions for regular maintenance. Some of these recommended services will entail more work than the others. To save money, you can ask your mechanic to prefer aftermarket filters, fluids, and other automotive parts during the service intervals without posing threats to vehicle performance.

  • Replacing Damaged Parts:

Some automotive parts like tires, brakes and windshield wipers wear out over time. They need to replace the parts where the best way to do that is to utilize aftermarket parts. They may seem perfect for the vehicle, especially that it helps save money. However, you need to be careful with your choices, like the tires and brakes, as they may endanger the passengers of your vehicle. Choose an aftermarket part that closely resembles the OEM.

  • Mechanical Malfunction of Parts:

There are people who prefer OEM or aftermarket parts depending on their needs and what they can afford. Sometimes, the aftermarket parts can fail and may need you to stick with original equipment. Also, aftermarket parts may be essential for other mechanical items. For instance, many manufacturers of OEM products can have one supplier. If another supplier can provide a similar component as the original, then why not choose this provider to cut on costs.

  • Damages on the Body:

For damages on your car’s body, you need to choose original automotive parts for replacement to ensure good performance and safety. They need to remain in the same standards as the original so that passengers are protected at all times especially during a crash.

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