Danang Competing With Bali And Phuket For Tourism

March 24, 2019

Danang is a port city located in the central part of Vietnam. This is made popular by the war that culminated over four decades ago. Now the city is taking up the challenge of competing with tourism against some of the most well-known beach resorts located around Southeast Asia. In order to do this, projects like luxury hotels in Danang can be seen slowly materializing around the city to cater with the growing demand of tourism.

The main difference of Danang from top beach destinations in Southeast Asia – Bali, Indonesia and Phuket, Thailand – is the fact that it is not an island. It is the third biggest city in Vietnam and has recently gained attention from travellers coming from countries like South Korea and China because of the convenience and the number of luxury hotels available.

The main reason why it is easily luring tourists is because of its proximity. The beaches are very close to the airport as well as the city centre which makes it a more attractive vacation spot. Add the fact that the countries with the most number of travellers are only a few hours flight from Vietnam.

Another reason for the recent tourism success of Danang is the perception of the public. The city’s reputation is not marred by bad news like safety concerns and there is also nothing to worry about when it comes to natural disasters.

The previous summer has taken a toll with the tourism in Phuket because of a boat that capsized which took the life of 47 Chinese tourists and a storm that hits the island. For Bali, its most recent concern is Mount Agung which has become active since two years ago which resulted to stranded travellers and grounded flights.

A travel agent from booking tourists with luxury hotels in Danang said that in the past few years it has been evident that Danang has already outpaced Bali and Phuket and this is mainly due to the good public image of the city. Danang has lower chances of natural disasters and its safety record can speak for itself.