Report Says That Career Prospects For Digital Work Is Good

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Report Says That Career Prospects For Digital Work Is Good

Michael Page, the international recruitment consultancy firm, released a report that’ll interest any employer and Thai recruitment agency; the Thailand Employment Outlook 2019 report.

According to Thailand Regional Director for Michael Page, KristofferPauldan, Thailand 4.0 will continue to positively impact Thailand and its workforce, noting a specific focus on developments regarding industrial automation, digitalisation, AI and the internet of things.

The report says that many a Thai recruitment agency and experts in these fields should look forward to lots of openings, thanks to heavy investment in them. Reportedly, Thailand’s e-commerce companies are seeing the biggest growth in numbers in Thailand, often looking for senior professionals with experience in dealing with online media, as well as digital and software development.

Additionally, the report notes that companies are competing to attract the best talent in digital in Thailand, which has resulted in a lot of changes and flow, with companies offering lucrative compensation packages to bring in people, like flexible benefits tailored for each recruit. These packages include benefits like annual leave, work from home, and even private medical arrangements.

A recommendation from the report is that job seekers develop their career options by getting to know the latest developments in emerging tech, like Big Data, IoT and the like. On top of that, the Thai talent race in the technology sector is expected to heat up in 2019, based on the increase in job postings in Thailand’s technology sector, which went up by 15% in 2018. For those looking to move jobs, people can expect an increase in salary of 20-25%, a premium value.

Kristoffer noted that Thai companies, as well as multinationals in the industrial space, are replacing expatriate employees with local talent as part of their effort to work on their succession planning as well as their knowledge transfer strategies. To that end, he advises that local professionals should look to work on their communications and leadership ability in order to advance to management positions.

On the employer’s side, Kristoffer advises that they need to take note of how well-educated millennial professionals will be more partial to start-ups and more recently established organisations, meaning that traditional firms have to find ways to effectively communicate their brand heritage.

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New Measure Proposed By Cairns City To Relocate Flying Fox Colony

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New Measure Proposed By Cairns City To Relocate Flying Fox Colony

Travelers who have used one of Cairns airport shuttles before may have noticed the flying fox colony around the city. Some of them are lurking in high-rise buildings in the city centre while others can be seen loitering around the bustling traffic. While it is a sight to behold, their time in the area might be numbered because authorities are already planning to relocate them.

This is after the species had a devastating summer in northern Queensland due to heat wave that broke record. Before 2018 came to a close, the city have witnessed how over 23,000 of the spectacled flying foxes have died due to the heat. This means that almost one-third of their overall population in Australia have been wiped out.

According to the local officials in charge of the Cairns Regional Council, they have identified an area located outside the suburbs of Cairn city where they plan to relocate the adult bats. They will use the orphaned baby bats as their bait by placing them inside a cage. The adult bats are expected to come to their rescue because they are known for their maternal instincts.

Councilor John Schilling said that they adapted the technique from flying fox facilities since they have already observed how they react. Adult bats are known to group near baby bats. This is why they are hoping that the plan will be effective to help not just the city but to preserve the bat colony as well.

In order for the council to carry out the plan, they need permits coming from Federal Government and the local government of Queensland. The councilor is positive that they will get be given the green light.

Councilor Schilling added that they are looking out for the city’s interest and the future of the bats to save them from extinction. Members of the council are all in favor of the proposal believing that it will minimize future losses. It is possible that in the coming months, Cairns airport shuttles transporting travelers will no longer witness the flying foxes colony as they pass by the city centre.

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Having Braces or Invasalign Blandon, PA

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Having Braces or Invasalign Blandon, PA

Whatever walks of life we may have, we always want to feel confident with our smile. Sometimes, we need help in fixing our impairments such as crooked teeth, overcrowding or gaps. How you can fix these issues is through braces and Invisalign. If you’re opting for Invisalign Blandon, PA, a computer can generate and customise your teeth through clear, removable trays, which are virtually invisible. For braces, they are coloured metal or resin brackets attached to the faces of your teeth. However, you need to know which ones are right for you, if you visit a dentist.

  • Length of Wear or Permanency

Braces are attached to the faces of your teeth and must be worn permanently for a period of two years. As they can’t be removed, they work 24/7 just to achieve a perfect smile. For Invisalign treatments, you wear it between nine to fifteen months. As this treatment is temporary, one is tempted to remove the aligners. By removing the Invisalign, you eliminate the progress it will make. To ensure that you have the right treatment, why not have an Invisalign Blandon, PA for your teeth.

  • Comfort and Style

If you want to make a fashion statement, you can choose the colour of your braces. For Invisalign users, they wear the Invisalign virtually invisible; hence, they can confidently smile better than wearing braces. The Invisalign Blandon, PA are more comfortable than traditional braces, where they irritate the inside of the mouth. Invisalign has no brackets or wires rubbing the inside of your mouth.

  • Lifestyle

If you were to choose Invisalign, you’ll have lesser trips to the dentist, as you only remove its trays and wash. Traditional braces need you to visit a dentist, although in fewer times, to ensure that it is cleaned all the time.

So, if you’re opting for Invisalign Blandon, PA, have a dentist design for you these treatments. Its greatest advantage is having to eat anything that braces can’t. Wearing braces will limit you to chewing gums or enjoying yummy foods, like candies, nuts or popcorn. Besides, you can always remove the trays, if you really like to enjoy the food.


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Iceberg Water Stolen From Storage Facility In Port Union

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Iceberg Water Stolen From Storage Facility In Port Union

Whether you are innocent or guilty, facing charges for theft can be very distressing. There is no reason why you cannot defend yourself and avoid a criminal record by hiring a theft lawyer with extensive experience with the law. If you do not have a criminal conviction, you can achieve a fresh start in life.

Thirty thousand liters of valuable iceberg water were stolen from a storage facility in the coastal town of Port Union. According to the police who are investigating the theft in the Newfoundland community, the water that was pilfered by thieves was intended for the production of vodka.

Iceberg water is expensive because its purity. It is used in the production of premium spirits and cosmetic products. It is considered as a luxury bottled water with a case selling for several hundreds of dollars. RCMP, the federal police force of Canada has announced that the luxury water that was stolen has a street value between CAD$9,000 and $12,000 (£5,300 and £7,000).

Constable Andy Renwick told CBC News that the thieves probably used a tanker truck or a tractor trailer. Meanwhile, an employee of the iceberg water company said that there is a high possibility for the shipment to be contaminated during the travel making it practically worthless. Besides that, the employee is wondering what the thieves are going to do with the all the water.

The harvest process for icebergs is not only difficult; it is dangerous. The icebergs from the Greenland ice shelf can roll over without any warning. However, the water that is formed on the icebergs is considered as the cleanest on the planet and impermeable to salt water. It becomes expensive because of the high labor costs in getting the water. Once the iceberg water is bottled, it is sold to China, Korea and Saudi Arabia.

The amount of iceberg water that was stolen is quite small compared to the millions of dollars lost due to money laundering. With a theft lawyer to defend you in court, it will be quite easy to resolve the legal issue without making an admission and avoid a criminal record.

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Fifty Percent Of Children Under Four Haven’t Seen A Dentist In 2018

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Fifty Percent Of Children Under Four Haven’t Seen A Dentist In 2018

According to the latest figures, in 2018, over 50 per cent of kids under four years old in the United Kingdom were not able to visit an NHS dentist. The same problem is noted by a Reading dentist in the United States. This is why dentists are urging the parents to bring their child for their first dental checkup as soon as the first set of baby teeth erupts.

After their first dental checkup, parents should make sure that the child’s teeth are once again examined by a dentist when they reach the age of one year old. It is then the duty of parents to make sure that their kids visit the dentist a minimum of one-time annually.

Experts said that failure to do this comes with a lot of risks which can impact the baby teeth and might later on have consequences to the permanent teeth of the child.

Data released by NHS Digital which was sent to Faculty of Dental Surgery for analysis revealed that 57.7 per cent of young children who are below four years old were not able to visit a dentist in the previous year alone.

For children until the age of 17 years old, 41.4 per cent of them were not able to go to their NHS dentist scheduled appointment in 2018. For kids between the age range of five and nine years old, it was 32.7 per cent while for children between 10 and 14 years old, it was 27.6 per cent.

These figures only prove the research that was previously done outlining the fact that many children in the United Kingdom needs more attention when it comes to dental health. In the end, these kids would require dental work at a later age due to the neglect of their parents to bring them to their dentist appointments.

Michael Escudier, Faculty of Dental Surgery’s dean and professor at the Royal College of Surgeon, admitted that the numbers are quite disappointing to see. Almost six in every 10 kids between the age of one and four years old were not able to schedule a visit with their NHS dentist in 2018.

According to a Reading dentist, when children suffer from tooth decay at a young age, they are most likely going to have dental problems in the future such as a higher chance of decay in baby teeth as well as the permanent sets they are getting later on.

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Blockbuster Still Has One Branch In The US, In Oregon

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Blockbuster Still Has One Branch In The US, In Oregon

The popularity of services like Netflix and Hulu, alongside VHS to DVD businesses, has put an end to the days of people heading for VHS stores to get a copy of their favourite film, with most people simply going out for the snacks, drinks and meals for their movie, not for the movie itself.

Blockbuster, the video store many consider represent the bygone age of VHS tapes, is considered extinct by many people, save for the locals at Bend, Oregon, which still stands strong despite the expansion of digital streaming services like Netflix and HBO. The store, located 150 miles of Portland, is in line to become the last Blockbuster branch in Northern America once the two Blockbuster stores in Alaska close.

Alaska saw Blockbuster stores stay for quite a while thanks to the difficulties associated with getting good Wi-Fi or broadcasting reception, but, recently, the managers of the Blockbuster stores in Anchorage and Fairbanks have made a dire announcement regarding the future of the stores. According to their Facebook posts on the 12th of July, they’ll be closing up shop soon and that they’d plan to sell off their inventories, in case someone wants the old VHS tapes for VHS to DVD conversion or just to collect them.

Blockbuster, in recent years, has been closing its corporate-owned stores, but the privately owned branches that simply license the brand, like the one in Oregon, have managed to stay. General Manager Sandi Harding, who’s been working for Blockbuster since 2004, says that the Oregon store has no plans to close the store any time soon.

Harding says that they still have a core group of customers that know of the local store, are loyal and come in regularly. She says that some people need something different from staying on their phones and their laptops, without any personal interactions.

A decade ago, Blockbuster had over 9,000 stores across the US, with Dish Network acquiring the brand back in 2011 after the retailer went under the hammer in a bankruptcy auction. Blockbuster ended up on the auction list thanks to having been crushed by digital video distributors like Netflix.

According to a spokesperson from Dish, there are still licensed Blockbuster stores outside the US, in places like Australia and Brazil.

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