Choose Your Own Adventure Cheap Games

October 5, 2018

Adventure cheap games have been around since and they may have come as picture books or point and click computer games, which have always been with us. They have evolved with video games and in the past few years, they have become more aggressive.

The most recent in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” game is the Detroit: Become Human from the makers of the “Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls”. You’ll be interested in the game with its structural and presentation orientation, letting players move around at their own leisure. Unlike previous games, its writing departs a lot of preferences. You can read reviews about the game if you’re really interested and curious.

Meanwhile, the community question for this week is “What’s your favorite Choose Your Own Adventure-like game? Telltale games, Twine games, dating sims, and visual novels are all fair games!

My first choice is “Until Dawn”. So, I’m going for another choice that many players haven’t considered. It’s actually a game that came out this year where players haven’t talked or remarked upon. So, I made a choice as Batman: The Enemy Within, which is the second season of Batman: The Telltale Series.

Based upon the options of this game, it provides a different vision of Joker. The strength of the Telltale Series reinterprets Batman and his rogue gallery, while crafting their own Joker. The choices lead to Joker’s classic Clown Prince of Crime, or one that runs like a vigilante. This is all about trying something new with the cheap games.

There’s also the Wolf Among Us, which can be your first telltale game and your favourite. The graphics are so nice that it combines grimy purples and pinks. Plus, it includes other games that make you shut the elevator door to create a conversation on whether Belle is screwing up the Beast. You can also shout-out the Dragon’s Den, which is a favourite Choose Your Own Adventure book. There are also some players who consider the Wolf Among Us as a great Telltale game.

Developers are continually creating fantastic adventure cheap games for everyone. The games are getting more ambitious, but it suits gamers who prefer intelligent yet enthusiastic challenges while playing.