Five Popular Advantages Of Reverse Logistics

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Five Popular Advantages Of Reverse Logistics

Supply chain management  does not only mean the flow of raw materials to the production units and the supply of finished products to the end customers, it also includes the absorption of unsold or unused goods back into the inventory and their reverse flow back to the company from the point of consumption. The absorption of the unused goods and their reverse flow is known as reverse logistics.

Most of the businesses prefer to outsource their logistics to the 3 PL companies which provide reverse logistics. The Tecdis network provides a range of reverse logistics for its clients to help them in waste management and recycling. Some of the reverse logistics solutions offered by the network are WEEE recycling, Redeployment, Return merchandize authorization, end of life disposal and field asset recovery.

Some of the benefits of reverse logistics solutions offered by the Tecdis network are

  • Businesses can reclaim defective products. They can refurbish or use the working parts in the defective products in the manufacture of new products. This helps companies to reclaim value out of defective products.
  • Reverse logistics offered by the Tecdis network helps the clients to recycle the packaging and other materials used in the defective pieces. This generates scrap value to the company.
  • Reverse logistics helps businesses to instil confidence among the distributors. Since the Tecdis network collects the unsold products from the stockists and distributors and sends them back to the company, they can confidently place orders for all the products.
  • Reverse logistics is also gaining popularity as a successful marketing strategy. Companies offer to buy back used electronics and other white goods from the customers. More and more users are preferring to buy refurbished electronics like computers and televisions, which are sold at low prices when compared to the brand new ones. Companies also rely on the exchange offers to boost sales during the dull seasons.
  • Reverse logistics helps business organizations to portray a professional and responsible image to their customers and society. Since the logistics firms with Tecdis Network offer WEEE recycling and end of life disposal services, the hazardous e waste can be recycled and disposed responsibly without harming the environment.
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Gold Coast Councillor Fires At Aussie Nude Cleaning Company

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Gold Coast Councillor Fires At Aussie Nude Cleaning Company

Bare All Cleaners is one of the many commercial cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland, with a unique twist; the cleaners work completely nude. Expectedly, the service made headlines, and one councillor in Gold Coast has given her piece on the service.

During an interview on Gold FM,Councillor Dawn Crichlow slammed the Bare All Cleaning Service, which employs both men and women to carry out cleaning and other household services for customers either bare-arse nude or wearing minimal clothing. The councillor describes the business as ‘absolutely disgraceful’, saying that what it’s doing is wrong.

Chrichlow has made similar criticisms towards the company during another interview, this one with the Gold Coast Bulletin, calling the legality of the company’s operations into question, after it was revealed that clients could pay $90/hour for a bikini-clad cleaner or AU$149 for a nude cleaner. Chrichlow has openly wondered if the service is legal and if the police are aware of the fact, adding that these people are potentially ruining their lives working as naked cleaners and that they need to get real jobs.

The company’s  founder, Brett Jones, who founded Bare All Cleaning Service in Queensland, fired back at Crichlow’s criticisms, saying that the comments were completely out of line and that she had no idea what the business was really about.

He says that the fact that cleaners get paid a lot more to wear a lot less is what sets Bare All Cleaning Service apart from the rest of the rest of the commercial cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland; a unique gimmick, nothing more. He adds that it is wrong and hurtful to pigeonhole the business by mentioning it alongside brothels and massage parlours.

He explains that the staff simply carried out common household duties in what he described as a ‘cheeky and fun environment’, and that the business had  a strict code of conduct, which includes a no-touching rule. The company’s official site says that their cleaners are strictly professionals, and they understand how people react to the nudity. However, the site adds, customers should also respect cleaners and their personal space, and that Bare All Cleaning does not represent or provide sexual services and their service should not be treated or considered a sexual experience.

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Introducing The Charity Foundation That Utilized Blockchain

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Introducing The Charity Foundation That Utilized Blockchain

It is not always that you hear blockchain and charity in one sentence. The technology that is taking the world by storm will delve into the charity sector. It came as a surprise to the industry including Denis O’Brien who is known for his various causes through his established foundation.

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the planet which is determined by the trading volume on a daily basis. It has also made waves in Malta. The firm decided to form a partnership with the President’s Trust in order to launch the Blockchain Charity Foundation.

The launch of the foundation was made known to the public during the MOU signing event. The foundation is going to utilize technology that is the basis of cryptocurrency in order to strengthen the communities that are defenseless and to improve the transparency when it comes to the charitable work they do.

The signed MUO or memorandum of understanding is made by Helen Hai, the United Nation’s goodwill ambassador in charge of industrial development organization, H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, the president of Maltese and Dr. Michael Bianchi, the person in charge of the President’s Trust. The signing was held at the Presidential Palace located in Balzan, Malta.

Dr. Michael Bianchi, who is a part of the established first crypto bank in the planet, gave a speech during the MUO signing. He said that the aim of the foundation is to give hope to those who are socially lacking and they are hoping that the foundation will make some big changes in the industry.

Blockchain Charity Foundation carries the motto: “Blockchain for social good”. Binance is known to be a fan of the motto.

Hai, on the other hand, was chosen to be the foundation’s head. She was chosen because she has knowledge when it comes to developmental economics. Just like the foundation started by Denis O’Brien, the Blockchain Charity Foundation will give emphasis on the social issues that the world is currently facing. This is in line with the UN Agenda for the year 2030 and its goal of reaching sustainability.

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The Role Of A Funeral Director

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The Role Of A Funeral Director

Funeral is a sensitive and personal event. If the deceased has not made prior arrangements, organizing the funeral for a family member or a loved one is a difficult task. A funeral director makes the task simpler by guiding the family through the process and making the necessary arrangements for the funeral.

If the wishes of the deceased person are unknown, the funeral directors in Sydney will help the family in taking major decisions such as

  • Choosing between burial and cremation
  • Selecting a day, time and venue for the funeral
  • Choosing a person to lead the service. You can choose a clergy, funeral celebrant, family member or a close friend to lead the service.
  • Arranging for viewing
  • Buying a casket and deciding the persons to carry the casket
  • Deciding on important factors like flowers and music for the service.
  • How to personalize the ceremony

The role of funeral directors starts from the moment they are called for consultation and extends till the successful completion of the service. Here is a list of services provided by most of the funeral directors in Sydney to make a ceremony successful.

  • Funeral director helps to transfer the body of the deceased from hospital or home to the funeral home.
  • They hold personal consultations with the family members to make arrangements at the funeral service. They help the family members of the deceased to select the proper decoration and music at the service, if the wishes of the deceased are unknown.
  • One of the main job of funeral directors in Sydney is to liaise with the funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria.
  • The funeral directors also undertake the legal process such as registration of death and collection of all the required medical certificates.
  • Funeral directors also supply hearse and other funeral vehicles as well as the cars required to transport the family to the funeral home or the chapel where the service is conducted.
  • They also help to organize events like wake. They help the family members of the deceased to make the necessary catering and other arrangements for the event.
  • Many of the reputed funeral directors in Sydney offer referrals to grief support to enable the family members to recover from the trauma of loss of a loved one.
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Experience Christmas In July At A Christmas Story House

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Experience Christmas In July At A Christmas Story House

If you have been to Tremont then you might have heard of its famous A Christmas Story house. Inside, one can experience the holiday spirit regardless of the time of the year. Christmas is still half a year away but it does not mean that you can’t celebrate Christmas in July when you visit. This coming July 21, the Christmas Story House and Museum will be hosting Christmas in July. This event is held by the management every year.

According to the curator of the museum, Steven Intermill, they love the season of Christmas and they are happy to be able to celebrate it especially during the season of summer. For this upcoming event, visitors are surely going to expect many special activities as with prior events held in the last few years. There is going to be a meet and greet featuring Patty Johnson, the cranky elf. Guests will have the chance to have their photos signed, to share some stories and you can expect the elf to reprimand you when you drag your feet. This is the same scenario that made her famous in the classic movie released in 1983.

Expect her to be at the Christmas Story House between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. She will be hanging out at the gift shop of the museum. There are other events as well such as the chance to see Santa Claus. Intermill said that they have received confirmation that Santa will be visiting A Christmas Story House because his schedule will be too busy to come this December.

Jack Frost Donuts will also be available for sale during the event. They will be selling donuts decorated with A Christmas Story designs such as Pink Bunny, Leg Lamp and Red Ryder. The backyard of the museum will hold a lot of fun because of the Red Ryder range to be constructed. There will be tables for the children where they can play activities as well as a face painter on site. Those who are interested to experience Christmas in July but will not be able to make it on the said date can still visit the museum as it is open every day.

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Kawasaki Renewed Contract With Rea

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Kawasaki Renewed Contract With Rea

Jonathan Rea is well-known to Kawasaki dealers because he has bagged the World Superbike championship for three times already. In a latest announcement by Kawasaki, the company has decided to renew its contract with the riding champion for an additional two years. The announcement was made recently and Rea who is born in North Ireland is quite happy with the news because it meant that he gets to stay with his winning team until 2020.

According to the new deal, Rea will continue to work with the team under Provec Racing and they will team up for the next five seasons of racing. Rea said that he is happy with the chance to be able to work with the Kawasaki Racing Team for two more seasons.

He admitted that before the end of the previous season, he has already been discussing with the company about their decision to remain partners. He is glad that the decision is final already and their focus now will be shifted to more important things such as the remaining races for this year.

Rea shared how he felt he belonged to the Kawasaki family ever since he joined their team and because of the partnership he acknowledged the success he has received because it was something he only used to dream about.

He concluded by saying the Kawasaki is the brand he wants to stay and work with. He felt natural that he will continue the journey with the same company and to share whatever success he garners in the future. Rea also extended his thanks to each and every members of the Kawasaki Racing Team because they believed in him and they have him the chance to do what he loves the most.

The points gathered by Rea for the World Superbike Championship went down to 65 points because of the crash he experienced during race two which was held at Brno. Regardless, he remains to be on top of the race.

He did not suffer any injury during the crash which occurred after he collided with Tom Sykes who is his teammate from the Kawasaki team. The team members and fans including Kawasaki dealers are happy with the news that he was able to survive unscathed.

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