Christchurch Central’s All Wood Alpine Hut Is Definitely Turning Heads

November 4, 2017

Finally, some variance creeps into the suburban plains of Christchurch. An architectural designer, Mitchell Coll, has worked along with his partner Amy Douglas to build a completely new type of house in the centre of Christchurch, and their house is turning heads left, right and centre. They’ve reportedly been looking for a place to set up their base camp for quite a while, and have finally found a 300 square metre site. Coll was finally able to employ home builders in Christchurch to build his 74 square metre dream home, and he had enough space for another one. He’s looking to lease out this second oneand make a monthly income off of it. All in all, this new home design in Christchurch is a wonderful addition to the much-renowned Madras Street running from the North to the South of Christchurch.

His inspiration for this particular building came from his various trips to the mountains, where he garnered countless memories of huts built for the hunters, skiers and lumberjacks. He recalls some early memories that he had with his family members in South Canterbury where they would go up into the mountains and stay for a few days in huts like these. What he appreciates about these huts and houses is their durability and resistance. Following this trend, Coll here used a special type of steel beam, known as weathering steel, which actually gets stronger over time and gives the house a more rustic feel.

For the living room of the house, he has constructed it under the staircase leading to the upper floors and has furnished a wall with a painting of palm trees to give the room a more homely feel. This homely feeling is actually translated to the rooms upstairs too. Using the help of home builders in Christchurch, he was able to add elements of “brutalism and functionalism” to the various parts of his house, something he learnt as the style of home design in Christchurch that was widely accepted. He has also installed big see through windows on the roof to allow for natural to sunlight into the bedrooms upstairs. One thing to note about the choice of wood in this house is that it imparts a warmth both mentally and physically to the people who are in the house and this makes this house all the more lovable.